Pure Conceptuality


Chapter 7: What is Language?


There is more information and transformation to be delivered stroke by stroke as we continue the adventure, but we pause to actually use what we already know to help simplify the high-frequency experience into its lowest common denominator and work back up from there. We have entertained the idea of metaphor in relation to these self-revealing and self-evolving conceptions, but BLUEPRINT is a more accurate way to think of what we are seeing. When we design a tool or a house, for that matter, the blueprint does not contain all the unique uses and contexts of the future specific involvement of the tool or artifact in the stories of which it will be or is engaged. However, at the lowest frequencies our conceptual blueprint does contain all necessary to actually BE the potential and essence of all unique stories.


Engagement with this Chapter requires an openness to consider what might seem like anecdotal, “coincidental,” or particular supposition or opinion. We contend that these (subjective) connections to the (objective) self-developing structural entities or Prime Forms provide the rational bridge which is a coherent and correlative union of context and content, the objective and subjective. This is not immediately obvious and understandable so some patience in allowing the ideas to gain traction is necessary. The reader should not simply accept or believe the contentions, but rather just file them for open consideration. We are introducing a generally unobserved language of universal themes and ideas expressed by prime architectures.


This study attempts to explain, from an actual structural perspective, what some psychologists think of as archetypes. Carl Jung, the father of the idea of archetypes, related that he had sympathy with the idea that the archetypes might be similar to the Platonic Forms existing as a form (type) of immutable transcendental entity. He considered this thought to be a metaphysical question and therefore unanswerable. Pure Conceptuality erases the distinction of the “metaphysical” and “physical” by explaining that the natures of prime structures permeate everything perceivable as the perceiver and the perception are “made of the same stuff.” The nature of consciousness, itself, is essentially and generally understandable. We are a few steps away from uncovering and integrating the combination of perspectives necessary to share this whole vision, so be patient and push forward.


In order to think or imagine at all in consciousness we must have a point of view. We have taken the most simplified point of view as a traveler from Location A to Location B. From this point of view we simply experience and observe. We travel from A for a time of 1 and distance of 1 and hit the boundary simultaneously with time stopping. Anywhere at the boundary or event horizon is a new location B and the trajectory between the two is AB. If B is imbued with the same radiant property as A, B radiates toward A as a discrete new BA. There is at least THAT duality which contains many properties. B self-locates in relationship to A. The distance between AB and BA is equal. The time and speed are equal, but the directions are antagonistic. Implied in this directional antagonism is the plane of intersection of the wave fronts expanding toward each other which divides AB and BA into two unit lengths. This is the concept truth of multiplication by division which accounts for high frequencies being contained conceptually in the LOW (frequencies). A fertilized egg starts as one cell and divides into billions carrying the instructions from the LOW.


Our TET-OCT duality (complimentarity) can also divide into high-frequency while carrying the conceptual truth of it throughout all of the iterations. This can be imagined and visualized and held in the mind. But in imagining TET, our simple point of view changes by virtue of the Nature of the TET. We now have inside, outside, convex, concave, volume and, with the contained self-manifest Octahedron, we have complimentarity, relative volume (quanta), frequency, and many possible simple points of view or perspectives. This simple format contains the elements necessary to rationalize the very high-frequency. Since in principle the frequency can just keep increasing, INWARD operates as OUTWARD and vice versa. This is the most basic conception of how Universe can be boundless. Universe is “bound” only by relationship integrities. But since material size is unbounded by ever greater frequency of subdivision, there is no size except in some relationship to some unit and some frequency. Prime conceptual generalized principles exist eternally outside of time so do not require space to “exist.” Space and time are experience in relationship. In considering conceptual reduction to the Tet, the Tet conceptually "turns inside-out" which potentiates increasing frequency by division. This is a cyclic continuum in relationship.


The constant is the speed of light (1) and the frequency is relative to the point of view. Self-conscious being is the fulcrum between the macro and the micro. This is an issue of relativity and frequency. If we imagine magnifying a photograph of an apple, for example, (going in microscopically) the resolvability of the picture will pixelate and disappear into spots of the ink on paper and then even going further in resolves to the fibers of paper. Going in even deeper in imagination we enter the molecular and atomic realm where the nucleus is relatively as distant from the electron as the earth is from the sun. As we go in the frequency of the observable field decreases and our relationship to the object of observation changes. What was a picture of an apple in the mind of the observer ultimately transforms into an atom. This whole scenario is dependent on the relativity relationship of the observer with the observable field. Conceptually, the micro transforms to a fulcrum point (conceptual sphere) where the micro and macro unify but then contain the potential conceptually to transform into the macro (high frequency) as we have studied up to this point.


Radiation is the constant. We think of light in a very particular way but heat is light of a lower frequency. We feel heat but heat is the same radiation traveling at the constant speed (1). Out of this ultra-high-frequency of basic truth, iterations in motion and time become identifiable self-consciousness. We know what it is because we each have it. So it is basic that if A can radiate out of itself so can B. We see that in each other. And, frankly, feel it too radiating out of our warm selves where once a single warm cell, presumably kept warm by the Mother A and the Father B radiates back to the Mother and that cell starts radiating its own heat. We could just as well propose Father A and Mother B. The point is we are associating high-frequency generalizations of male, female, mother, father, and baby with low-frequency understanding. We will see that this works very nicely.


The self-manifesting conceptual artifacts and their dynamics REPRESENT and speak of the NATURE of all relationship and potential. The totally resolved and UNITARY TET speaks in general of the nature of the WHOLE while exhibiting oneness, duality, right, left, inside-out, triangularity, fourness, sixness, eightness, tenness. It establishes the ideas of complimentarity, allspace-filling, frequency, multiplication by division and transformation. The “world” (conscious experience) is filled with clues as to how to unravel the complexity to find the truth. Our underlying experience is father, mother, son and daughter. The fourness of the TET. Those primal entities are held together by the six interrelationships which are who, what, when, where, how and why. Story development depends on the implied and relative answers. Given the four heat radiating intersections (locations) and implications of the six “arms” that organize and rationalize the whole, we can see that the universe of all stories and all potential stories is already contained and structured — the SIX DEGREES (angular positioning) of SEPARATION (inter-relationship). We don’t have a clue, in a scientific sense, what all this IS, but we do absolutely know what our stories are! A story whether “true” or “false” is TRULY a story. It has no substance, it cannot be weighed or measured nor seen except in the mind, yet NO ONE has a problem understanding what a story is. We are all stories, characters in stories, receptacles of stories and as long as we are radiating heat, generators of stories. The essential characters implied in all stories are mother, father, son and daughter and the basic theme revolves around some conception of love or antagonism thereof.


All these stories have very low-frequency themes and common substructuring in time and space. We have up, down, right, left, male, female, adult, child, rich, poor, big, little, engaged in one world with four seasons, four directions, four parts of the day, four elements — earth, air, fire, and water, four corners of the earth, aces, spades, clubs, diamonds, the four bases in DNA, the four bases in baseball, the four quarters in a dollar, the quarters of a basketball game, a football game, on and on and on. The ten fingers and toes, the decimal system, and ten as our counting reality, but with the twelve hours, the dozen, the twelve horsemen, the twelve apostles, twelve months of the year, twelve astrological signs, etc. These low-frequency commonalities should direct our attention to the facts of elemental existence and the realization that the complex is structured in the simple. High-frequency does not come out of low-frequency. Low-frequency understanding comes out of high-frequency self-examination and consideration.


Now we are going to step back from the technical way of establishing the validity of our conceptual artifact-tool-self expressing elementary symbol set and just consider in a general way from our ultracomplex high-frequency conscious point of view. We want to allow ourselves to see and feel the message in the medium itself, which should be developing in the mind as a result of the careful way we have allowed ourselves to see the conceptual landscape. All that has revealed itself up to now in conceptual principle emerges at a very low number scale. As a matter of fact we have only progressed through 1, 2, 3 and 4 and we have all this inFORMation. That is a result of seeing these numbers as symbols which relay information much more sophisticated than their simple counting and calculating functionality. The Roman Numerals are simply a counting tool but even they hint at a symbol system of meaning once you understand the conceptual progression. The lines of the Roman numerals can be imagined as ABs. Start connecting them together as IVX and you can see the primordial symbols. Low-frequency numbers are symbols for definite ideas and concepts self-revealed.


When you run, your cadence is one, two, three, four. Rhythms are simple low number beats. Low number aggregations of things like pebbles can instantly be recognized as assemblages of one, two, three or four. Five is easy too but at six your “eye” groups two sets of three. The brain-mind itself draws our attention to the obvious, which we tend to dismiss as meaningless.


In all that we have seen here so far, we have only needed the numbers up to eight (which is two fours) and we have used only two linear dimensions, 1 and the second root of two in the exposition of all this thought and revelation. We showed that the second root of two is a REAL conceivable, static and definite time-length — not some number that goes on and on in decimal irresolvability. Also we showed that the edge frequency of a triangle results in triangle populations of frequency times itself so we may as well call squaring — triangling! It seems unlikely that the use of the word “squaring” will soon be replaced by the word “triangling,” but, frankly, this is the most accurate, the most prime and simplest perspective. We have to overcome the name of squaring prejudicing our thinking, just as we have to overcome the idea of the sun setting and rising. Accurate replacements can be found with sunclipsing and sunsighting as suggested by Buckminster Fuller in the book “Critical Path”. To say two squared is a roadblock in the mind. It is very difficult to get past these subtle miss-directions. We have attempted here to say second and third powering and have even said the second power root. We may not see the mathematical language change from square and cube but it SHOULD to change in YOUR mind.


The ideas of ONE, the ideas of TWO, the ideas of THREE, the ideas of FOUR, etc should be developing in the “mind’s eye.” These names evoke ideas and concepts of relationships and forms and the potentials of seeing definite meaning in these forms. Low-frequency rationally clarifies, infuses and informs the high-frequency apparent and disguised reality.


This may seem like anecdotal observations from a particular mind, but the “coincidence” of the alignment of the themes with the nature of the symbols challenges the very concept or idea of coincidence itself. Coincidence becomes the obvious expectation of the uniformity and self-actualizing truth of the order and expression inherent in consciousness and “matter.” What we see is what we get. Part of the beauty of this is that the high-frequency conceals in plain sight the underlying simplicity. At the same time the simplicity does not defeat the beauty and majesty of the “incomprehensible” manifestation in ultra-high-frequency and resulting nature of experience of the conscious being. The game remains the game no matter how much is known. So mystery coexists with knowing the truth. What an AMAZING gift!


When we examine and analyze the Arabic symbols for the numbers, we find that the numbers are actually pictographs in the same way the Roman Numerals are pictographs. There is no “historical record” of the veracity of this view of the expression of the numbers. The self-evidence is compelling when considered elementally. Let’s look at the conceptuality7 video on YouTube. In this video we are going to examine in general what we have developed so carefully in the specific.


We have taken a leap here, with the intent of rationally connecting the heart with the mind. We can see that the language of the universe (consciousness) is evident in the very forms to which high-frequency must logically reduce. We can carry the baggage of high-frequency, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, experiences, relationship and inter-relationship right through to the simplified essence of the blueprint of consciousness. So when we see the “coincidence” of the symbolic nature of the Arabic numerals, for instance, are we looking at a purposeful construction or are we simply seeing a direct manifestation of how things are or what might be called material manifestation of the structured subconscious? Does it matter — which way we interpret it? If we want to be skeptical we might say there is no history to substantiate the story. Would that negate the self-evidence of what we can and DO see? Would it be preferable to call on coincidence to explain away the neat way all of these connections fit together? Which story do you prefer — one that embraces the nonsense of coincidence and laziness of dismissal or one that considers the constructed and self-evident organization which is the unambiguous truth of our daily lives and very existence? One thought form is dis-continuous, blind, deaf and dumb, while the other is continuous, visual, audible, tactile and available for consideration in pure essential symbolic form.


What we are exploring is the essence of symbols and therefore the essence of the nature of language (the WORD) and the nature of experience, understanding, truth and communication. All these potentials are met as here we are interacting and communicating. What we are exploring is the bottom line rationalization (understanding of the software) of what we sense as hardware in the experiencing of what we call reality. As we noted earlier, our sensory perception in what we call reality is ALWAYS occurring in the past as sensory experience is limited by the constant speed of light or electrons which are slower than infinitely fast. The only way to experience the present is to stop time and comprehend in pure conceptuality. We have paddled stroke by stroke to finally start to see this enchanted forest constantly available, reflected in the mirror-window of calm water. What we can see is dependent on the way that we focus and the angle of our viewpoint.


What we have to see here is that mystery is rooted in the knowable and understandable. This is as big a step in changing consensus perception as is the knowledge that the earth revolves around the sun and that the sun is a minor part of a galaxy. We can imagine living without that common knowledge as the story we live in informs us that there was a time without that general knowledge. Story also informs us that people seemed to live in much the same way as we seem to live now without that knowledge or truth. The truth is that we are left with all of the mysteries at the ENDS of scientific investigation as we had before the investigation, we so enthusiastically embrace. This should give pause for thought. There is a way of seeing that gives ultimate answers where science leaves us with ultimate questions. The beauty of the insight and truths engendered by scientific pursuit allows for a way of seeing mystery as a rational part of the total manifestation of understanding of the universe which we seem to inhabit.


We assume that the experience and lives of people without the scientific view of universe are somehow handicapped or inferior. It seems that those people deal and dealt with mystery by engaging stories which fill in their needs to have answers to the difficult questions. The stories are amazing and wonderful and part of our story as we ponder, feel, hope, dream, play, work, eat, sleep and imagine. These themes and essences endure in this totally changed consensus reality. We still see the sun going up and down rather than truly embracing the truth of spinning at 1000 mph as we speed around the sun at many times that velocity. The gravity that allows us our very necessary illusion of orientation and standing in one spot and moving from place to place is, even in a scientific way — a mystery. Even more of a mystery is how we can fly in a dream which in every other way is just a normal day. Within all of this we can send a spacecraft to land on Mars to send back useful information.


Then we imagine that, or even for some, “experience” extraterrestrial “superior” intelligence which will somehow inform us of what we cannot know ourselves. What could it possibly be that we cannot answer for ourselves? Is it really possible that the universe is incomprehensible? What we must see is that science is simply a method of fabricating and developing another story to tell ourselves. Science ignores many important questions, yet claims to be the valid method to arrive at ultimate answers. Science is a beautiful wonderful game with masterful, beautiful, wonderful intelligent beings totally immersed in a most serious, disciplined and productive undertaking. But the most brilliant of the brilliant are confounded by personal questions about the beginning of the beginning or the actual existence of free will. A good scientist is restricted from holistic thought by the very nature of the rules of scientific investigation.


If we are honest with ourselves, we are still living in a flat world where the limits of “edges” are unknown. There is always just one more step to go. The mystery of where are the edges of the earth have just changed form to where is the edge of space or the “limits” of the universe. How did it begin? When will it end? There are the Big Bang, the String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, The Theory of Evolution and Cosmology filling up the space for “valid” thought with languages so highly specialized that they can only be “understood” or employed by those already steeped in a way of thought that goes with the language. The new PRIESTHOOD of those that interpret this rarefied air for the rest of us tell us what cannot be rather than what is. We allow ourselves to be informed by an elite who must ultimately admit they don’t have any answers to ultimate questions. There certainly is some honor in that, but that same elite will tell you what cannot be as if they know.


In some sense our validity to honestly explore is obscured by a miasma of elite languages which claim authority over higher level thought and exploration. This is not some conscious conspiracy in the general, but where human beings are concerned all systems may become corrupted by self-interest, greed, privilege, etc.


The objective here is to validate our own exploration by using all the tools available for a fresh perspective which can be inclusive rather than exclusive and enhance all of our lives and validate our own ability to think, consider, evaluate and resolve the essential questions about what is going on around here. That sounds like an impossible hope but if it can be it already is. All we have to do is continue on our trip examining what is in such a way as to see the wholeness of it. You will be surprised, it is not that complicated and it is possible to see. We must just continue along as we have been going and all will reveal itself. It is a bit tricky only because we are steeped in so many assumptions and habits of seeing which are self-reinforcing in high-frequency perception. This fresh way of seeing hides itself in plain sight. Vision does not occur until the “eye” is ready.


We have taken a moment here to make a leap in seeing the actual inherent geometries as symbols (words) for their essences in the nature of their inherent self-development and expression. We must try not to see these progressions and regressions or evolutions and devolutions in the context of a continuum of time. These are timeless low-frequency conceptual artifacts which exist in stopped time. They are static so that we may look at them. In the way that we have been exploring we can see that each iteration requires stopped time. The transformations are radiant but as time is stopped the potential becomes linear and “tangible” or tactile and visual. Similarly, our experiencing of the “world” as solid and linear probably occurs in stopped time which is constantly “pushed forward” for the conscious individual by the sensations occurring in the past. In other words time is discontinuous, but at a VERY high-frequency. This would be one way of explaining the solidness we sense in a world which we know at an atomic or component level is almost totally empty space. Further, we must emphasize that we cannot look to the future nor to the past in searching for the creative ineffable present. That present of potential and creation is neatly “contained” for us between the experienced and imagined past and the imagined future. The present is only conceptually realizable in stopped time.


In using LIGHT in a metaphorical way in the development of our thought, we are not implying light as scientists imagine but use it as a bridge for its property of CONSTANT “speed.” The foundational concept is CONSTANT where the constancy runs through the whole thought uniformly and consistently. In principle time and space are rationalized and relational to this primacy. To reiterate: d=rt, r=d/t, so r=d/1. Therefore speed and distance are equivalent. However, the divisional increase of frequency of the unitary “time-length” 1 is conceptually limitless.


Thinking in terms of the AB, if A is traveling toward B (perimeter-horizon) at rate c while allowing for frequency to geometrically increase (allow time to run) rather than “stopping it,” this is another way to look at the event horizon of a black hole. For any observer, the unitary nature of time in principle is geometrically increasing in frequency increasing gravity while also frustrating “arrival” by the simple concept of constantly halving the unitary time-length RELATIONALLY so the event seems to stop. It is not light which is “swallowed up,” but rather TIME is slowed down in a relational sense. This line of thought is the rationale for the “equivalency” of time and gravity in Pure Conceptuality. It would seem that the mathematical language would be caught in a loop here: thinking in terms of light and mass rather than time and gravity. Conversely, if you were at B everything would be “normal” as you would just be traveling along at rate c relationally unaware of the increasing frequency. In Pure Conceptuality we simply stop time so we arrive! So conceptually, wherever or whenever time is stopped you have a black hole.


Numbers themselves imply natures, themes, concepts when seen in the context of their low-frequency manifestations as we have explored. The low-frequency divisions of unity which are numbers of frequency or redundancy become language symbols which have their own “story” or contain particular information. Frequency unity is imagined as the stopped time AB. As we have seen unity is complex and is only manifest conceptually in the Tet. Tet or 4 is the manifest word for number unity. So in counting it goes 1 Tet, 2 Tets, 3 Tets. The numbers 1,2,3 are purely conceptual and exist as ABs and locations of the Tet. We normally think of 1 as a point, 2 as two points (implying line) and 3 as three points (implying triangle). But in fact a point has to be either a Tet at some dimension or simply a purely conceptual location which can only be “fixed” in the context of the manifest Tet. Similarly, line and triangle can most simply become manifest as face and edge of the Tet. A point location can be visualized as the intersection of three or more non-parallel planes. That is. For example the three faces of the Tet locate an intersection at its “point.” This rationalizes the word point!


Since Tet is the minimum conceptual UNITY, the Tet itself is the word symbol for Love. This is derived from high-frequency thinking, feeling, experience and understanding by looking at the Tet as the blueprint of Family, Mother, Father, Son and Daughter and the six inter-relationships between which translate as who, what, when, where, how and why. So this implies the nature of STORY itself in the interaction and propagated afterimages of interactions. When we consider the BOTTOM LINE in high-frequency commonalities it is obvious that we all have this simple family nature in common. The LOVE is the unification.


Of course an individual can say, “I don’t have a family and no one ever loved me and what is love anyway? Here we consider in broad generality, in an honest attempt, to pair a bottom line human commonality with the bottom line archetype symbol. To look for particular anecdotal exceptions does not alter the functionality of the association. To add drama to that association we can refer back to video illustration 7 and associate the heart symbol of love directly with the Tet. Certainly this proposition can be dismissed out of hand, but in doing so the “story becomes poorer.” Which story do you prefer? In a formal logic sense, the Pure Conceptuality theory of form as language self-evidently makes a GOOD inductive argument. This exemplifies a case where inductive reasoning (dis-assembly-assembly around a theory) self-engages and verifies the structural truth of the Universal Language of Form. No theory has ever accomplished this so neatly.


It is very difficult to get a strong handle on the word, Love. If it is generalized to bare bones, it might be thought of simply as emotion or even “energy.” We are going to take a minute here to consider Tribalism and its relationship to love, feeling and energy. The host of irresolvable conflict is a lack of awareness of tribalism which actually has its root in the essence and expression of family – mother, father, son and daughter. This prime or primal relationship is the intuitive model for “love” (emotion). It would seem universal to think of this emotional connection as positive in general. It has that warm and fuzzy feeling while also being the prime model for relationship, unity, and identification outside of self. One can easily imagine this feeling-relationship extending into and permeating extended family. There are many perspectives possible around this general idea as to “evolutionary” benefit which do not resolve into a general understanding.


We attempt here by analogy to open the mind and offer a perspective on tribalism. Alcohol as a substance is very elemental. It naturally occurs under ideal conditions and is easily discoverable. It is versatile and has many uses – solvent, fuel, sterilization and as a tool in emotional transformation or mood alteration. Let's focus on alcohol in its role in feelings. Generally alcohol has a positive (good) effect on mood when initially encountered and used in moderation. That experience in isolation would have to be considered positively useful as are the other uses of the nature of this tool. The feeling of connection in family, can generally be seen to be positively useful. Now, as we all know, the use of alcohol in excess or without integrating whole understanding of its potentials into the use results in the disease of alcoholism. The treatment of that disease is extremely difficult even though it is easy to see and know the external cause of misuse and/or misunderstanding of the utility of the tool, alcohol.


Simply put in the same sense tribalism, as manifest in society, not as recognized for what it is in essence, is a pervasive disease of consensus reality. What is positive in the “right” context and is a useful tool becomes a poison when not recognized as the agent of a disease in the context of its misuse by an individual or group. The camaraderie, excitement and joy of competing in sports taken in isolation is a positive manifestation of tribalism. But that group identification in almost every other context, without sophisticated and integrative understanding becomes the root of all social problems including racism, war, political polarization, superiority, inferiority, on and on. This is so simple it is overlooked and accepted without conscious consideration as is the alphabet in use in expressing these thoughts.


Tribalism is the root of every “ism” period. We can treat the symptoms of this disease forever, but if we do not even recognize and admit the disease all attempts at true healing and true health is in vain. Every patch is local and temporary until we at least see, learn and then educate at a Philosophical Level to transcend this stumbling block that we all share. Just look in the mirror. Even “religions” are stuck in this battle.

We are going to continue on our adventure which now becomes the epistemology, etymlogy or exegesis or study of the language of self-developing low-frequency geometries (symbols-words) which are the architecture of consciousness, time and space and ultimately see how the universe can be seen without the problem of containment, why the universe is expanding and accelerating as it expands and what makes us seem separate and independent in our movement against the background of manifest experience. Also, some fanciful connections will be made similar to the heart symbol in other areas of myth, legend and history later in the study.


In using tools, we must consider the nature of the tool and its appropriate use to the best of our ability. One common thought experiment is to present an out of context tool, like an instant camera, into a social group which has no contact or familiarity with that technology. The unexplainable and amazing phenomenon of a photo would be an amazement at least and proprietary possession of that tool could imbue its possessor with power. Even without understanding the camera, the owner could claim the power. We could call that improper use even though it might be very effective in establishing some kind of high status used in control. A master-leader in possession of such a tool might even feel quite justified in the context of effectiveness without thinking much about how the camera actually works. That is not necessary to his or her agenda. A mind set of honest curiosity and truth seeking renders the line of thought above impotent.


So, to use a tool (the camera) out of context is faulty and is in some sense inappropriate. It is prudent to continually attempt to examine our bias, agendas and perspective. These words are easy to type but the idea is difficult to achieve. The expression, “if all you have is a hammer everything starts looking like a nail;” applies all through our ways of thinking. If we perceive a bolt to be a nail, we might drive it in with a hammer, but it will fasten much better than a nail by twisting it into a nut, no hammer even relevant. We have a different way of seeing within the same utility.


We understand that UNIFICATION in science refers to the conceptual and mathematical integration of the four forces of physics and that we have not addressed this problem specifically here. We generally refer to attraction only as gravity. In this investigation we are not attempting to quantify and postulate mathematical formulas, but rather to look from an entirely fresh perspective. We do intend to end up with a Unified Field which allows for a conceptual framework to foster the general comprehension of the questions of expanding universe, dark energy, parallel universe and dark matter. This approach is not intended to satisfy the fields of math and physics, but rather to introduce the universal language of form to act as a comprehensible and useful bridge to generally unify the fields of science, mathematics, physics, philosophy, theology and the humanities. However, we do contend that we are looking from a perspective which has the potential to heal the division between science and philosophy by focusing on the nature of time and consciousness rather than an endless investigation into the nature of matter and energy as things separate from consciousness.