[SNEC] Early Bird Registration closes June 30! 6th Biennial Design Science Symposium

CJ Fearnley cjf at SynergeticsCollaborative.org
Wed Jun 26 18:04:14 EDT 2019

The 6th Biennial Design Science Symposium: Inclusive Narratives from
Nature (http://designscience.risd.edu) will explore multiple approaches to
sustainable/nature-inspired making, community development, and other work
that facilitates a wholistic relationship with nature and natural systems.

Keynote presentations will be given by Dr. Michael Ben-Eli
(http://www.sustainabilitylabs.org) and Architect Mariam Kamara

Until just before midnight on June 30th you can get an Early Bird
Registration at http://designscience.risd.edu/register2019/

The event will showcase how, through multiple cultural lenses, the design
science framework can address the complex, real world problems we face
today. It aims to incorporate various cultural perspectives, knowledge
systems, ways of relating to nature and creative problem solving.

Symposium themes include:
  ● Ways of Knowing,
  ● Current and Future Communities,
  ● Rebuilding Solidarity in Nature,
  ● Equitable Technology, and
  ● Narratives—Valuing Cultural Inclusion

Join The Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD, the Fleet Library at RISD,
and the Synergetics Collaborative on Sept 20-22, 2019 for an event that
will share and challenge what we know, and question our preconceived
notions of what human-nature relationships, sustainability, and innovation
look like.


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"The subjective and objective always and only coexist and therewith
demonstrate the inherent plurality of unity: inseparable union."
R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 1013.16 http://synergetics.info/s10/p1230.html#1013.16

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