Part 3


Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 17: Both and, Both Neither


What is a fact? Let's think about it in terms of the Glove.  Imagine a right hand glove and turn it inside out. Now we have a left hand glove. That is a fact. Conceptually, we can say that there are two gloves in principle as the idea of the right glove did not disappear. That is a fact with conditions. The next consideration is: Can both gloves be worn at the same time time? Of course not. That is a fact. But if we imagine, for the sake of a thought experiment, the glove to be turning inside out and outside in at such a high frequency relative to our ability to discern or perceive, there remains an afterimage of both gloves. Achieving this in imagination, there actually would be a pair of identical gloves ready to wear! We introduced a more fully considered context into the scenario and the obviously impossible becomes possible in concept from a different perspective.  One might consider this to be untrue but the falsity could not be proved and the truth and fact of it can be imagined rationally. In fact the gloves are a structural perception in high resolution in any case.  This is a great thought experiment as it gives a sense of how matter “exists”, but not “really.” Each glove is identical except in its “handedness.”. The conceptual invisibility of the imagined glove would disappear into visibility! This concept was referenced earlier in this study in Prime Form with the idea of the octahedron with Tets on four faces imploding and exploding alternately at high frequency to become the oct-tet star. This linear pulsing would, in effect, be turning the embracing Tets inside out alternately. This idea also is inherent in the idea of the spherical atom with whizzing circling electrons resulting in the experience of matter.  There is a strong relationship conceptually. This bringing into existence of complimentary gloves might be useful in thinking about the physicist's conundrum with entanglement. No matter (pun intended) how far away the entangled observed phenomenon are from one another there is a local observer (in relationship) for each case. Therefore the entanglement is local and not so spooky.


The ideas and/or the feeling of good intentions and sincerity are commonly and generally conflated with an idea or sense of virtue.  With the slightest consideration it is apparent that this misunderstanding breeds more confusion. “Good Intentions” and  “Sincerity” are simply an attachment to an attitude about the nature and theme of an agenda or relationship. It is totally subjective as to the merit or harm of the sincere intentions, unless some universal frame and theme for virtue is considered. Generally tribalism is conflated with virtues such as loyalty, honor, respect, selflessness, authority, ritual etc. In this way “virtue” actually becomes the basis for conflict rather than a pathway to a relatively peaceful whole resolution. Of course, this is the dynamic of the intensity and popularity of team identification in sports. This is also the basis of nationalism and somewhere in between to all kinds of invested loyalties to and in all kinds of group associations. It is easy to attach to a feeling of virtue and totally misunderstand and/or ignore the root of irresolvable conflict which is a general ignore-ance of essentially obvious cause and effect.  This can be viewed in a general way as a definition of NARCISSISM.  The idea extends beyond the individual into social constructs. The usual thematic image and message of Narcissism is actually a kind of blindness as Narcissus becomes mesmerized in his own reflection in the still waters of a pond.  He fails to look through the reflection to the nature of the pond and what is evident below and thus he is trapped. The  beauty of this image is both the potential to break the spell by seeing through the reflection or to break it in the disturbance of the calm water. One potential is internal and the other is external with each limiting the possibility of whole understanding. Thus the expression, “You can't make sense out of crazy.”  All of this is failed or limited perception.


Pure Conceptuality offers tools and a way of analysis to de-personalize thought with a Universal Theme based in WORD in such a way as to disturb the trap of the calm water of infinitely reflected   bias based in habituated thought and  unconsidered acceptance of authoritative “resolution” while encouraging looking through the mirror to the WORD as related in the study here in the fusion of the subjective and objective in the Universal Language of Self Revealing Prime Form. Going back to the nature of the low frequency numbers being, symbolizing and messaging directly in their form; love, mother, father, son, daughter, observer, observed, subject, object, action, manifest, un-manifest, fractal, context, field, reflection, relationship, trust, expectation, surprise, consideration, transformation, perspective, point of view, progression, simplification, root, pattern, integration, unification, tension, comprehension, one triangle, two triangles, three triangles, four triangles, one, two, three, four,  etc.  We see and infer themes from the transformation and interaction of prime low frequency exploration and consideration of form in both direct messaging and revealed mathematical pattern and rationality. Upon honest consideration it is apparent that science, with its inherent premises and limitations and even with the best of intentions, has self revealed disturbance in immediate repercussions throughout the whole consensus system of thought. “Historically,” theological and philosophical thought was adequate to the general need for resolution in principle. Great questions had a kind of resolution with a positive engagement with mystery.  As revealed in the story, science has upset that long standing and sufficient balance and in so doing the material mastery has precipitated planetary peril in many areas. There is no intended “wrong” in that but not necessarily “right” either. If the impetus and goal is to unravel mystery (cause) to get at the truth (effect), then the ultimate solution must keep receding into mystery (resultant). The hard earned progress is at the expense of wholeness, integration and balance. Mastery is conflated with and professed by authority to be approaching resolution of mystery. Meanwhile, mystery is debunked and excluded as even a possible element in a fresh perspective of resolution in an encompassing plain (plane) language theory.


Continuing with the river analogy, we normally think of headwaters as located high in some mountains where fresh water from rain or snow trickles over pristine landscape flowing downhill to fill streams and lakes and refresh ground water. The contrary type of river is exemplified by the St. Johns in Florida. The headwaters of this 300 mile river are located in marshlands northeast of Lake Okeechobee at 30 feet above sea level. Much of the original marshland of “5000 years ago” is transformed by human activity into “developed”  ag-industry, commercial and residential divided and crossed by roads, bridges, parking lots etc. Runoff water from rain that was previously organically processed by a balanced system of self correcting organics is haphazardly replaced with development. In heading upstream on this river we end up with storm water tunnel systems and small creeks and drainage channels in urban areas actually being much of the headwaters. Obviously there are many repercussions in this story of these systems overlaying the prior flow and systems.  The unconsidered repercussions soon become self correcting, but with consequences not expected.  The positive part of this is that it is self teaching. There is a stimulus, response and resultant.  We can do with that what we will but the dynamics are there eternally in the nature of story.


In the case of the St. Johns, it flows north gathering rain water runoff and also fed by springs from ground water aquifers becoming two miles wide at Jacksonville where it empties into the Atlantic at sea level. There is a mind boggling amount of ecology attempting to maintain organic balance in plant and animal interaction as ultimately these organics are the cleansing mechanism of this type of system. The message relevant to our general consideration here is that the individual interests and often sincere good intentions of those contributing to and interpreting the Common Record can be understood, from some perspective, to have consequences which are  unwholesome and detrimental in the short run when considering cause and effect in an entire system.  The themes and dynamics are universal. They can be ignored or embraced. Special interests will always battle generalists where short term self interest is involved.  It is simple in essence but complex in effect. Faced with such overwhelming complexity, there is a great incentive to look for very general and unifying language to establish a foundation in common ground providing a rational tool of investigating and integrating seemingly diverse and unrelated areas of study and consideration.  Pure Conceptuality proposes such a Common Ground inherent and discoverable in the constantly accumulating Common Record, the whole of which IS the school.  That there exists short term disruption, which becomes positive in the sense that the disruption itself is part of a larger and more comprehensive understanding, is the gift. Individually the understanding is more important than the unintended consequences. Pathology cannot be cured by attempting to mask and mitigate symptoms one by one, but rather to engage the health of the whole system. Imagination is necessary to step back and see the interactions and transformations of whole systems. Thus, Einstein said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” We contend that here we present the  Prime System Consideration in the simple and elementary language which is the very essence and common denominator of the complex. This is “whole cloth” understanding which leaves inclusion of and engagement with mystery as an element of wholesomeness and effective unencumbered progress in living in solution with elemental Truths.


The Common Record is a supermarket of individual ideas, ideals, languages, information, problems, solutions, history, story, persons, and things of all natures of descriptions and definitions. We can travel  a myriad of pathways through that marketplace. What we choose as we meander and shop determines our diet for the week. The possible combinations are without number and could not all be experienced in a lifetime. It is possible, however to determine a diet, believe in it and profess it as the right and correct solution. We can take any thing and build a “logical” train of thought to support a narrative. One narrative derived out of the Common Record individually proposed is how steel is the keystone and central tenant of the story of development and “explanation” for all manner of events and circumstances reported as history and the driver of “progress” in the story of humanity. It is fascinating entertainment presented and supported in a documentary way. Certainly the theory and case in support are presented with the most sincere intention and academic rigor. Footnotes and all! The problem here is that history in this sense is simply one pathway through the Common Record with the authenticity solely in the specific and individual perspectives of anecdotes of authors of authors. The “resolution” lies (pun intended) in the authority of experts rather than in the Truth. The footnotes do not authenticate anything but a tacit agreement of a usually pre-considered common thread with some new twist. That does not mean it is not a good story just that it simply is a story. All reorganizations and reported pathways by academics through the Common Record are stories of equal validity in that they are all stories.  What we engage in Pure Conceptuality is the essence of story and language itself integrating the subjective with the objective. There is a clear case made for the concept of Eternal and its exact location. There is no attempt to “start from the beginning” or end up at the beginning but rather to unravel complexity into its simplest case.  In doing that we arrive at the A of the AB with its radiating character and implied Eternity as we can't get past that. It is both a beginning and an end simultaneously nestled between the past and the future in the complexity enumerated. We take one unique radiant path and stop time to locate both A and B in relationship to one another. We locate time, distance, speed and the most simple essence of a priori and en potentia. This simplicity of thought does not then build into complexity but rather is derived out of a priori complexity.  From there we see the conceptual simultaneity of structure and triangulated space and field of relationship always and simultaneously available as potential for any particular experience  while also providing the tool for general authentic analysis.


Simple is not necessarily easy. Engaging any sophistication requires the imagination and sight for what becomes obvious. Sophistication implies a special vision in relation to a scenario. In the marketplace of ideas, with deference to the concept that simpler is better, the more whole and simple and more comprehensive idea with the most general resolution will eventually prevail. This is because it is accessible to a larger audience allowing common ground in general (between islands of highly specialized invested energy and detail) with “ sense in common ground” forthrightness, allowing a vertical and horizontal holistic understanding and unification.


It is evident in meandering through the Common Record that there is no absence of sophistication and brilliance.  In browsing through, some elements stand out as being out of context if we assume a chronological, additive sense of higher thought or better story. Aristarchos who we referenced earlier and Leonardo Da Vinci are obvious examples of seeming out of chronological order.. Then there are those who seem to be in place chronologically but transform thought credibly and suddenly when looking from a historical perspective from here like Newton and Einstein. But honestly Copernicus. Newton and Einstein did not live to know of the full impact of their abilities to see through and past the state of the authoritative narrative so it only seems sudden from here.  Perhaps a better term for the seeming tick tock sense of time and history would be chron-illogical! Stories are tools in any order.


We can apply some of what we have learned in terms of crocheting a scarf. There is a pile of apparently unorganized yarn (a priori). It could just as well be pile of wool or atoms for that matter (pun intended). It has the potential to be a scarf (en potentia) We roll the yarn into a ball taking the end and using a simple crochet hook we make loops and pull the yarn through to create an interference loop and proceed over and over making a line of open knots. Then we loop another line adjacent to the first and continue adding rows until we have our scarf. As we come close to running out of yarn we simply find the beginning point on the other end of the scarf and untangle the first knot and the scarf will start to unravel row by row. If we connect the end of the unraveling yarn to the end of the ball yarn we now have a closed system. We can continue crocheting without end. We are structuring the scarf based in rules of looping and pulling through the loop to lock. All of this structuring is done in tension (gravity). The yarn is only pulled by the hook. Even if we imagined a reversed hook designed in such a way as to be able to push a loop through with the crochet “stick” we would still be pulling the yarn and still be constructing with tension. If we think back to the Tensegrity Strut in Chapter 16 we can see that the crochet needle is simply a high frequency case of the tensegrity strut whose structural integrity is also in tension down to the atomic and conceptual level. The yarn, too, has its integrity in the same model. As we stitch along we are at first moving along the yarn into the ball of yarn leaving behind the knitted scarf. As the ball runs out and we connect that end to the other end of the scarf, we are moving into the unraveling scarf as we are constructing on the other end in a constant loop of organization and productivity leaving behind “new” scarf.  We have already determined that for us there is no present moment, so this scarf becomes very interesting in that it comes into existence by imaging and operating in the past with structure while assuming, expecting and believing in the future. In that process we must have crossed over the “non existent” present to bring the future into the past as manifest scarf which we would easily claim existing in the present. If we crocheted one foot per hour we could correctly claim that we have produced eight feet of scarf in eight hours and on and on! We always have 100%.  As Pure Conceptuality locates Eternity between the past and the future, we have imagined a pretty neat model of Eternity in this thought experiment. We have two cases of Eternity, the rules of organization and the finite amount of yarn becoming Eternally available in principle. All of this happening locally and conceptually without beginning or end. Further, there is, so far, no “science evident” matter involved. Hmmmmmm. The “natures” in the geometries of the materials and the geometric “knotting” in the MAN-ifestation are expressed and experienced Intelligence in General.


In this study we do “jump around.” Mathematics and pattern are engaged and in evidence and then it seems that out of nowhere anecdotal correlation is thrown in and then some highly technical conception is addressed. This format was not planned but is the resultant of the action of the engagement with the spirit of the adventure and exploration. This may “fly in the face” of the normal way of gathering knowledge in the classic academic model where mastery is approached by increments of increasing complexity. Course one, course two, and three are pursued and if there is an interest, a more and more sophisticated and specialized application of the learned system resulting in a sense of something at a more primary level so more sustained effort with the learned tools and methods are expended toward an ever elusive resolution.  By contrast a tool is offered here which resides in the general while simultaneously bringing the mind into solution with the conceptual sophistication while actually keeping it simple.  Ultimately there is achieved a sense of satisfaction that the investigation was dealt with honestly and fully and with the purpose of the whole coming into a resolution that is satisfying while validating mystery as whole-ly considerable. This leaves the door open to exciting adventures of further exploration and discovery rather than the ominous task of a continuous difficult upstream paddle. Even though it is conceptually resolved, that resolution is sophisticated enough that it does not eliminate the joy of the new vista, adventure and special case.  As a result it is possible to live day to day in a kind of satisfaction while knowing that lessons and integrative resolution will continue. There is always something new to see.


Comprehension, integration, synthesis and the understanding of universal  and eternal co-operation is the product of and the achievement of intelligence. The preconditions necessary for the realization of the potential require a  flexibility of mind and perspective to allow for its natural emergence and recognition of universality in the self conscious mind. To see patterns and interactions that require subtle and holistic investigation is an achievement beyond the mere existence of the possibility of seeing the synchronicity and synergy in the co-operation of many perspectives simultaneously operating. The a priori nature and condition in order and universality only lends itself to the possibility of that achievement. If unsuitable tools and methods are stubbornly pursued no amount of effort will lead to resolution.


No matter how much we consider a book on a shelf, it has no message without engaging the most prime tools of language, the alphabet.  We learned the alphabet a long time ago and it seems irrelevant in a way to our task of extracting information or messages from the book.  Being lost due to familiarity does not invalidate the essential nature and usefulness of the alphabet.  The most general aspects of Pure Conceptuality are the alphabet and the message simultaneously as the system as explained is the context and the content simultaneously and simply.  We do not have to wonder, for example, if space is flat or curved. There is a certain irrelevancy in the question. Conceptually we KNOW what flat is and  where the idea of curvature resides in ultra high frequency.  We rest in the general and simple construct self presented by truth.  As we drift into or engage complexity we are dislodged from the foundation by design. We must “get lost” in the complexity to experience “matter” and “linear time.”


Going back to Einstein and keeping it elemental, the C squared in E = MC squared, can be imagined as simply the Frequency squared of a triangle (F squared). The resulting image is the constant idea of triangle having more or less mass (area) depending on the Frequency. According to the sentence, that is Energy. If we think of a one frequency Tet and accept the base triangle as constant, we can imagine the apex rising and “stretching” three of the vectors while leaving the base a constant 1F triangle.  In TetraVolumes the volume will increase rationally as the edges double in length. The first increase doubles the volume to two or the increase is ½ of the total volume or two times the initial volume. If the apex rises again by the same amount the volume triples to three and the the volume increases by 1/3 or three times the initial volume. This process goes on 1/4, 1/5 1/6 etc. The original Tet is the constant which rationalizes the increase and the decrease. We can “feel” here the equivalency of multiplication and division. Conceptually, we can consider equilibrium as an “at rest” state, so we might imagine the “stretched” vectors having an “incentive” toward equilibrium, so the gain and loss of volume conceptually represents motion and energy of expansion and contraction where “pull” (stretch) in principle, is responsible for both. Spin can also be introduced here as energy (kinetic) in a simple way of thinking. Spin is conceptually imaginable without “twisting” the vectors if time is imagined as on-off in ultra high sequencing where the spin is imagined but the state is visualized in the stopped time interval. The constant establishes the base of consideration universally.  If a statement is True and  Prime it goes into solution in the Universal Solvent which is the Unified Field Theory as Fuller imagined it without considering the prime idea of LANGUAGE which Pure Conceptuality attempts to elucidate simply.  In the attempt to continue “downstream” we will leave it up to you to explore these ideas fully if so desired.


If we are very still and open our eyes and ears to see and hear generally, messages can be engaged in a thematic way when armed with the proper “scope.”  Let's stand back and just consider all of the elements and all of the minerals and all of the uses and stories connected. It is not necessary to be experts to do this.  With the slightest openness to be impressed we might just start with the most abundant substances (elements) in Universe. The first four in order of abundance are hydrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon. If we research carbon generally two crystal states of carbon immediately come to attention. They are carbon as graphite which is hexagonal crystal and diamond which is stated to be in the cubic system. If we look at the PCpdf17 illustration here we see the tetrahedral nature of the arrangement of the diamond crystal lattice represented as the radials of the four vertexes establishing the center of the Tet. We can see four corners of the cube integrated into the four Tets  in the illustration.  From our study we learned how to imagine the other four Tets that would fill out the other four corners of the cube. In imagination this is the right-left insideouting  we should be familiar with in concept.  Further in this illustration we can imagine how adjacent “cubic cells” would also fill in these corners in principle.  This alludes to the “missing half”of the tetra star in the tensegrity strut we studied. It is there in principle. This is true and evident in the diamond lattice imagined in stopped time in the illustration. This “doubling up” accounts for the incredible hardness of diamond being ten times harder than sapphire (hexagonal crystallized aluminum oxide) which is the next hardest thing in natural Universe. In the Mohs scale of hardness diamond is ten and sapphire is 9 but the range between 9 and 10 is ten times!.  The atomic number of carbon in all forms is 6. It is very easy and interesting to investigate carbon, graphite, fullerine, carbon nano tubes, graphine etc in the general information available at our fingertips. Diamond is going to be a big player in advanced technologies in computing and electronics.


As usual the point here is to keep it general and look for message.  The crystal system and crystal habit of diamond is the octahedron based in the Tet. Under ideal conditions in nature diamond forms as a clear colorless perfect octahedron seeming to have been cut and polished.  Certainly that is how diamonds caught the attention of curious beings.  Diamonds that are not a perfectly formed octahedron still have the octahedron nature and can be “cleaved” or broken into the underlying octahedron established by the atomic order of carbon atoms. The eight faces of the diamond crystal are also the cleavage planes of the diamond so, in principle, we could take a big seemingly formless lump of diamond and determine the cleavage plane and “chop off” diamond (a valid use of hammer) until we got to the octahedron form. Of course this is never done as that would waste valuable diamond potential. The fact that diamonds cleave is sometimes used in the initial steps of working with a diamond preparing it for cutting. Since the advent of high energy lasers, and since diamond is simply carbon, it yields to cutting by laser.


Generally we think of carbon as being soft black charcoal or the black residue from a  candle flame. Graphite is soft and black and is the “lead” in a pencil. Carbon is the building block of all organics and   all animals and plants are primarily “made of” carbon. Often the term “carbon based consciousness” is used to describe our situation in Universe. In Pure Conceptuality we have engaged Eternal Form in the purest conceptual principle as the “stuff” of consciousness.  The octahedron is a Prime Form as we have studied, learned and understood and we see the Tet in the diamond lattice..  Armed with this knowing, it is easy to see Diamond as a message and statement in its extremes and existence. It screams for attention as an Ultimate.  Carbon itself calls for attention as the fourth most abundant element and the first and only in that order of “solid” (triple bonded) existence.  Carbon is soft opaque black and common while diamond is hard, transparent and rare. Diamond is a rare gem having high value in human terms while acting as the symbol of love in its aesthetic, artistic, and  romantic feminine story role.  In its masculine role it is an indispensable and relatively abundant industrial cutting tool with innumerable practical applications. Something had to be the hardest thing and it is the hardest thing by a long shot while at the same time being manifest out of the the softest and a most common thing while also being the atomic and visible form manifest model of the prime themes and self generating geometries we have studied and elucidated in Pure Conceptuality. Being the hardest substance it is immune to erosion so  for all practical terms, as the slogan goes “Diamond is Forever.”  So all of this put together is STORY extracted from the Common Record while being a qualitatively “better story” (more useful in understanding) than (for instance) the story of steel being the central theme of human progress.  The Diamond-Carbon story resolves and dissolves in the essence of Pure Conceptuality.  Of course this will be seen as anecdotal and “coincidental” but remember that coincidental is a word that means without explanation and is just a dummy's box in which to put the not understood.  Interestingly, diamond is one of the few gem materials that occurs naturally in every color. Also there is a type of gem diamond which changes color from golden yellow when stored in the dark transforming into green when exposed to the light. This is an actual change in the body color of the diamond, not response to the different wavelengths of light in the environment as, for instance, in the color change of the gem, alexandrite.  The analogy that comes to mind in the case of diamond is the greening of worlds due to sunlight and rotation in and out of darkness while the diamond is sunshine gold in the dark waiting to green as it comes into the light. Diamond is the only gem with this characteristic and, for all practical purposes this is a natural “time crystal” as the color change occurs in time and is not sudden. You be the judge. To us this is the eternal potential of an element to say “I AM.”   At a certain level of mastery of the physical by sentient beings, comes simultaneously the ability to achieve physically the apparatus, temperatures, pressures and understanding to set up the conditions to allow the formation of diamond in the laboratory in both industrial and gem qualities.  Diamond itself is one of the industrial tools which makes possible the fabrication of the scientific apparatus.  In other words it is very interesting that in the larger story of diamond, manufacture automatically coincides with enough scientific knowledge and mastery to be itself a message pointing to the Order in the System itself leading back into a rational way of engaging mystery into a whole understanding of who, what, when, where, how and why we are. Hello!?


It should be clear by now Conceptual Space is a Pure and Exact  place in Universe. It is a simplified place for the purpose of seeing clearly and learning the Universal Language (word) unifying themes and a fresh understanding that is wholesome and whole.  In the Purest Conception the locations at the intersections of the six vectors ( the four points) of the Tet are the closest to one another that locations can get in any conception anywhere. This MUST be understood. This study proffers the tools to UNDERSTAND this. The “closeness” is in principle as a function and result of the truth of the structure. The triangle expresses the same truth as a planar expression.  Given any number of equal length vectors, the triangle is the ultimate arrangement to bring the three point locations into closest proximity. It is a limit case in concept. It might be argued that a center location of the triangle would bring four locations into closer proximity (.57735) but by our method we need a 2F triangle to get the locations necessary to establish the center location of the interior 1F triangle.  The radials of the 2F triangle are (1.155). In similar thinking we need the tetra star to establish the center of a 1F Tet, so the sub Prime radial (.612) is conceivable but not experienceable. The Prime Octahedron does present a signpost.  The x,y,x axes do establish a center .707 equidistant from the six locations at the point of the Octahedron.  Those six locations at the corners of the faces of the octahedron are one unit from one another and across form one another are 1.414 apart. If the self locating center point is considered there IS an exception manifest.  Even if we average all of the distances, the six from the center and the twelve in the faces, we get .902 which is sub Prime. If we want to “stretch” an idea this might hint at the elasticity “needed” to surround the icosahedron with a coherent Octahedron Shell as was suggested earlier.   We can argue conceptually that since the distances are not equal it is not equivalent in arguing against the Tet and the original premise of equal vectors.  When we consider the Oct-Tet Star there are two Tets intertwined doubling the cohesiveness of eight locations in principle just as an obvious idea which is the conceptual model for diamond. The Octahedron self constructs and so is included in this idea. Remember we stated in the thought experiment originally only consideration of vectors of equal length which we violated in the ongoing thinking.  All of this put together and we are back to the Oct Tet Diamond Carbon as resolution including all and, by far, the hardest manifest substance and ELEMENT in Universe and a signpost in itself.  In some sense, how this can be is mystery but at the same time is a message that can be understood in the context of the Universal Language of Pure Conceptuality.  In the understanding of a prori and en potentia The Diamond MUST BE as its existence proves.  To repeat, in looking from some perspective with eyes opened, Diamond, against the background of Universe, is a signpost and message when its language is “heard” and understood.