[SNEC] Pre-Registration Required for Workshop on Applied Synergetics August 12-13

CJ Fearnley cjf at CJFearnley.com
Sat Jun 3 14:21:20 EDT 2006

Reminder:  Pre-Registration for this event is required so that sufficient
supplies can be obtained for all participants.  The registration form is at

Reminder:  Housing options on-campus are limited.  Contact John Belt by July
14th to get On-campus housing.

                       Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC)

                                presents its

                                Fourth Annual

                              Summer Workshop on

      * * *        Applied Synergetics:  Living Structures        * * *

                        in Oswego, NY, 12-13 August 2006

  Description:  The Synergetics Collaborative's Fourth Annual Summer Workshop
         in Oswego will focus on "Applied Synergetics:  Living Structures".
         The three main workshops are as follows:
           - Compound Curved Metal Shelters
           - Integrating Field Structure Theory and Quantum Architecture
           - Folding Surface Structures and Deployable Kinetic Architecture

         In addition, there will be artifact exhibit space for participants 
         and a session for participants to discuss their work.

         Friday Reception 11 August 2006, 7 - 10PM ($15; pre-register
                to get directions)
         Saturday 12 August 2006, 8AM - 10PM (Registration: 8 AM)
         Sunday 13 August 2006, 8AM - 6PM

         Pre-registration is required!  Please fill out the following form:

         Contact John Belt <belt at oswego.edu> to make housing
         arrangements. On-campus housing is limited, and first come,
         first served. Reservations must be made by July 14th!!!

         SUNY Oswego
         Department of Technology, Design Studio
         Wilber Hall, Design Studio, Room 350
         Oswego, NY

  Travel Directions

  Workshop Fee
         $90 general ($60 for students).

  Publicity Poster
         Please let others know about this event by passing on this poster:

  Exhibit Space
         Exhibit space will be available for showing artifacts. Space
         must be reserved by July 15. To make arrangements for space,
         send a request with the dimensions of your piece(s) to John
         Belt <belt at oswego.edu>. Please bring a card with a brief
         description of your work for display in the exhibit area.

  Workshop Schedule

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