[SNEC] Design Science Symposium Proposals Deadline: March 31st; News

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Thu Mar 21 11:58:41 EDT 2019

For The 6th Biennial Design Science Symposium: Inclusive Narratives from
Nature, the deadline for proposals is March 31st. To sumit a proposal
visit the event home page http://designscience.risd.edu/ and follow the
link for submissions.

Gemma Morrill-Dreher and Karen Montanaro report that a Celebration of Life
For Dennis Dreher (1942-2018) will be held April 27 2019 at the Sudbury
Inn 151 Main St., 12-4 pm and retrospective exhibit of his work will be on
display for the whole month of April, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays,
noon to 6PM at Table Rock Arts Center 162 Main St. Bethel, ME 04217.

After a combined 73 years of teaching, John and Judith Belt, Synergetics
Collaborative board members and regular attendees of the Design Science
Symposium, plan to retire at the end of this semester. If you want to
visit John's extraordinary studio in Oswego, contact him to make plans
soon. If you cannot visit, here is a video by Matthew Cummins so that
you can vicariously experience John's environment for design learning:

John Belt reports that his correspondent Tom Barber died last year.
Barber produced 33 videos on his YouTube channel
They explore his interest in structure. Here is an obituary:

George Mokray has a web site http://geometrylinks.blogspot.com which
he updates about once per month with a wonderful collection of links
to interesting geometry sites. He also sends out an update via e-mail.
If you want to get on his mailing list, contact me and I will forward
your e-mail address.

Al Rosenberg, who has attended the Design Science Symposium, shared
this wonderful video by his daughter Betsy of Naum Gabo's rotating
sculpture in the "Modern Art in the Age of Einstein" exhibit

Christopher Zelov is working to realize The Bio-Remediation Barge
in memory of his mentor and pillow dome inventor Jay Baldwin

Here is another good Kirby Urner essay on Synergetics ("PATH Math"):

CJ Fearnley is curating an exploration on the meaning of one sentence in
Synergetics in the topic "Always Coexisting Subjectivity & Objectivity:
the Nexus between Art & Science"

Dan Goldman in Des Moines IA has been exploring wind testing of domes,
particularly regarding tornado, hurricane, impact/flying objects, etc.
He cites this report that shows how domes survive storms that wreck
other structures

Goldman is also exploring innovative methods to make domes for emergency
housing, on site, from storm debris already abundantly available, right
where it's needed.

Do you have any interesting design projects that you are exploring? Or
any news from the worlds of Synergetics or Design Science?

"The subjective and objective always and only coexist and therewith
demonstrate the inherent plurality of unity: inseparable union."
R. Buckminster Fuller, Synergetics 1013.16 http://synergetics.info/s10/p1230.html#1013.16

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