[SNEC] World Resources Simulation Center, 7-30 Sep 2010, San Diego, CA

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Mon Aug 16 18:54:12 EDT 2010

This announcement is from our friends at GENI (Global Energy Network
Institute) another non-profit inspired by Bucky's work:

In September, GENI (http://www.geni.org) is hosting a
month-long demonstration of the World Resources Simulation Center
(http://www.wrsc.org) in San Diego.  We are focusing on two critical
issues that are important to all regions: "Energy and Water in Southern
California: Moving to Sustainability" (http://wrsc.org/?page_id=1735)

Energy & Water Sustainability in Southern California
- Moving to Sustainability -
September 7 - 30, San Diego CA

Energy and water are currently in stress in many regions around the
world, and Southern California is no exception.  Imports of energy
and water from outside the region create risks and uncertainties - and
become unsustainable as population increases.  We face a complex set
of interconnected issues which require solutions -- policy requirements
to reduce carbon dioxide and vehicle miles traveled, development of new
transmission lines and rooftop solar, desalination and water reuse.  This
is not a conference, but an immersive working environment to demonstrate
the day-to-day work of the WRSC (World Resources Simulation Center). Large
scale visualization, core questioning and facilitated interaction will
enable leaders from our region and the world to literally "see" the
issues, trends and future scenarios. The event is meant to inspire our
guests and demonstrate the extraordinary possibility of a visualization
center specifically focused on designing a sustainable future.

We will deeply examine the trends, projections, GIS visualizations,
scenarios and options of these two complex and interconnected issues.
We are honored by our co-hosts: San Diego State Univ.  VizLab, SDSU
Geography Dept., California Center for Sustainable Energy and our venue
being the New School of Architecture and Design.

For more information about the event, visit:

You can subscribe to GENI's newsletter here:

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