Pure Conceptuality


Chapter 4: Hiding in plain sight


Now we are ready to look at measurement from a different way of seeing. By just consistently paddling along this far stroke by stroke, we have arrived at a perfect spot to pull over and enjoy a refreshing and rewarding retrospective look at our hard-earned progress. We have come really far. As a matter of fact we have completed 100% of the trip so far. All we can really do is look back and feel the completed impact of the accumulation of those paddle strokes. How many thousands up to this beautiful spot? Normally, and very logically, we think of each stroke adding to the last stroke moving us forward a bit and on and on we go. It is so obvious that is how it is, we are never even tempted to look from another perspective. This is the idea of hiding in plain sight. That chameleon over there on that leaf probably does not question why or how it becomes green to camouflage itself, but nevertheless it “hides” in plain sight automatically.


Some experiences to us are so self-evident it seems absurd to question what is going on. Everything is colored by the notions of addition, subtraction and multiplication. We start with pieces and assume we are always putting something together or taking it apart. We are taught that by self-evident experience and we re-enforce that perception in our system of education. WE JUST HAVE TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.


If we are honest, we must see that conceptually we can only look back and that everything up to this moment is completed. We can imagine the “future” but even that imagining happens, technically, in the past. Remember, we are being technical as this is the point of this journey. We can enjoy and experience what we sense as true, and even use that sense purposely as we did earlier in the idea of conscious license. We can use that as a tool as long as it is a temporary and conscious means to get to a fuller understanding.


Here is a present-day analogy. Think of the wonder of seafarers’ perceptions and skill in mastering developments in navigation up to the present time. The sextants, the development of accurate time keeping, the mastery of geometry in trigonometry; the painstaking mapmaking and recording and exploring. They had to include considerations of winds, tides, currents, indications of weather, and prediction in the whole spectrum of daily life on the seas. Today GPS and state of the art weather prediction and global communication eliminates the need of most of the seafarers' specialized toolbox. If we always had GPS, honestly, logically and practically, there would be no need to ever think of all those skills and tools so essential in the total picture. It is actually silly to learn or even be aware of all those considerations and skills if you always had GPS. That is unless you wanted to know the TRUTH of navigation.


Our self-conscious, self-aware computer mind faces us with a reversed proposition. We have always lived and experienced another kind of GPS—Given Perspective Syndrome. We just assume what seems obvious and we are reinforced in that given perspective in every way. We can’t look back though prior art to find the underlying system of Truth. Fortunately, and not surprisingly there is an escape. We need to include everything we know, and have learned including the GPS analogy into an honest investigation. Just as a child can take the training wheels off the bike once he gets his balance, we are equipped to escape the syndrome and GPS becomes Grand Perspective System! The key to this system is to always consider the WHOLE of things. This can only be done if we keep returning to the simple conceptual self-evident proven path.


So in this meticulous and technical spirit, we understand that sitting here on this bank, we can only look back at our trip from this moment and perspective and we have indeed completed 100% of our trip up to this moment. Now we can DIVIDE that 100% by the number of strokes we have taken and say we have gone ten thousand strokes. The temptation in Given Perspective Syndrome is to imagine that we can now add strokes to the trip to get farther along. It’s almost impossible not to think that way but if we don’t get over that we literally can not go on. We have hit the wall.


Self-aware consciousness allows us this tool and gift of imagination, This is an awesome thing, it has gotten us to this point. This is a wonderful place. It is complex, unpredictable, challenging, exciting, frustrating, rewarding, pleasant, unpleasant, joyous, tragic and emerging with the earned beginnings of a fresh perspective. More is possible. There is a system of seeing that resolves all possibilities while allowing for unlimited particular experience and exploration with an enhanced sense of knowing, trust and comprehension in principle of the self-organizing and self-correcting perfection of the matrix of which we are and in which we are immersed. Due to the inherent complexity built-in en potentia and a priori, the personal richness and challenge and mystery is limitless. But none of that precludes imagination to seek and find its own nature. In order to do this we have to selectively turn off GPS 1.0 and explore with a totally reprogrammed upgrade. The upgrade does not interfere with the functionality or records of your present system.


The beauty of this upgrade is that it simplifies the system, you just have to learn how to use it. Like going from DOS to Windows and Windows to Android. This analogy has an apparent application in thinking, but honestly, the apparent streamlining and simplicity comes as a result of billions more computations from underlying computational power and complexity. This is behind the scenes complex, very high frequency linear computing and information processing. It seems miraculous, but it is mundane in some sense, We have and are a much more sophisticated and amazing computational entity—a being. As a matter of design, we cannot hold much consciously, at hand, as even a current day computer. We can assume that this must be a matter of design because it is a matter of fact. For us by design means self-evident manifestation of inherent organization. We could take this realization as an obvious limitation, or we could consider the fact of it as a clue or signpost. We can do anything, we can take any path. We can approach a challenge or exploration in any way we can imagine. We are so sophisticated that we can use our high frequency consciousness and sophistication to explore the prime elemental LOW FREQUENCY. That is exactly what our journey has been doing. More powerful computing is additive while more powerful thinking is integrative.


Let’s get back to our simple conceptual unified toolbox of ideas and resultant artifacts. So far the Unification is a result of us being able to hold together in our conscious minds the development so far. The location A concept of unity is easy to hold in mind but it is so simplistic as to be useless by itself. There can be no location without reference to something. In school the best teachers put a dot on the blackboard and called it an imaginary point. Then they dragged the chalk across the blackboard and called that a line and then they said it too was imaginary and the stroke was there so you could see it. But from then on they started treating it like a thing (as we did with the “batons”). And then they start measuring it and using it to build without reference to anything. We have been careful not to get caught up in that trick. We discarded the baton concept along the way and alluded to the triangle as a thing. And it IS a conceptual thing and it does show and teach us all that we discovered. But even within our conceptual sphere it had no better context than the chalk dot on the blackboard. However, once we allowed the Tet to self-organize we finally have context and content and a valid and whole concept for the truth of UNITY.


As we have seen it is not easy to imagine oneness in any honest and valid way. But we have done it and we have done it in such a way that we can hold the whole truth of it in our imaginations and minds. Unity is complex—unity establishes four locations in time and space equidistant from one another at 1 frequency. This is the minimum limit case. This is a valid conceptual imaginary entity (thought form) that is its own content and context. In some sense we can even remove the conceptual sphere from consideration as long as we realize it was a conceptual tool necessary to understand the validity of our system of reduction. The Tet is the word one in universal conceptual language. Unity is complex in that it has four locations, six similar linear relationships and contains one space. Geometrically it has ten considerable interactions. It allows for the first time in our study an actual context for the idea of the words structure, flat plane and line. A plane alone cannot exist in any sense of its common association of meaning. A flat plane can only exist as the limit boundary (face) of a triangulated structure of which the Tet is the minimum limit case. As the imaginary primordial Tet, the planes at the four faces are conceptually the limit of all rationally potential locations in universe. And, of course now lines really are something—the linear location at the intersection of planes. Wow!


This stand alone conception of Unity (oneness) is a wonderful conceptual artifact. It kind of boggles the mind as to how do you get to a particle, for instance? It is fun to try to shrink it by having the four locations rush toward each other forever and imagine it to get smaller and smaller, but we can't do that because we can't run time backwards and conceptually there is no such thing as smaller. It either is or it isn't and there is no isn't. That does not bode well for the existence of a particle, at best a particle might be considered a location with associated properties. We can imagine the Tet to expand forever, but even then it remains defined and existent. That sense of imagination of that condition of existence does push the potential boundary way out there! However, it does not rationally solve the problem what is outside of it. For now, don’t worry about the simplistic question of “What’s outside of Universe?” That will be neatly resolved.


How do we move on from here? First of all we must admit that this “primordial” lowest common denominator conceptually beautiful, convenient, satisfying and elementary idea is ONLY a conceptual afterimage at what is a turn around point in reverse engineering from the complex to the simple. This conceptual minimum case is rebuilding and organizing complexity at the same moment it is imagined. If we review all of the scenario of the self-construction of the Tet, we learned that it was important to realize the conceptual process of the bisection of the unit dimension edges AB of the Tet. So in the very process of imagining the primordial Tet, it self-transformed into a two-frequency Tet. Check out the video conceptuality3 again to understand how the expanding wave front of the four corner locations bisect the line edges of the Tet. The locations that are defined by that bisection of the six edges, which we were told was important, will now be explained. These locations self-define our next conceptual entity, the primordial octahedron. Words fail here for some very basic conceptions. So let’s beach ourselves to play with our models and describe how the order works moving back into complexity. Watch the conceptuality4 video illustration.


Commentary on the video — In this video the presenter misspoke when he was demonstrating, near the end, the two octet stars which had opaque octahedrons central to the cubic form. He referred to them as tetrahedrons. This is another clear example of the language of the self-evidence being the obvious truth. We would hope to assume that the viewer would just simply see this “error” and see the octahedron in spite of the “wrong word.” These models are easy to construct as they construct themselves just with unit length straws and monofilament fishing line. We suggest that you build the models to become familiar with their messages from another perspective. We are attempting to show that all is form. Poetry is form. Language is form. Mathematics is form. There is a pure essence of form which is universal and inherent in all form.