Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 15: This must "click" too


It is ironic that we arrive at the subject of the rational integration of the oct-tet star and the tetra star at Chapter 15 when that perfect whole number integration occurs with frequency 15 of the octahedron within the oct-tet matrix. In this case every vector resulting from the implosion of the 15 frequency oct-tet star is the square root of a whole number.  What are the chances of that! Well, 100% as it turns out.


Earlier we demonstrated in the videos, the transformation of the octahedron into the first three Tets of the tetra helix. It is easy to imagine in that demonstration that the helix is no longer rational to the oct-tet matrix or the implied xyz cubic array built in to the matrix.  In the universal language of form this is implying to us a demarcation between the organic and inorganic. In other words the organic “breaks out” of the rational congruence of the matrix. That is a very useful metaphor to hint at the theme or sensibility of self conscious or at least individual biologicals moving freely in an otherwise fixed and structured conceptual space. We alluded in the study of the tetra star to its conceptual fixed condition energetically. It “grows” conceptually by addition not having the rational capacity geometrically to increase frequency by implosion. Biological cells divide geometrically, but they divide with the double tetra-helix carrying structural information which requires adding energy to the system to form and grow.  At some frequency as relational relativity “disappears” into high frequency complexity and addition becomes conceptually conceivable as (in-resolution) subsets act as pieces which assemble in the juxtaposition of in-time and out of time.   That is all very exciting in its theme as communicated by understanding the language of form and the messages related when understood holistically and sequentially. It is the intention here to simply present this way of seeing as an integrative tool for further investigation. We have encountered many conceptual themes in general coordinating with the integrated messaging of form, structure and geo-mathematical rational transformation. This integration of thought with form provides a conceptually useful template of organization of thought.  It is not likely that relationships we see are random nor particular to one mind, so it is at least interesting and we have shown it to be a rational tool in thinking.  


In another way of looking at it in descending number of locations we could start with 12 which is the oct-tet star with 24 vectors. We could remove one Tet from the central octahedron for 11 locations and 21 vectors. Then we could remove another Tet for 10 locations and 18 vectors and similarly remove a Tet for 9 locations and 15 vectors. The tetra-star has 8 locations with 18 vectors. Also a five Tet tetra helix has 8 locations and  with 18 vectors.   Seven would be the four Tet helix (organic) with 7 intersections and  15 vectors and the pentagonal decahedron with 7 intersections and 16 vectors (inorganic) or (organic)  Five locations is the duotet with 9 vectors (organic). Four locations and six vectors is the Tet (prime)   Finally,  3 locations and three vectors is the triangle (conceptual) and then the AB with two locations and 1 vector (conceptual).  So actually, If we go the other direction the “first” ascending iteration from the Tet is the duotet which we could identify organic and inorganic. Dimensionally it fits in the matrix imploded into the octahedron or exploded out of it.. The message here is that the organic is intimately associated with transformations involving octahedron-Tet interactions. Essentially from this view we can see that the organic and inorganic in concept are a different organization of the same conceptual elements.  The progression of the organic tetra-helix is 3 Tets – 6  locations with12 vectors, 4 Tets-7  locations with 15 vectors, 5 Tets-8  locations with 18 vectors, 6 Tets-9 locations with 21 vectors, 7 Tets-10 locations with 24 vectors, 8 Tets-11  locations with 27 vectors and 9 Tets-12  locations with 30 vectors.


In Chapter 15 and with the 15 frequency oct-tet matrix, we get to see one of the fresh and beautiful landscapes promised earlier. In the implosion of the 15 frequency octet star we can understand and experience the Common Denominator Prime self similar dynamic pattern generation-regeneration, self-integration and  recursion across different scales conceptually “contained” within a universal conceptually imaginable loop.  This is a prime representation of the idea and rational image of how eternal structural integrity underpins all form and repetitions of form. Mathematicians recognize and name dynamic geometries resulting from calculating simple equations over and over resulting in repeating patterns recognized in Nature as Fractals. The visualization of “fractals” is made possible by the high speed calculation of computers integrated with the almost immediate image generation of video display. This is a flat screen display of dynamic images which are never ending while changing scale and color and reappearing which frankly produces a feeling of awe and wonder in the viewer. The problem for the observer is that the phenomenon seems simple but is at the same time “confounding.”

We  show in this chapter the prime spacial fractal which IS as awe inducing an image while being completely rational and comprehensible and delivering the message of  integrated spacial frequency “click stops.”  This amplifies and integrates the understanding of the stopped time Universal Click Stops presented earlier.  In other words we must move our understanding of the stand alone Universal Dimensions into the dynamic field of frequency.  The beauty of this is that it is easy and at the same time awe inspiring. Einstein said that we cannot solve a problem using the same thinking we used to create the problem.  We have a new tool in thinking. Let's use it.


In conceptuality15a video at youtube we demonstrate again with the model, the basic idea of the implosion of oct-tet star. We show that connecting the intersections of the internal vectors results in our prime forms obviously, therefore, incorporating the Universal Dimensions at various scales or frequency.  We start by pointing out the two internal cubes formed which we simply identify as the small and the large. There is a third “containing cube” which is defined by the octet star that we imploded. We use the cubes even though they are secondary and resulting from the prime structural forms because they are more familiar and easier for us to see  as  in the stacking of kindergarten blocks.  We can easily imagine the cubic rectilinear grids that are familiar at different scales, while containing and  replicating all of the internal and integrating connectivity of the oct- tet matrix. In fact, though, the isotropic vector matrix drags along the cubic image. We must keep in mind that all of the rational relationships of the octet star and all of the phenomenon and ideas we have studied are all in play. This is a completely rational and comprehensible and relational grid when considered in its wholeness. The “magic” here in visualizing this is the WHOLE NUMBER RATIONALITY that occurs at frequency 15. In considering wholeness, rationality, and pattern recognition,  we must consider that we are using a tool  which should not be taken for granted as a priori.  The numerical counting and calculating language in base ten and with the null value and place holding function of zero is in play also. It is obvious that this language is inherent in our observations and thinking in our study. The fact that it is used universally would seem to indicate that it is the “correct” tool for the job and in that is inherent in the structural understanding and truth in our analytical approach.  The method we have used all along of simply connecting definite locations (intersection) informs us of another dynamic which fits perfectly and logically into the toolbox we have assembled. Every dimension, frequency and relationship becomes simple, whole, integrated and easily comprehensible at F15. Beyond that, the whole number rationality repeats with the addition of 15 to the frequency. In other words whole number rationality recurs at frequency 30, 45, 60, 75 etc.  Perhaps in mathematics perspective this is a fractal characteristic of adding a constant to a geometrically increasing field.  For us this is another incidence of conceptual “click stop” in that, theoretically, the “in between” exists  in space but is “out of focus or out of tune.” It is interesting to realize that the whole “continuum” is rational at every frequency but there is a SPECIAL condition at 15.   We can see that this is the image afterimage apparent continuum as in the frames of film in a movie. Frequency is of consciousness. Consciousness is of rational  relationship. The armature of consciousness is visualized in stopped time.


Now we will relate the whole number rationality referred to in general in the specific as it relates to the octahedron. We use the octahedron as it represents, in principle, the “stand alone prime.” It is unitary in  that it is “dual” while remaining one unit dimensionally. If all potential is simultaneous eternally in principle, the Tet is only unitary in complement with the octahedron as the Tets on the faces of the octahedron in the octet star. In other words the Tet coexists with the octahedron or the Tet is stuck conceptually at one frequency. However, we already know that a one frequency octahedron has the volume of four one frequency Tets. There will be a lot of simple math here as we must continue to cross validate the observations of theme into math as math is the tool language that derives from the geometry. We show that the math derives from the truth of the relationship of the elements of form. Numbers in math are like the notes on the score of music. They are not the music itself unless you can “hear” the music by looking at the notes. That is the skill we seek.


So here we go.  If we have a four (quantum) unit (one frequency) octahedron, it derives conceptually from the Tet. In that derivation there is a one unit Tet on four faces of the octahedron. The Tet is “insideout-able” (right-left) so we can push one into the octahedron leaving the afterimage or the complementary on the face. We might imagine that pushing one in “forces” another one out of one of the four unoccupied faces of the octahedron. There may be some application in continuing this thought process with the other three external Tets. Then one can imagine a pulsing image afterimage resulting in the octet star which we showed originally to be a right and a left (black and red) Tet inter-penetrated and increased in frequency to form the oct-tet star. We could use that thought to imagine those Tets having the potential to pulse in and out alternately in time leaving the afterimage conceptually. Just a thought. We deal with it as a conceptual form outside of time.  But we can think of the insideouted Tets as duotets penetrating the faces of the octahedron.  This is a little more challenging to imagine as that conceptually forces eight tetra volumes into the octahedron. In a theme sort of way that could be “extra energy” in principle that results in the re-creation internally of the oct-tet field of one frequency while the original octahedron becomes 5 frequency at a different scale.    


Reviewing, if we implode a prime oct-tet star, see conceptuality15b video at youtube we get a new prime octet star in the the middle of the “converted” five frequency octahedron.  That prime octet star comprises the small cube as we see in the model in the video. The large cube is simply the connection of the points of the imploded Tets (which are simultaneously the F2Tetra Star) that appear in the center of each face of the original octahedron. Then remember we have the outer “containing cube” which is the original oct-tet.  As you can see this is potentially very complex but we have organized it rationally in our minds so far.  Amazingly, what we have is the outer oct-tet star of F5  octahedron and Tet, with two 2F Tetra Stars extended off the 2F “interpenetrated” Tets which make up the internal prime oct-tet star. Here we have the rational dimensional integration of the oct-tet star and the tetra star into the oct-tet matrix. This is the integrated principle (principal) “seed” commonality of the organic and inorganic. Further, we have the three “seed cubes” of three rationally related, self generated, and inter connected rectilinear matrix potentials. If we allow a (right) tetra helix to “grow” off of the (right) F2 inter-penetrated Tet and we do the same off of the (left) F2 inter-penetrated Tet, we can see the double tetra helix of mirror image (right) – (left) grow out of the oct-tet matrix. This is a powerful conceptual image for the message of the interaction of the organic with the inorganic in purest conceptual principle. We can imagine the plant world rooted in and of the form while also imagining the subset idea (as above) allowing for independent structural pieces to associate in manifestation as plant and animal.


The whole number relationships of this same visualization as stated above at F15 appears obviously and then displays as a pattern at F30, F45, F60 etc. We will try to keep it simple in explaining this pattern in the simple proportional math that emerges when the model is analyzed. There are a few   rules that emerge. At F5, F10 and F15 the small cube dimension for F5 is square root of 2, (1 x square root of 2) square root of 8, (2 x square root of 2) and square root of 18 (3 x square root of 2) respectively. If the small cube edge dimension (frequency at some scale) is square root of 2 (1.414213562),  (dimension), then that divided by 6/10 is the dimension of the big cube.  Of course, that is the same thing as (  Square root of 2 divided by 6) times 10,  nice whole numbers in the context of Pure Conceptuality.  This rule is true for any frequency but at F15 both the small cube and big cube are square roots of whole numbers of relatively low frequency. At F15 the dimensions of the small and big cube are, square root of 18 and square root of 50,  at F30 the dimensions are square root of 72 and square root of 200, at F45 the dimensions are square root of 162 and square root of 450, at F60, 288 and 800, at F75, 450 and 1250, at F90, 648 and 1600 at F105, 882 and 2450, at F120, 1152 and 3200, at F135, 1458 and 4050.  (Weirdly, we just noticed that each of these pairs of dimensions has at least one “numerological” 9 inherent.) Just a “fun” side trip of pattern recognition.


Starting at F15 if we subtract the big cube from big cube of the next frequency “jump”is as follows: 50 from 200 we get 150, F30 big cube 200 from 450 we get 250, F45 big cube 450 from 800 we get 350, F60 big cube from 800 from 1250 we get 450, F75 1200 from 1800 we get 550, F90 1800 from 2450 we get 650, F105 2450 from 3200 we get 750, F120 3200 from 4050 we get 850 . We see a progression for every 15 frequencies added we get 100 added to the “square root dimension” of the big cube of each ascending step of five. To calculate the big and small cube we divide the Frequency by 5 and multiply that  result by square root of 2 to get the small cube dimension, then we divide that by 6/10 to get the large cube dimension. If we add the bold numbers above “numerologically” we get a progression of 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,and 13!


 There is another progression starting at F15 of the small cube “square root dimension.” If we multiply the square of 1 (1) times 18 we get the small cube dimension at F15. The square of 2 (4) times 18 is the 'square root dimension 72” of the small cube of F30. If we take the square of three (9) times 18 we get  the “square root dimension of 162” of the small cube and it goes on – square of 4(16) times 18 is 288, square of 5 (25) times 18 is 450, square of 6 (36) times 18 is 648, square of 7 (49) times 18 is 882, square of 8 (64) times 18 is 1152, square of 9 (81) times 18 is 1458. That is the progression of the dimension of the small cube of F15, F30, F45, F60, F75. F90, F105, F120 and F135.  (note: the bold integers are all “numerologically” the “value” 9. Another expression of inherent pattern)


The simple truth of all of this is that the proportional relationship of the dimensions of the small cube to the big cube is exactly 3 to 5 !  The relationship of the related and implied  two octahedrons is 1 to 5.

The implication of that is that all of the dimensions of all the possible connections of intersections of the imploded oc-tet star are whole number dimensions in terms of Pure Conceptuality at F15 and a frequency 15 ascending progression.  This makes sense as 15 is the common denominator of 3 and 5.


For a non mathematician, these patterns and progressions are exciting “discoveries” which have been taught by studying the language of logically self generating primal form. The only thing brought into this study was arithmetic basic geometry and and the Pythagorean Theorem. There was no necessity of Trig, or Calculus nor were angle measurements necessary.  However, we contend that the trig and calculus is discoverable as the dynamic potential of the stopped time field.


The rationality of whole number tetra volume follows through all of the forms generated in the matrix. We know that the tetra volume of the Tet is F to the 3rd power. Since there are four tetra volumes in the octahedron it follows that the octahedron volume is 4 times F to the 3rd power or Fx F squared.  The volume of the oct-tet cube is 24 times F to the 3rd power or 6 times the octahedron volume.  The conversion of the tetra volume to classic cubic volume is division of the tetra volume by the square root of 72. (6 times the square root of 2)  For example: The surrounding cube of the oct-tet star of frequency 2 is 24 times 2 to the 3rd power (8) or 192.  That cube would have a dimension of 2 times the square root of 2 or 2.828427125. That dimension to the 3rd power is 22.62747417 which is the classic rectilinear volume. Multiply that by the square root of 72 (8.4852813740) and you get 192 exactly.  


Here are some rules derived from observing the self generating prime considerations in Universe.


(F times the square root of 2) divided by 5 is the small cube dimension.

(F times the square root of 2) divided by 3 is the big cube dimension.

In our study we square these dimensions and represent them as square roots. This is where we see the patterns.



(F times the square root of 2) divided by 5) to the 3rd  power is the volume of the big cube.

(F times the square root of 2) divided by 3) to the 3rd  power is the volume of the small cube.

We can easily convert these classic volumes to tetra volumes by multiplying by the square root of 72 (which is 6 times the square root of two)  The tetra volumes come out in whole numbers so, again, the patterns are more obviously rational.


For example the F15 field:

Classic VolumeTetra Volume
9546Oct-Tet Cube81000


When the F15 oct-tet star is imploded the resulting internal octahedron is F3. The dimension and volumes are as follows:

Classic VolumeTetra Volume
12.73Central Octahedron108
76.37Small Cube648
353.55Big Cube3000


Both the small cube and the big cube have whole number rationality to the surrounding tetra cube of 81000 tetra volume. The ratios are 1 to 27 and 1 to 125. Of course the Tet ratio is 1 to 24 and the Octahedron ratio is 6 to 1.  There are two F6 Tetra Stars totally rational in the F15 which establish the “points” of the big cube. In principle we could imagine simply imploding reappearing oct-tet stars internally in an unending regressive succession or reversed  progression. All relationships remain rationally the same even though frequency keeps increasing until it is only relativity that matters. Enough is enough. We can see the essential structure with unimaginable potential for rational complexity when we imagine the rational possibilities of fields within fields and parallel and adjacent offsets of fields due simply to perspective. It is the decision of the perceiver to see (choose) convergence or divergence. We can look inward or outward and we do make this choice continually.


Now let's back away from all of this a bit and try to integrate generally what we have seen develop .It is not necessary to embrace the math here specifically to be moved by the generalization in principle to a more whole way of thinking and experiencing.  The math is useful in general in imagining the essential idea of the (built in to Eternal Truth) dismissal or non relevance of out of “phase” or out of “tune” field potential. The “denseness” (unlimited potential for unique location) is opened up in consensus experience by a consensus constant which simply filters out all other potential constants leaving consciousness with operational ordered structure, form and space with variable “local concentration”  in principle all the way to “black hole.” The built in rational “click stop” visualization is particular in the simplest mathematical language in combination with the visualization of the messages of the stopped time modeling especially noticing the recurrent “loop” moving “inward” without end in “super rational jumps.”  A strong relationship with these ideas resolves many difficult general problems in thinking. We need not worry about a beginning, we need no “hard” spacial context for the limits or “edge” or size of the Universe plus we are freed from the prison of the erroneous assumptions of the nature of time. Simultaneously, we are freed to imagine other non excluded possibilities for the meaning, values and methods of living and navigating this experience and gift of separate and shared existence. Further, we have a general way of rationally dealing with the “expansion” of the Universe at an “increasing rate,” in realizing that we are taking seriously a misconception in what is going on by missing the more whole way of integrating the existing information in the Common Record..  The Universe is not “really” expanding at an increasing rate.  We (each self consciousness) moves into time at an increasing frequency. The seeming and measured increasing size and rate is measurement of relativity in the most strict sense. The Unified Field we engage is “really here” only in concept and principle in that it resolves and contains the ideas of expanding universe and dark energy.  We tell you here: if “dark” energy is ever “found” it will be an imagined construct (story) in mathematical language unless  one simply understands dark energy to be the tuned out “dense” and unlimited location and dimensional potential in the concept of space.


Since we are on the subject of matrix, we are going to go on to introduce two obvious integrated rational matrix structures which self express in the oct-tet matrix. These are beautiful but not isometric as is the oct-tet matrix (isotropic vector matrix). One is a self similar all space filling octahedral matrix and the other is a self similar all space filling oct-tet field of 3 (dimensional) elements, square root ot 1, square root of 3 and the square root of 5. This field is the inherent conceptualization for the hexagonal crystal system. (quartz and snowflake).   It is not necessary to be interested beyond the fact that these fields co-exist subordinate to but inherent in the oct-tet isotropic visualization. There are a couple of implications here. Non isometric fields can be at rest (outside of time) and represent “cross field” rational interaction and connectivity in principle while still being in the consensus Prime Dimensional reality. These co-existent dimensionally congruent fields are simply seeing different arrangements of the prime dimensional elements by taking a different perspective. We attempt to introduce these fields here for the general purpose stated above but also for others to investigate in depth and perhaps use as further tools in thinking to resolve specific problems. In an aesthetic way these fields are beautiful to engage and “travel.” See conceptuality15c video at youtube.  One general consideration could be the “incomprehensible” ways birds, for example, navigate in a mysterious (to us) way which we try to imagine in terms of our particular field relationship. Perhaps birds operate in perceptions unimaginable to us except in general field potentials. They could be using their own gps as simple as getting turn by turn instructions.


It is very difficult to truly “get” the idea and utility of frequency. Let's look at it again in review. It is not measurement. It is Dimension expressed as a square root times frequency. We explained that this gives a whole number identity to dimensions  For example: The F1 Tet has an edge dimension of square root of 1. The F2 Tet has an edge dimension of 2 times the square root of 1. The octahedron is the same. But there is a conceptual inversion here in thinking in that we must imagine the multiplication as division of the whole dimension square root of 1 into 2,3,4, etc iterations of the square root of one dimension. Now let's imagine an equilateral triangle with edge dimension of square root of 2.  At F1 the dimension is square root of 1 times the square root of 2. F2 is 2 times (square root of 4) times square root of 2 (1.414213562) to get 2.828427125 which is the square root of eight. F3 is the square root of 9 (3) times the square root of 2 to get 4.242640687 which is the square root of 18. F4 is the square root of 16 (4) times the square root 2 to get 5.656854249 which is the square root of 32.  You can see at F2 if you square the frequency and double it you get the dimension in square root. At F4 we get four iterations of square root of 2 or square root of 32. If our triangle has an edge dimension of square root of 3, the F1 dimension is square root of three. F2 is 2 squared (4) times 3 (tripled), so the dimension is square root of 12 or 2 times the square root of three. F3 is 3 squared (9) times 3 or square root of 27 which is 3 iterations of square root of three. If the edge dimension of the triangle square root of 5, F1 is 1 squared (1) times 5 or square root of 5. F2 is 4 times 5 or square root of 20. F3 is 9 times 5 or square root of 45 which is 3 iterations of square root of 5.  This way of notation  and thinking makes the patterns of structure stand out in number and provides conceptual context for “increase” without having to “steal” it from “some where else.” If a visual image is needed just imagine the implosion of the oct-tet star, “forever.”


We find the natural division of vector unity in the progression construction or de-constructuon of the Prime Field. Division by 2,3 and 5 are inherent. Division by two is prime conceptually in the idea of the intersection of the radiant fronts in the AB. An easier way is to consider the right-left triangle sharing a side and  connecting the open vertexes bisecting the shared side then repeat to get 4,8, 16. Division by three occurs in the octet matrix in the diagonal across the corners of the oct-tet star (cube). We have proven that dimension to be the square root of six. That vector passes through two Tets and face to face across the octahedron which has the same dimension as the height dimension of the Tet. We proved that. So that divides the diagonal of the cube by three perfectly. Also we showed in the triangle study that the “Star of David” trisects the AB.  Then there is the F5 division of the Prime oct-tet in the implosion of the oct tet star. So we have 2,3,4, and 5.  For 6 we just subdivide 3. 7 introduces the thought of addition 6+1 or 5+2, (addition is conceivable as the elements to be added are conceptually available)  and then  8 is four subdivided and ten is 5 subdivided. As far as we can tell, 5 is sufficient to rationalize all of conceptual Universe. The recurrence of five in the “natural world” is anecdotally interesting. Starting from the beginning as newborns we get a consciously undifferentiated self, a game room and five “cards,” sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.  Interactively, we are neutral, pleased or displeased. We have a head, two hands, each with five fingers and two legs and feet, each with five toes. 5, 10,15,20, integrated back into the basic five head arms and legs.   Just with these elements we embark on a journey of self discovery.


Pure Conceptuality is concerned with ideas as related by rational structure and the “click stops” both in Dimension and Frequency. This is a fresh vista. Some effort is required to discipline the mind to a different way of seeing and thinking. It is fairly easy to roughly understand how an arch made of separate stones can stand as a structure.  A vertical opening is made in a stone wall as as, for instance, a door.  A semi-circular support is made of wood placed over the top of the opening and stones are cut with the angles as if they were radii of the imagined center of the circle of the supporting structure. Those stones are set side by side going up each side of the doorway resting on the wooden support. Finally there is a gap at the top which is filled by a perfectly formed stone which “wedges” into the gap at the top.  This is the keystone which is the final piece which makes the arch possible. The wood support is removed and the arch stands alone. The keystone is a thing but it is also an idea. The keystone can be seen as the “ah ha” of the understanding of how the arch works.  Gravity and weight, the very things the arch is “defying,” are the things that make the arch work. No mortar is necessary as the strength is the result of the tireless force of gravity. Remove gravity and the arch is no longer a structure and disappears. If the arch was “glued” together with mortar we could watch it float away as an arch shape, but the understanding we had of its strength and utility would disappear with the gravity. We could imagine holes drilled through the centers of the stones and a rope passed through like a string of beads and pulled tight and the arch would not need the mortar to hold its shape and function as we initially understood. The gravity is replaced by the tension in the rope holding the geometry firmly together and in place. The keystone in this instance becomes the Tension or the rope! The arch has the same integrity (not simply perceived shape) and we have discovered a new perspective. The high frequency of the stone, the eternal principles in the geometry and the high frequency and tension of the rope act in unison with the integrity of truth perceived at low frequency ie.(tension and form)..  We can see that the keystone was always an idea and not a thing except as an idea. The “whole thing” is unified as the keystone of the understanding. The rope and the stone and the forms are equal in the formation in the mind of the arch and the understanding of the arch.  All of the elements “co-create” the understanding, or misunderstanding is filtered out by a more whole way of understanding. The arch exists in its potential in and out of time. The CONSENSUS is the Prime Constant sequenced in frequency and form in the conceptual implosion and field potentials eternally accessible. The “rules” inherent and infused in unfathomable complexity are the Keystone of the understanding of consciousness.


If we can imagine the octahedron as meticulously presented in our study as the whole keystone as presented above, we have a general understanding of the elements and interaction of elements which afford a unifying sense of foundation in who, what, when, where and how we are privileged in this  structured, sequential and shared experience we call life. The models we have watched develop in truth with the tensional integrity in principle represented by “gravitational” prime dimensions are eternally discoverable in stopped time. The point is that recognized language transmits equivalent themes and can be translated one into the other. The thousands of self conscious word languages prove that theory. The universal language. music and the universal language of form CONTAIN themes, are composed of the themes and self reveal the themes.




Commentary on conceptuality15c video.  In the video, F5 rationality was mentioned. Let's review and clarify that here. An F1 oct-tet star is an F1 octahedron with an F1 tetrahedron on each of the eight faces. This is a Prime consideration for us in that we are dealing with the unity-constant conceptual turn around loop. We cannot go “sub-prime” as that defeats the keystone in the thinking. It is always conceptually multiplication by division so we have a conceptual constant to rationalize the whole field. When we implode the F1 oct-tet star and do our rational connecting of locations, the minimum linear dimension we end up with is the most internal octahedron. That dimension is an equal division of the Prime by 5. In the normal mathematical way of thinking that makes the dimension of that internal octahedron .2. To stay faithful to the understanding, we do not violate the unitary nature of the Prime Dimension of 1 or the square root of one.  If we did, this is how it would go. At F1 the internal octahedron would have an F1 dimension of .2, at F2-.4, at F3-.6, at F4-.8 , at F5 the dimension is back to 1. The small and big square root dimensional “pairs” are square roots of: at F1- (.08 -,2222222) at F2- (,52 - .8888888) at F3- (.72 – 2) ( We showed you that F3 model in the video where the big cube was square root of 2) at F4-(1.28 – 3.555555) at F5 (2 -5.55555). So at F5 the small cube is prime square root of 2. And its internal octahedron is prime 1. At F10 the pairs are: (8- 22.222222) and at F15 The pairs are (18 – 50)  


OK. Here is the interesting part. Remember our rule of (F times square root of two) divided by 5 for the dimension of the small cube? We run up on a “stumbling block” for a fraction of a frequency. The fractional character of the frequency itself acts as a mathematical operation.   Lets try to find the dimension of the small cube in the case of the internal octahedron having a frequency of .2F. (Square root of 2 times .2) divided by 5 = .056568542. We would have to multiply that value by 5 to get the correct dimension of .28284271. In other words we have to skip the division by 5  to get the correct dimension. There is no .3F as we note above, the dimension of the internal octahedron goes .2, .4, ..6, .8, and 1. So let's try .4F. (square root of 2 times .4) divided by 5 = .113137085.  We would have to multiply this by 5 to get the correct dimension.  Again, we have to skip the division by 5. Same is true for .6F, and .8F. When the internal octahedron is 1 the small cube is in an F5 octahedron and the rule of (F times square root of two) divided by 5 is the dimension of the small cube or 5 times 1.414213562 is 7.071067812 divided by 5 is 1.414213562. Remember we square for the dimension which is back to square root of two in this case. All of this is to establish the idea that, in principle, we do not conceptually engage fractions of the prime. It is the frequency of the field that increases.  It was mentioned in the video that this mathematical “wrinkle” was analogous to the in-congruence of subatomic behaviors. Admittedly, that is a stretch except in the most “thematic” sense.  Suffice it to say that in Pure Conceptuality there is a conceptual blip if the field is perceived to go “sub Prime” mathematically. In our way of visualizing and thinking, we arrive at a conceptual turn around loop here as analogous to the Tet as the Prime conceptual turn around model. We see this as a “veil” or signpost and allow it to be a resolution rather than a barrier. It seems that the approach of science is to run up against a barrier and then investigate the barrier until running into another barrier and investigate that barrier again with the same tools and in the same terms over and over. We suggest a different perspective just for the sake of resolution, integration and a holistic understanding of our situation and its potentials.  The most important and profound messaging in Pure Conceptuality is available, most whole and integrative and at low frequency understanding. The higher frequency pattern recognition and concepts are delivered through generalization and theme recognition. Our approach is to constantly return to the more whole and not get lost in the complexity which is concealed or obscured simplicity.

It should be dawning that our way of analysis allows for a conceptual coexistence of realized (definite) and unrealized (indefinite) relationship and interaction. The Prime Constant is the conceptual fulcrum that allows or provides for undifferentiated space as well as definite “matter” and a consensus perspective for interpreting relativity of scale. The orienting nature of the Constant is beautiful in that it allows for the low frequency conceptual contemplation of unraveling complexity and then regenerating complexity knowing the rationality which is imbedded in its perception. Seeing this allows us a way of imagining dark matter as all that is not perceived, not because it is mysteriously invisible but rather that it is simply not tuned in or we experience a filtered out portion. Conceptually it is all one set of understanding, rationality and potential.  When thinking about the field characteristics we have shown with models, there is sufficient integrated and rational relationship and connectivity potential to allow for free will (autonomy) and even satisfaction in the idea of parallel experience scenarios ( parallel “universes”). ALL is “here” but not simultaneously experiencially  relevant.


In other words we are integrating the hard reality (matter in time) with the soft reality (universal design integrity – conceptuality) into a Universal Conceptual Field Theory. So we have a local physical reality and a universal conceptual reality. Both are structured in exactly the same truth. Proper thinking is not abstract thinking. Masters of the  language of mathematics can communicate with each other in abstraction. This is a slippery slope as math is presented to the rest of us as exacting, articulate and definitive. When mathematicians express their thoughts in plain language, we tend to assume that their message is not just an opinion based in abstraction, but rather special superior knowledge and thinking. That is just not the case. Abstraction is not definitive by definition. Abstraction may be used to study a problem but the solutions is no longer an abstraction.  The eternal structural truths destroy abstraction at low frequency and leave mystery in tact in complexity (high frequency). This is a beautiful resolution, where mystery is an integral and necessary element of a whole understanding.


There are two basic perspectives for a self conscious entity to experience and/or engage the world. We identify those perspectives as Corporate and Corporal. This is analogous to the hard (physical) and the soft (conceptual) as referred to above.  In the corporal way of experiencing one realizes that personal choice alone controls outcome. In every sense personal choice controls, even to the extent of choosing perspective and reaction both physical and psychological. In other words the experiencer realizes that only one's self is responsible (to blame) for interpretation of present circumstance. This is a self contemplative position. Corporate perspective, on the other hand, realizes that the self is engaged in a social contract where a position of blame is a contracted agreement. For example the firing of a supervisor for the misdeed of a subordinate even though the supervisor had no direct or prior knowledge of the subordinate's misdeed. The “buck stops here” kind of arrangement.  This is legalistic vs holistic. In life we are constantly striking a balance of these two perspectives in social life but ultimately the Corporal Truth supersedes  in that we choose our social contracts too.  In the strictest sense we cannot blame anyone for anything as everything could have been handled differently by us. (different choices in perception). We just can not get out of that truth (responsibility) ultimately.  This is a constant play between the objective and subjective nature of perspective.


Enjoy the videos: conceptuality15a, 15b, 15c at youtube