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Date: 8 May 2006
Contact: CJ Fearnley
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Synergetics Collaborative Co-Founder Contributes Tensegrity Model to Time Capsule

CJ Fearnley contributed a model of Buckminster Fuller's "12 Degrees of
Freedom Tensegrity Tetrahedron" to the Philadelphia Business Journal's "40
Under 40" time capsule.

Philadelphia, PA - 8 May 2006 - On 2 May 2006, one of the Synergetics
Collaborative's co-founders, CJ Fearnley, presented a model of
Buckminster Fuller's "12 Degrees of Freedom Tensegrity Tetrahedron"
to the Philadelphia Business Journal's 40 Under 40 time capsule.

As part of the Philadelphia Business Journal's 40 Under 40 award banquet,
each winner was asked to present an object for the time capsule and say
a few sentences about why they selected it.  The time capsule will be
opened on the 25th anniversary of the 40 Under 40 event in 2015.

"The 40 Under 40 program gives us an opportunity to put a spotlight
on some of the young and increasingly influential leaders in our
region," said Bernard Dagenais, editor of the Philadelphia Business
Journal. "These individuals have established themselves as leaders
through their professional and volunteer achievements. They have made a
difference and can be expected to continue to do so in the years to come."

The text of CJ Fearnley's speech explaining why he chose to contribute a
"12 Degrees of Freedom Tensegrity Tetrahedron" model to the time capsule

     This is one of Buckminster Fuller's 12 degrees of freedom
     tensegrity structures which I assembled with the help of my
     non-profit, the Synergetics Collaborative.  The key idea
     of a tensegrity is a system held together by a continuous
     "sea" of pull-force strings (the nylon thread) while its
     push-force struts (the knitting needles) do not touch.
     I selected a tensegrity model because my business and
     engineering philosophy has been inspired by Buckminster
     Fuller's Synergetics, his "Geometry of Thinking."  For me,
     it models our inter-dependent responsibilities and the
     nature of dynamical stability.  It "represents" the Linux
     and Debian communities, my company, LinuxForce's
     workforce teams, our market economy, our ecology,
     and much, much more.

A photo of CJ delivering the speech is on-line at

Buckminster Fuller's "12 Degrees of Freedom Tensegrity Tetrahedron" is
on-line at

Synergetics Collaborative
The Synergetics Collaborative (SNEC) was initiated in August 2002
in a meeting between Russell Chu, Joe Clinton, CJ Fearnley, John
Kirk, and Jeannie Moberly.  SNEC organizes face-to-face workshops,
symposia, seminars and other meetings to help explain and expand on
Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics.  The Synergetics Collaborative is
dedicated to educate and support research and understanding of the
principles of Synergetics.  SNEC is in the process of applying to be
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