[SNEC] Report and Photos from last year's Structure Workshop

CJ Fearnley cjf at CJFearnley.com
Sun Aug 6 00:21:16 EDT 2006

Last Reminder:  This year's Oswego Workshop on "Applied Synergetics" will be
held next weekend.  Details at

Note: we are expecting to make a change in schedule to accommodate George Hart
who is planning to attend and present one of his geometric sculpture workshops.
I'll update the web site when we finalize the change.

If you are planning to come, please REGISTER before Wednesday morning (EST),
so that we can make preparations (making photocopies &etc).

If you are on the fence, maybe seeing what we did last year in the
conference report and photos will convince you to join us next weekend:

A big thank you to Jeannie Moberly who wrote the first draft of this
report, Marvin Solit, Nick Consoletti, Medard Gable, and Brian McGuire
who provided commentary to improve the report.  A big thank you to Brian
McGuire for sending the photos --- all 50 of them!.

Finally, Victor Acevedo videotaped the proceedings.  He sent me a copy of
the video, but I was unable to prepare it for the report.  Maybe we'll
be able to get a sample posted when we're in Oswego next weekend.
The Synergetics Collaborative and Victor would like to make DVDs of
the video available for a fee.  But we are a volunteer organization and
time appears to be a luxury.  Suggestions to facilitate making the video
available would be welcome.

If you will be attending the workshop next weekend, I'll see you in Oswego!

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