[SNEC] Sat Nov 4 Seminar on "Synergetics 3" in Cambridge, MA

CJ Fearnley cjf at CJFearnley.com
Sun Oct 22 22:43:05 EDT 2006

The Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC), the Philomorphs, and the Foundation
for New Directions are holding a one-day Seminar on "Synergetics 3"
in Cambridge, MA, Saturday, 4 November 2006.

  Foundation for New Directions
  93 Belmont Street
  Cambridge, MA 02138

Cost:  $10 for lunch

RSVP Required (the space has a limited capacity of 25 people)
Please send me an e-mail before 1 November so that we can order enough food
  from the caterer.

Directions:  will be provided upon RSVP receipt

  8:30 AM       - Sign-in, Meet and Greet
  9  AM - 10 AM - Attendee Introductions & Show-n-Tell (bring your work!)
                  Moderated by CJ Fearnley
  10 AM - 11 AM - Organizing a joint Symposium on "Form and Synergetics"
                  between the Synergetics Collaborative and the
                  Philomorphs in 2007
                - We need a venue, please bring your thoughts
                - We need volunteers to help with illions of details
  11 AM - 12 PM - Reviving the Philomorphs - What will it take?
  12 PM -  1 PM - Lunch
  1  PM -  3 PM - Synergetics 3, Marvin Solit
  3  PM -  5 PM - Discussion on Synergetics 3, Moderated by CJ Fearnley
                - Reflections on Synergetics 3, Joe Clinton
  5  PM -  7 PM - Visiting Bucky's grave
                - Dinner at a nearby Chinese Restaurant
                - Unstructured discussions

We are on a spaceship; a beautiful one.  It took billions of years to develop.
We're not going to get another.  Now, how do we make this spaceship work?
  -- Buckminster Fuller

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