Pure Conceptuality


Chapter 6: Place your Order


Let’s get back into our canoes. We don’t often think of all of the amazing things that transpire when we do such a simple act as getting into the canoe. The whole Universe springs into action in perfect coordination and calculation to perform in ways we just expect. As we enter the canoe all three states of matter are engaged in the process of supporting us on the water. The canoe is rigid and solid, yet hollowed out and full of air. As we enter and put our weight into it the shape settles into pliable liquid to the EXACT degree necessary to displace an EXACT amount of water with wood and air to equal the weight added to the canoe. The volumes and relative densities of media including temperatures and pressures all calculate perfectly, discretely and automatically. These are not random events and every occasion is unique and the design implicit in nature handles every incidence PERFECTLY and effortlessly. Nature is self-resolving—ALWAYS.


What we are exploring is the low-frequency conceptual integrity which is the basic armature for the ultra-high-frequency experience in time that demonstrate these self-organizing and progressively developing truths which in essence are not static truths even though we isolate them in stopped time. These visual, modelable conceptual artifacts take on a more sophisticated role as symbols in a universal language speaking or writing of the nature of things in the most basic ways of seeing and direct perception. We are not memorizing the names of trees and bushes; we are exploring the basic nature of the self-organizing principles of All Possibility (consciousness) in a rational way one stroke at a time. It is clear that we have not made any assumptions up to now that we cannot support in our progression of experience.


We will not get lost in the technicalities and careful attention we must pay to the study of the nature of the mapping principles, but realize that we establish the veracity of our technique by cross referencing into the language of mathematics and geometries. The difference is that we are not defining and describing points, lines, triangles, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, cubes, frequencies and dimensions. We are watching them form, transform and inform in their very nature. What do pictures of the “platonic solids” or discourses on “sacred geometry” tell us—REALLY? NOTHING at all! It is all description or opinion and nothing more. An intelligent mind can pose questions, be inspired, see beauty in form, discover rules and formulas to describe from various perspectives and predict outcomes, but what can these conceptual artifacts tell us directly? Can forms transform and inform?


It seems that they can inform us by the very means we have been employing to allow that information to reveal itself by our way of exploring and seeing. Let’s take a break and watch the Conceptuality6 video.


In this video we resolve the octahedron in the two frequency Tet discovering the second dimension of our exploration. Up to now we have dealt only with the AB constant unit dimension. We isolated it in our conceptual sphere and discover that we can have or imagine any number of them within the very simple constraints of the investigation. We used the idea of an expanding spherical wave front of conceptual light to establish boundary and specific locations. Light is a very handy metaphor as it does act in the way we have imagined and a scientific view even describes a duality of its nature as either a wave or a “particle.” We dealt with it as a spherical wave front in time and a conceptual containment tool in stopped time allowing for the “point” idea to establish definite and described locations by implication. Light, as science describes it, is fantastic. It travels at a constant speed not affected by relative motion of moving observation platforms in space while continuing on its course for billions of earth-experienced-years, never seeming to tire while carrying information to the tuned-in eye about distant objects perhaps no longer existing in the way we think of existing. We don’t actually look directly at anything very far away as we are seeing patterns suggesting where and what it was, what we describe as, very far away.


mathematicasVisuales image of Octahedron in Two-Frequency Tetrahedron
Octahedron in Two-Frequency
Tetrahedron (from mathematicasVisuales)
So how unrealistic is it to just keep it simple as a tool in our thinking so far? All we have done is borrow its most basic and essential and wonderfully amazing character to use as a tool in thinking and imagining. We have kept to the essence of the thing and kept it corralled at a VERY low-frequency of ONE and we have suggested that one-frequency might exist against a background of ZERO-frequency. Just a thought. Also we have explained and defined frequency very clearly in our self-organizing conceptual artifacts enabling us to arrive at the end of Video 6 with a tremendous amount of simple truth and understanding and inFORMation that is contained, consistent, analyzable, uniform, predictive, symmetrical, and at a low enough frequency and in stopped time so as to be possible to hold intact in the conscious mind as a whole interconnected proven stroke-by-stroke idea set. We see how the two-frequency Tet contains the one-frequency Octahedron and the XYZ coordinate system axes and the self-created new dimension of the second power root of two. In the same realization the two frequency tet “dissolves” and re-organizes in the mind as four one-frequency Tets surrounding a one-frequency Octahedron containing four tetrahedral volumes. We discovered that the naturally occurring COMPLIMENTARITY of the Tet-OCT organization of conceptual space is rational in every way in whole number and whole frequency progressions. We see that the two-frequency Tet contains eight discrete and equal unitary volumes (quanta). We see that all of this is still contained within our original conceptual framework and that the frequency might be increased by division in self-replicating forms, relative containments and relationships forever.


Being consistent with our analysis that the past is “immutable” (except in analysis by varying perspectives), the present is only accessible in stopped time and the future is a projection, the only direction we can go in “living” experience is into the future. We have unraveled complexity to uncover Prime Conceptual Structural Reality which we contend forms the essence of all experience yet can be cognitively understood only in low frequency modeling and imagining. So if we imagine ourselves to be in the “center” of unitary time, as frequency increases we recede into an inward moving future where microscopic becomes macroscopic. Each day, each hour, each measured “moment” in principle increases the frequency of our experienced “allotment” of unitary time. It may be difficult to accept, but this is generally the reason the universe can be measured to be expanding and doing so at an increasing velocity. It is the nature of reality which triggers this technical error in perspective, perception and understanding. It is time that is the “container” not space. Therefore we never have to deal with the “limits” or “size” of the Universe in any material or spacial sense. The universe is experienced structure within time. Astrophysicists try to help us visualize the expanding universe with the analogy of the surface of a balloon stretching all imagined points on the surface away from each other so that everything is moving away from everything everywhere and there is no center from which everything is moving away. They fail to mention the center of the baloon! Just let this float in the mind for now. Hopefully, it will become clear as we move along.


So in review as these forms and relationship scenarios recede into the future at higher and higher frequency, conceptually contained, while adding the dynamics of motion and time, it is easy to imagine a perfectly organized dynamic matrix too complex to examine in any aspect yet fully conceivable in its WHOLENESS and underlying NATURE at the lowest frequency denominator of form, organization and relationship. At ultra-high-frequencies and “living” in time and motion, can this complexity of conceptual truth be self-aware? Of course it can—you are living proof!


Personal revelation or a totally new vision can seem instantaneous to the individual. All of the elements of a new understanding are hopefully slowly accumulating in experience until there is a Critical Mass and there is a LEAP like electrons jumping back and forth in electron shells. If we imagine moving out to a new shell, the old shell becomes observable from a new perspective. That new perspective is fresh in the new environment while also giving us a fresh view of what was prior experience or relative reality. The new omni-surrounds while also permeating the new perception. Nothing is lost. Try to keep in mind that this “expansion” is figurative as there is no expansion (as usually imagined) in the thought presented in Pure Conceptuality. As we have been moving along in this conceptual journey, we have tried to limit, explain, keep a conscious track of our point of view. We tried to keep within the limits of developed thought as we went along, while realizing that we could not perform this task perfectly. All of that is a PERSPECTIVE.


Point of View relates, at minimum, to the duality inherent in reality. In our conceptual modeling we were constantly confronted with the complementarities, mirror images, conceptual starting and stopping, right and left, convex and concave, outside and inside, on and off. We take one position to see the other and vice versa and then transcend and transform the realization into a new position. With the slightest consideration, we can know that our own self has the ability to look inward or outward. We do it all day long and think little of it. The implications of that simple truth are huge. We really inhabit at least two different realities each time we jump back and forth. In so doing we become two different “people.” There is the outward looking social being engaging consensus reality and there is the inward looking private individual we also think of as our self. There is, at least, a third person who integrates these two perspectives into some kind of combined being. Without this triad, we could not be functional inhabitants of self-consciousness and society. Now, in looking, considering, realizing this triad there is a fourth perspective. Does this sound familiar? We are back to the Tet with its four intersections and six inter-relationships. The development of this paragraph encompasses all that we considered and allowed to develop in Pure Conceptuality. We cannot get away from these truths. So, a giant leap for a mind, is a small step for Mankind. Eventually, mankind seems to transform, but that is an opinion or observation of an individual who thinks he knows something from an impression of history and a sense of time.


In a general sense, what it comes down to, is that there are two very different realities at the base of all experience. Let’s think a bit about the whole idea of Reality. We all think we are pretty certain about what reality is, and that reality is obvious, measurable, predictable, consistent, touchable, describable, explainable and understandable. The only problem with that is that the lives we live every day are full of mystery, confusion, opinion, irresolvability, conflict, envy, greed, and sloth along with all the other sides of the just labeled characteristics. In other words it’s not so clear what reality IS. From an individual perspective the “world” can seem chaotic. But if we look with a different perspective, we see order. If we video the interactions of humans in a city, for example from above and then replay that video at high speed, the natural organization of activity is dramatic and obvious. We are blinded to this totality if we are one of the entities immersed in it. We are just doing our local activity of avoiding collision, but that local simplicity looks as if it is very complex when viewed at a different scale in a different time frame. Frankly it looks like the ordered activity of busy bees or ants that we see so easily. So what might seem chaotic can be seen as ordered from another perspective. What we are investigating here in Pure Conceptuality is the foundation of perspective itself and the foundation can inform us directly. We contend that “chaos” can only be imagined and not experienced except against the background of order. We contend, further, that order is Primary and “chaos” is secondary and even imagining chaos is the product of order. We have labored here to explain and show that this position is not just a simple choice. In any where and when “chaos” can only exist in the cradle of order, thus eliminating randomness as an organizing principle.


This is the good, bad, ugly and beautiful. The whole package is a wonderful, miraculous gift. However, there is a common ground of all of this and it is the obvious, measurable, predictable, consistent, touchable, describable, explainable and understandable CONCEPTUAL REALITY we have been seeing and examining so far. This is reality at its most informative and beautiful. These developing forms are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs of the language of reality. This is clear. This is Pure IMAGEination and direct inFORMation. Imagination informs and transcends description and is more real because it is more whole. If we desire clarity in anything, we must look for the truth in it.


If the history we inherit and inhabit has any usefulness at all, we must consider and confront the proposition that the orthodoxy of “common sense” and “being grounded” has dramatically shifted in a few generations of the story as experienced from here. Individually we only experience a snapshot of the generational movie in a lifetime. It is very useful to contemplate the superimposition of many snapshots over one another. How can we objectively do this? For most of it we can only rely on STORY. We can examine what has changed and has not changed. That is a big assignment! We can certainly see a lot which has not changed systematically, ethically and morally. We are greedy, self-interested, creative, inventive, committed to ideas in general as if ideas have not transformed. The root ideas of our perspective on reality are completely transformed as compared to a snapshot of a few generations past. Here we contend that we must use an all inclusive foundational template that is universal as to positive usefulness in an apparent additive march of time with a dramatically changed consensus perspective. An applicable and generally realizable template that is understandable and transmittable through education is essential. In their snapshot of time experts and specialists are mostly educated by well meaning others who are not carefully thinking in generalized terms. We are educated into forfeiting trust to experts or becoming experts who are unintentionally mis-informed in the most essential and foundational ways. There is no blame here but there is a reasonable tendency to accept academic authority rather than even considering a fresh perspective which might resolve and integrate big problems in thought.