Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 18: FOURever is Minimum Case


If we consider the wholeness of the analysis and perspectives of our study up to now, we should realize that there has been great care in in the attempt to include “everything” in the thinking and the study. We promised in the beginning not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We suggested that we are all capable of looking into the Common Record for the most integrative path and hopefully the trip has lived up to the billing so far. It is useful not to be shy about one's own capacity to investigate and learn. The result should be at least a beginning at being conversant with the tool of the Prime Universal Language of Form; the Truth of it objectively and the resulting versatility and messaging of variable perspectives and points of view.


It is apparent that Pure Conceptuality has the potential to be a fresh tool in thinking and study of Philosophy as more of a Foundational Discipline rather than a rehashing of an unresolved miasma of stories and an ever increasing sophistication of non integration of competing “islands of tribes of aficionados.” To be conversant in Philosophy up to now is to be able to demonstrate “intelligently and authoritatively” the diverse natures of the great schools of thought.  It is more about posturing and postulating rather than exploring and integrating.  There is no general thread or theme other than asking questions which are unresolvable with the tools at hand. The tools of logic are faulty in that they are algebraic but without the resolving power of number. In other words the wrong tool for the job.  


The function of this study is locating truth and resolution in seeing everything in whole context and filtering out, for examination, essential general themes, while considering how essential elements of wholesomeness might have been stripped from authoritative consensus “respectability.” We are habituated to default to scientific orthodoxy and blind acceptance of that authority. The attempt here is to show that the understanding of deception is essential to the understanding of truth which must include the deception as an element of the understanding.  In this way we rationally demystified mystery and see deception as essential to experience.  This may seems like a battle against the “obvious truth” of scientific dogma, but in fact it is a perspective allowed and proffered by certain developments in science to date. We just allow ourselves a fresh perspective now that other doors are opened by the development of that very authoritative perspective of science we normally do not appreciate in its fullness. Science GIVES us a perspective to use in orientation of a resultant and inclusive perspective - a win-win.  


Eternity, Universe, Prime, a priori, en potentia and mystery are just other words for the idea of the word, God (creation-creator-created).  This should be a respectable word, idea and consideration as long as it is not connected with “religion” and is simply connected with a study of what is true. That is what we attempt to do here.  We suggest the right and respectable interchange of the word God with Eternity, Universe, Prime, a priori, en potentia, Love, Truth and mystery.  This is not dumping what is not understood into the God Box but rather including God in understanding as we have done all along by default in this study. This is whole and wholesome thought and the Common Record exists as ready for this integrating path and STORY. To be clear, religion, is a poor and useless word. Its spelling hides its generally more practical meaning which is tribalism pure and simple. We should know what tribalism is through this study.


We have shown here that the word God is possible to understand. We have spent this whole study using the tool of Pure Conceptuality to explain that.  One might feel that we have “sneaked up” on that but so be it.  We are standing aside from science and religion here. We have simply followed the breadcrumbs just there for the noticing.  The Order and the System has suggested itself to transform the idea of theism into an intellectually respectable and rationally foundational realm untethered from Faith and Belief. To proclaim atheism is faulty in the face of of the word and idea. To be against god is to acknowledge god in the very idea.  Agnostic means “against knowing” which is an acceptance that there is no resolution possible implying that it is a waste of time to consider knowing. That is another example of ignore-ance but not as blind as orienting ones self in contradiction to what one denies having existence!


 All of this resolves in a positive, integrative, non confrontational, rational, whole and fresh perspective in our study here. Theism is a word-idea which has resolved throughout all “history” as demonstrated in the Common Record.  The particular description and definition of God were of little importance as to the function and utility of the idea. The idea in general is the resolution and the potential in the “balance” necessary in living whole and healthy lives free from being lost in space (lacking foundational perspective). Of course disagreement as to the nature of God seems to be the basis of War, but as has been explained, war is based in tribalism not God.  As in the case of money as explained earlier, the general misunderstanding of its nature is hijacked by authority to secure and aggrandize authority itself having nothing to do with truth or understanding.  An analogy would be going to prison over and over never understanding that one is cooperating with being a client of the prison industrial complex. Once that is truly realized the perspective changes dramatically. The human need for the utility of God is as the need of the utility of money, a fertile ground for invasion or usurpation by authority or simply personal forfeiture.  


In our study here we have dealt honestly and rationally with subjects that science does not approach.  This is a result of simply looking at what is and this is not motivated by a confrontation with authority but rather simply moving past an era which hopefully is not in CONSCIOUS and active opposition to TRUTH.  It is very easy to create and “prove” conspiracies where they do not actually exist except in the eye of the beholder. This cannot be dismissed out of hand as what is more real than ones perception and belief? It is necessary to stand back and look at the whole picture. In honestly examining what is we have located a “place” for Eternity and understanding of Eternity, neatly residing between the past and the future. The place of is, was and always will be, is in the realm of of the eternal principles which exist simultaneous with and in and out of cognition. There is an interweaving of the conceptual components we have re-cognized and examined in stopped time and in a kind of isolation. When we let the movie run the complexity overtakes comprehension except in knowing and trusting the Universal Armature and what we learn by examining it.


We have a fundamental misunderstanding of our relationship with matter.  If we accept history, that misunderstanding is likely more disruptive of being than one might imagine of the “past” as the story goes.  The point is to move on harmonizing the self with the truth and moving into the truth as an ultra perspective that brings resolution and peace of the heart which here means an instrument of sight or insight.  The Eternal Truth is interwoven with the ROOT of its nature in the template of which it is and to which it emerges FOUREVER.  The resonant and synchronous field, conceivable in principle, can be seen to be capable of all of the inter-transformation required for all that is. This is Eternal Truth and a personal access to understanding Eternity (God). Along with this understanding comes the opportunity to broaden the sight and open the ear to all  messaging in every form. Message and freshly perceived paths in the Common Record may be explored with an advanced perspective.


It is apparent that we have a great affinity for identification with labels and brands. This just is. In examining this fact it is possible to rationalize this affinity and give it many different possible “sources.” In contemporary “times” it is most common to talk about the “evolutionary” advantages or functionality of such identification in terms of competitive survival in an imagined path in linear time. This pervasive tool in thinking overwhelms contemporary thought and is assumed to be “state of the art” but we have shown in our study that the basis of this thinking assumes supremacy of chronology based in tick tock time which is not supportable as a premise. These are reasonable thoughts and stories but can not be valid explanations with UNIVERSAL authority as the premise is faulty. It is analogous to building a beautiful castle on sand! It is beautiful, structurally valid and expresses and demonstrates all kinds of skill and mastery, BUT there is no foundation! It's own crumbling reveals the “fail.” It is understandable and obvious that identification with group has its basis in family – mother, father, son and daughter. Simple as that. The affinity expands to extended family so the identification in principle and in general is primal.


These labeling identifications can be very positive in some sense of experience, especially in competition and the feeling of winning and camaraderie. Of course the negative side of these identifications is all too obvious.  The irony is that generally this is submerged and lived as automatically as the alphabet is submerged and functions in this sentence.  It is obvious but not considered. There must be some way around this problem without throwing out the alphabet.  The answer  is a re-cognition of relationship which requires examination in the Common Record. Of course a rough review of history and today's news screams of the problem.  


There is a a tremendous POWER or ENERGY in the combination of tribalism with ideas of God and Eternity. A self conscious being with no objectively verifiable conception of Eternity will give his or her life to effect or make a statement in political-religious matters.  Humanity consistently and constantly engages in WAR due to obsession on one side (tribalism) or another of these matters. In society and within the tribal group, this behavior is of the highest honor! This battle continues internally in the individual who takes a stand somewhere in the spectrum.  One who consciously chooses not to engage this battle is none the less a player just by existence on the game board somewhat like a pawn.  For all practical purposes there is no opting out and every position is dangerously high energy. Danger here means in contradiction to wholesomeness and health of mind body and spirit.


This conceptual locus of high energy is co-opted and corrupted  with “good intentions” and/or with any number of agendas. As stated from the beginning of this study, the purpose of the tools here is to engage and resolve an individual mind, not to offer a perspective and tools to be usurped, abused and misused by any TRIBE. Of course, this may be a hollow hope given history, but a hope none the less. If seeing the general history helps the individual find foundational non polarized Truth while engaging the tools here, then in some strange way everything IS in order. We can not pass by any evidence without consideration. IF THE WORK HERE IS CARELESSLY TAKEN TO SUPPORT THE EXCLUSIVENESS OF ANY TRIBE THE WORK HAS BEEN MISUSED, PERIOD!  The objective here is to harmonize, reshape and expose the potential of the re-purposing of this high energy locus for the health, wholesome use and integration into the individual mind and heart. With that in mind we can move on one being to another.  


The intended utility of the tool of Pure Conceptuality is to facilitate a baseline in correct thinking in general. There is no pretense of utility beyond illuminating this foundation.  The beauty is that one can engage the simplicity of foundational truth in model, essence, theme, orientation and potential while the ultra high frequency engagement with the experienced MANIFEST is beyond particular resolution providing free will entanglement and interweaving with the limitless potential for unique narrative (story). All of this narrative operates as a playground and storehouse of general themes, language and the fulfillment in experiencing multidimensional being in the context of unfathomable complexity. There is some fresh perspective in this “enlightenment” for those having not SEEN the same truths from some other approach or perspective. Generally we have learned and established that Unity is conceivable and actual, which places the ALL in one interconnected realm, idea and ideal. To imagine time and existence in any sense requires space. The minimum conceptualization of space is the Tet, period.  Even if we argue to one hydrogen atom of one electron and one proton we are back to the Primordial Sphere which “contains” the Self Organizing Tet in purest principle as we have shown. So “Prime Existence” and UNITY is plural in its minimum valid conception.  To have some vague conception of Being as an indefinable “Oneness” and to stand on that vague belief or feeling (blind acceptance) is to kill any possibility of integration, balance and true and lasting peace of heart and mind. Even in the infinite complexity of general wellness of the body, it is a fact that anxiety (lost in space) is a known contributor to dis-ease. Even the word alone tells us that.


The whole approach here has been to disallow BELIEF to have any essential or foundational part in our study.  Belief combined with Faith may have the potential to afford Peace to a particular individual. There must be many paths to this type of peace and “knowing.”  In that particular and private case of “ignore-ance is bliss,” we defer to the positive potential of this quality.  However, this potential is also the very human vulnerability to piggy back on others claims of certainty rather than the “knowing” in the self.  Belief and Faith in the positive manifestation must be within the individual and by its nature private except in manifesting an exceptional person as viewed by others. He/she is known by the content of ones character in the story and the stated or unstated testimony inherent in that story. In our terms, this is a signpost, but for the other to piggyback on the external is NEVER truly resolving to any individual.  There will be the smell of bullshit all around such an approach either as all knowing teaching, defensiveness, confrontation, withdrawal and/or aggression.  Again, all of this is easily hijacked by authority leading the seeming individual beings into some possibly very unwholesome agenda. How can we determine the wholesomeness of any agenda? Good question! The approach of Pure Conceptuality is to safeguard against “innocently” being swept into ANY agenda.  From that stance one might at least examine all agendas or agenda in general from a foundation that is not arbitrary. Be wary of any sense of being PUSHED.  Honest curiosity and good will pulls one eventually into wholeness.  The path ahead must be uncluttered or we ourselves must hack at the undergrowth to afford a path. It may be hard work but it is effective. Any pushing from behind is not welcome in that situation. A helping hand pulling one up is more comfortable than being pushed into the unknown by others.  However, it must never be overlooked that to a LEARNER every thing, every person and every experience is a TEACHER. In that context even “mistakes” lead or pull one into broader knowledge.


From the perspective of Pure Conceptuality all identification with nationalism, patriotism, religious fervor, race, team, club and association requires examination in principle. The root (theme) of this general tendency is in Love and Family. The “model” of this, once it can be seen, is in the Tet as we have already presented as the word LOVE including family, mother father, son and daughter with the six interconnections in inherent theme relationship components of story, who, what, when, where, how and why.  Simplistically, the agenda in family is increasing frequency or  procreation (manifestation, replication, transformation and increasing relationship).  In our study we arrived at this prime conception by reducing frequency to the limit case where we found this model!  What is the universal general “glue” of this model but LOVE (attraction - relationship).  The old adage “God is Love” comes to mind here.  This is pure and simple and a good place to express that there was no preconceived agenda to arrive here.  All humanity is connected in this prime truth any way you look at it.  It is as True and Real as E = MC squared.


Let's consider the Common Record just by preponderance as we did with “material” Universe in looking at the most abundant stuff in order of descending abundance to find hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon.  Really, we are just looking at a lot of story of Humanity. In terms of “history,”  not considering the recent additions by science, the common Record is a chronology of social records of what we name and study as classic history.  Before the ideas of “evolution” and “big bang” history could only go back to Origin Stories which were understood to be diverse and based in belief. Depending on the culture the stories are different, but they are the same in essence of function. As transportation and communication improve the Common Record truly becomes Common to the Earth. The bulk of that record before science was around five thousand years.  That is only true in retrospect as the Common Record only becomes truly Common to be examined as a result of technology and science.  Even so, we can assume from our perspective that humanity resolved the “how and why” with origin and god stories. For all practical purposes that was the case for all of history and was common to all peoples whether we “knew” it or not.  The last one tenth of Common Record in consensus recorded time has created new stories and projected those stories back hundreds of thousands and millions of years in what is presented as an “obvious,” in retrospect, continuum.  If we take out all that newly created and projected story we have a preponderance of story infused with “explanation” in terms of gods and origin stories. For the last couple of hundred years, at the most, we have “explanation” in terms of new origin stories and the god of chance.  God has changed to “chance” and the origin story is the Big Bang.  Authority is exactly the same “animal” it has always been. If the reader has followed along here honestly with eyes open through this study, it is clear that the idea of “chance” has been destroyed while the idea of Eternity has been brought into the arena of respectability.  This replaces the need for an Origin Story in the “old” context. Everything begins in the middle of what it is and we can not credibly get past that.  “Time” for us is simply an experience we roughly have in common which organizes and allows for the creation of story which is a construct in and of consciousness.  


So we are back to God in general as a serious and respectable consideration.  There would be no reason for the idea or word “god” if it had no utility in terms of self consciousness and being as is evidenced by its overwhelming preponderance in the Common Record.  There are societies which fill that utility with various competing or cooperating gods, but from the perspective of Pure Conceptuality and moving along quickly, we would just dismiss a God concept that was not potentially common to all people and that was not Unitary in Nature.  It seems that this  brings us to Abraham as the predominate story of the One God concept going back 4000 years. All monotheistic traditions “evolve” in local human time from this root.  Buddhism is a rejection of Hinduism by Siddhartha, as the story goes, who becomes the Buddha. Confucianism is more of a philosophy as is the Tao. But these systems do have the utility of god when pervasive and believed in their respective cultures.  Of course, they were all usurped by authority also in the organization of society and law.  What is engaged in Pure Conceptuality is a search for ultimate truth in general at a prime level. We made a pretty good case for crystalline Diamond actually carrying message in its very existence. We can make a case for God in the very insistence in the Common Record and structural messaging if we consider carefully.  


There is a pervasive term of “Sacred Writings” in the Common Record.  In some sense all writing is sacred as it all is elemental at least as background in analysis of the whole.  But let's just leave a little room for the possibility of special and direct messaging being of consciousness, for consciousness and out of consciousness in the largest sense of all being resolvable in Unity as we have shown in this study. There is overwhelming subjective and objective evidence in terms of experience  and story that “magic” is expressed in phenomenon such as prodigy and placebo and personal amazing and “puzzling” synchronicity of  experiences in every life.   From the perspective of our study we can know where this messaging resides as it is all story which is “conceptually crystallized consciousness.”  As  we have consistently said, some stories are just qualitatively “better” than others.  In some sense the where or how becomes irrelevant in the quality of the message itself. But if the messaging here has been understood, it can be seen that ALL is built in and is inevitable in the nature of the Eternal System (God). The Torah and Bible stand out as overwhelmingly pervasive in time and in influence in the story of humanity.  This is not intended to be a formal study in Theology but there is some direct and simply noticed correlation of some prime messaging in the creation story of the Torah and Bible and and subsequent adaptations therefore all built on that monotheistic foundation. In a general way billions of people, probably most people on earth, are casually familiar with the Biblical creation story. Millions of people are referencing the Bible as this sentence is written.


As the story goes, God created the earth and the stars and the plants and the animals in six days plus one day of rest.  Seven in the terms we have studied is low frequency and is next in sequence after the six of the Octahedron and the first “point” of the Oct-Tet Star.  It is interesting that the seventh day was rest as that is the background for the “work of creation” and indicates completion in principle. In Pure Conceptuality it is understood that five is sufficient to account for all themes while six is two threes and seven is five plus two.  All that is necessary to fill out Universe is available here in principle. We also recognize this as WORD and it is expressed repeatedly in the bible story that the WORD of God “brought” the Universe into existence and the WORD was made flesh in the Messiah.  In terms of Pure Conceptuality the Word IS the Universe and the Universe is the Word.  Numbers are thought of and used in story in description as if  number has some independent significance.  In the simplest of symbolic thought the Oct-Tet Star can be imagined to be the Garden of Eden, the male and female principle (complementarity) united in God with the two Tets with Adam as the central Octahedron.  In this conception there is a twelve Tet volume, the eight Tets  plus the four tetra volume of the Octahedron,  This leaves God, Adam and the Garden conceptually in tact, all the expression of Love. From the perspective of viewing the Oct-Tet Star “point on” we clearly see the Star of David with all the radials of the two interpenetrated triangles in place.  Remember that the Star of David with the points connected by line is the line drawing and “pops up” into perception as the Octahedron and/or the Cube. In the story, God removes a rib from Adam to make Eve. This corresponds nicely with the model of the Octahedron as explained in this study of re-MOVING one strut of the Octahedron to reveal the first three Tets of the tetra-helix while leaving one Tet as conceptual potential of further creation. This solves the problem of men and women having the same number of ribs! (being funny)  It is also interesting that Deception (the snake) is the background for the “fall” of Adam into coequal existence with Eve with both being ejected from the Garden. It was shown earlier how the tetra helix is not directly rational to the oct-tet matrix and so “drops out.”  The Prime manifestation of right angularity (the cross) occurs in the Oct Tet Star. So in Prime Conceptuality we have the Trinity (triangle and relationship) mutually manifest in the fourth element, the observer-experiencer, resulting in the Tet.  This is minimum manifest Unity and a full and resolved expression of Unity. In the story in the Old Testament the “coming” of the Messiah is integrated in the message. The sinless Eternal Messiah manifests in the New Testament as the perfected  Adam who redeems inclusively all who can see and accept Perfect Love and Forgiveness.  This is a damn good story!


The essential symbols of the “christians,” “muslims,” “jews,” “buddists,” “taoists,” are all inherent in the eternal prime structural and Universal language. The base hinged right and left triangles with the unresolved two vertexes connected illustrate the cross- the metaphysical trinity (triangle) and the physical MAN-ifest Unity in the four vertexes of the Tet covering the “christians.” The Tet is dual in the right and the left which presents the Octahedron – Star of David which covers the “jews.” The dual Tet also provides the conceptual armature for the Cube of the “muslims.” The interpenetrated right and left Tets represent male-female, yin yang of the “taoists.” The Endles Knot of the “buddists” represents   the interplay and interaction of the opposing forces in the dualistic world of manifestation, leading to their union, and ultimately the harmony of the Universe. Sound familiar? This covers the Sacred Artifacts that most of the populace of the earth honor and wear and/or kiss in in reverence!   All three major monotheistic religions and the highly respected philosophy of the “taoists” and the “buddhists” are present in the Prime Expression. The “religions” are put in quotes to indicate that most followers of all the “religions” are simply born in to them and therefore are actually tribe members.  Just off hand, it seems worth considering ALL of this is to get to the Essence of Truth. Truth is clearly resolved and is experienced in the mind and heart of the one who experiences it.  Belief is not required.  It is personal.


From here the individual armed with clear, whole and integrative tools of consideration is prepared to navigate on his/her own without GPS.  Be careful and considerate out there, be well and enjoy THIS day.  We leave you with three gems to do with what you will.  The first is an excerpt of magnificent prose taken from the novel “Winter's Tale” by Mark Helprin.




Nothing is random, nor will it ever be, whether a long string of perfectly blue days that begin and end in golden dimness, the most seemingly chaotic political acts, the rise of a great city, the crystalline structure of a gem that has never seen the light, the distributions of fortune, what time the milkman gets up, the position of the electron, or the occurrence of one astonishingly frigid winter after another.  Even electrons, supposedly the paragons of unpredictability, are tame and obsequious little creatures that rush around at the speed of light, going precisely where they are supposed to go. They make faint whistling sounds that when apprehended in varying combinations are as pleasant as the wind flying through a forest, and they do exactly as they are told.  Of this, one can be certain.


And yet there is a wonderful anarchy, in that the milkman chooses when to arise, the rat picks the tunnel into which he will dive when the subway comes rushing down the track from Borough Hall, and the snowflake will fall as it will.  How can this be?  If nothing is random and everything is predetermined, how can there be free will?  The answer to that is simple.  Nothing is predetermined, it is determined, or was determined, or will be determined.  No matter, it all happened at once, in less than an instant, and time was invented because we cannot comprehend in one glance the enormous and detailed canvas that we have been given – so we track it, in linear fashion, piece by piece.  Time, however, can be easily overcome, not by chasing the light, but by standing back to see it all at once.  The universe is still and complete.  Everything that ever was, is: everything that will ever be, is – and so on, in all possible combinations.  Though in perceiving it we imagine that it is in motion, and unfinished, it is quite finished and quite astonishingly beautiful.  In the end, or, rather, as things really are, any event, no matter how small, is intimately and sensibly tied to all others.  All rivers run full to the sea, those who are apart are brought together, the lost ones are redeemed: the dead come back to life: the perfectly blue days that have begun and ended in golden dimness continue, immobile and accessible: and, when all is presented in such a way as to obviate time, justice becomes apparent not as something that will be, but as something that is.


The second gem is a poem from Mary Oliver.




     One day you finally


     what you had to do, and


     though the voices

     around you

     kept shouting

     their bad advice-

     though the whole house

     began to tremble

     and you felt the old tug

     at your ankles.

     “Mend my life!”

     each voice cried.

     But you didn't stop.

 `    You knew what you had

     to do,

     though the wind pried

     with its stiff fingers

     at the very foundations,

     though their melancholy

     was terrible.

     It was already late

     enough, and a wild night

     and the road full of


     branches and stones.

     But little by little

     as you left their voices


     the stars began to burn

     through the sheets of


     and there was a new


     which you slowly

     recognized as your own,

     as you strode deeper and

     into the world,

     determined to do

     the only thing you could


     determined to save

     the only life  that you

     could save.


The third gem is from Jesus in the story from the New Testament - Mark 8-18


    “Do you have eyes but fail to see and ears to hear but fail to hear? And do you not remember?”