[SNEC] Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth; 1 Sep - 30 Oct; Madrid, Spain

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Thomas Zung forwarded this announcement to me.  If you will be in
Europe in Sep or Oct, you'll want to add Madrid to your itinerary to
see this show.  The opening is on 9 September.



Elena Ochoa Foster and Ivorypress Team
invite you to the opening of the exhibition
Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth
at Ivorypress Art + Books
Curated by Norman Foster and Luis Fernández-Galiano
9th September 2010, 7.30pm - 9pm
C/ Comandante Zorita 48, 28020 Madrid, Spain


Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller (1895-1983) was an American genius
who defied categorisation.  He could be described variously as a green
environmentalist, a prophetic visionary, a poet, architect, mathematician,
map-maker and teacher, although he is most popularly known for his
geodesic domes.

I was privileged to collaborate with Bucky for the last 12 years
of his life and this had a profound influence on my own work and
thinking. Inevitably, I also gained an insight into his philosophy
and achievements. With Luis Fernández-Galiano, my co-curator for this
exhibition, we have tried to show Bucky and the broad range of his work
in the context of his time.

Bucky's early career coincided with the streamline age which touched
everything from the design of Zeppelins and aircraft to cars and trains
and even houses. We reveal how these designs set the scene for some of
his most radical proposals in the late 1920s and '30s. The exhibition
charts the key chapters of Bucky's long career using photographs,
original drawings, models and structures together with the recently
completed recreation of his futuristic Dymaxion Car, which is shown here
for the first time.

In 1951 Fuller drew attention to the ecological issues of today when he
referred to "spaceship earth" and the fragility of the planet, as such
his work and observations are even more important now than they were in
his lifetime.

opening at ivorypress.com
T +34 91 310 78 58

This exhibition has been produced in collaboration with Foster + Partners

Ivorypress Art + Books
C/ Comandante Zorita 48
28020 Madrid, Spain
T: +34 91 449 09 61
F: +34 91 570 98 64

On-line Invitation:

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