Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 14: Scaling the Mountain


We know from Einstein that the way we experience time is a special case.  It seems obvious to us that time is linear,  regular and constant. It is not.  The most unlikely and dramatic proof of this is in the predictable way that  the “clocks” of the gps system satellites have to be adjusted to account for the fact of Einstein's realizations. Nothing prohibits us from exploring for ourselves the nature of time in light of this new perspective.


For us, time is a universal but particular experience. No two people are experiencing time identically in any way of measuring in any living circumstance. Even a musician dependent on synchronization is achieving that product “externally” by breaking the experience of time into beats and rhythm. Universally we break time into segments of shorter and shorter pieces of experience already broken by natural cycles in motion. We do not think much more about it in general terms as the increasing “accuracy” of this fragmentation is of great utility and assumed to be and seems to be primary and constant in self conscious experience. With the slightest honest contemplation, we realize that the experience of time is unique and particular to each individual in any given “amount” of time. This “elasticity” of the experiencing of time is established and accepted as a fact. How do we integrate this fact into the comprehensive understanding of who we are; what is going on; when is this; where is this; why is this and how can this be?


First of all, we can think of our taught and learned perception and understanding of time as being literally particular.  We all had to LEARN how to tell time! We were shown how days and nights are broken up into parts (particles) of days, hours, minutes and seconds. An idea of consensus time overwhelms our experience of time. We do not realize the ticking of time as a tool and not the thing itself. As we have continually pointed out here, this is a very big problem in the face of what is KNOWN. Our sense of time is so “common sense” we literally become lost in it. In the endeavor to understand holistically, we are defeated before we start if we cannot let go of the idea of time as an inviolate, linear and primary constancy in our perception and perspective.  Time is discontinuous, cyclic (frequency) and observable in stopped time modeling as “gravitational” relationship in relative proximity scenarios.


What is our consensus experience of gravity?  First of all, our experience and relationship with gravity does not have to be taught and explained to us as self conscious entities for us to function fully in engagement with the world. Our “sense” of it is sufficient to engage it in the most creative ways as exemplified beautifully in extreme sports.  We can set up conditions in motion (d=rt) where gravity is neutralized as in a roller coaster. We can be sure that each individual in the string of cars experiences the “weightlessness” in the same moment and essentially same way individually and together.. The personal reaction varies but the experience is equivalent. Science realized that  the sense of gravity is related to unimpeded “falling in” at a rationally and a geometrically increasing rate where the distance and time are tethered to a constancy which is “measured” relationally by the standard authority of accepted parsing of the time continuum and length continuum.  In Pure Conceptuality we resolve this by dealing universally with stopped time self structuring modeling in the principle that d=1, r=1 and t=1. So roughly speaking, in unfettered passive gravitational acceleration distance “squares” as length (time) increases (frequency). This is an inverted perspective of speed (rate) as being constant. Rate is relational if time is always 100%.


Anyone with the curiosity and tenacity to have read this far has a tremendous amount of good information. We know everything presented here so far plus we know that the vacuum and actual conditions of extra terrestrial space ”exist” as a kind of FACT.  Anyone can use this knowing as context and background for thought experiments which are fun and perhaps enlightening at least personally. Let's do one now.


Let's put ourselves in a space habitat capsule with  a little strobe light that flashes every second and the capsule is three thousand miles out from the earth in space. Now imagine a strip of light sensitive paper stretched from the earth the whole three thousand miles out to our capsule. Since we can imagine anything we can imagine that the capsule is stopped next to the paper and the paper just stays there next to the capsule.  Near earth in a vacuum a dropped object falls 9.8meters/second squared. That means that the first second it falls 9.8 meters. In two seconds it falls four times that distance and in 3 seconds, 9 times that distance. At 3000 miles away from earth an object falls approx 3 meters the first second , 12 meters in two seconds and 27 meters in three seconds etc. . If our capsule is released to fall  to the earth it would fall at an increasing rate as stated above. Really the 9.8 or 3 meters is simply the first distance in one amount of time at a particular distance from the earth  depending on other measured values like mass of the earth or other object, and distance away. In our experiment, our capsule is motionless in the vacuum of space. We know the “9.8” number is 3 at 3000 miles out but we could just call it x as the principle and rule for the acceleration will still be x times seconds squared.  We have that and the human established time particle or segment of one second.  Since x is related to the mass of the gravitational object and distance from the gravitational object, we just know the capsule will accelerate increasingly as it falls whatever the distance or mass of the gravitational object.


When the capsule is released and it starts falling to the earth, the only thing we notice inside the capsule is the initial loss of whatever gravity we were feeling and we experience weightlessness. Let's just say we fall one distance in one second, four distances in 2 seconds, 9 distances in 3 seconds etc. The capsule is falling toward the earth at an increasing rate as expressed by x/second squared but we have no sensation of movement at all. As we move along our strobe light is flashing every second and exposing a dot with each flash on the stationary photo paper. Our capsule and everything in it still exists exactly as it was but it loses the property of its weight just as we do feel as part of the system falling to the earth. Einstein describes this condition as “at rest” or “standing still.”  This is counter intuitive if we drag all of our habits of thinking along, but it is a very interesting idea to explore.  The paper could be moving instead of the capsule or both moving. Certainly the passenger would feel stationary except for his/her relative movement inside the capsule. Meanwhile the capsule is (from some perspective) accelerating in a manner which cannot be experienced within the system as acceleration or movement at all. But every second the paper along side us is getting its mark and the distance between the marks is increasing at a squared rate plus the increasing “pull” as the distance from the earth decreases. In other words the variation in x with distance follows an inverse square law which means as the distance from the earth is doubled, the value of x decreases by a factor of four and as the distance is tripled the value of x decreases by a factor of 9.  Please remember here that the only reason any of this is “true” is because we defined  a time increment, named it and governed our strobe light by it.  But really all our strobe light is really doing is being “regular” in its pulsing. The paper would tell the same tale of predictable increasing distance no matter what the regular rate pulsing of the strobe. So d=t squared times x where x is dependent on mass of the gravitational object and distance away.  Trying to look at this honestly is difficult.  So in Pure Conceptuality, when we see “square root,” this is a stopped time conceptual notation for “time” or gravity in relation to distance.


Further we must realize that the acceleration is constant and smooth, so in some sense the marks on the paper are arbitrary only implying the acceleration but “breaking it up” at some rate relational to some regular beat. No matter how high the frequency of the beat, the acceleration is constant within the beat. We suppose that calculus could tell us the rate at any chosen position as the “Truth” of gravitational acceleration is conceptually conceivable and resolvable in mathematical principle.  Let's just imagine that this acceleration could continue unfettered to the speed of light, then the acceleration would stop and according to Einstein local time would stop.  We do not suggest that this experiment  is “possible” but it is conceptually interesting to consider. After reaching the speed of light the marks on the paper would be equidistant in principle and we would return to the simplicity of frequency with time being unitary.  Certainly from some physics perspective this is simplistic and silly but it does imply a limit case for gravitational acceleration. If we were to “go backwards” to the original mark on our paper it would be necessary to decelerate at the same rate of the acceleration. The inertia in our mass during deceleration would be continuous gravity to us.  This is conceptually troublesome, but in an anecdotal way we can see here in reversing direction that time is displayed as we experience it. Our early years are very long in experience and shorten as we go along against the background of our total. If we take the square root of the total distance or time and the square root of that and the square root of that and on and on, we DO end up at the number one. Of course this is another limit case. We suggest that this thought experiment points to a terminal constancy regardless of the particulars of the included measurements and intervals. This terminal limit also points to the idea of the continuous nature of gravity against a discontinuous nature of time.  Honestly, without OUR parsing of time and measuring of distance there is no rational Gravitational Law. If WE are not creating the Law by measurement, we must be observing the discontinuous nature of time at some resolution.  This implies the necessity of consciousness in general to “make sense” of the Laws. If we stand back far enough we realize that consciousness is Prime.  That is not so hard to accept if we think of consciousness simply as rational  RELATIONSHIP as mentioned earlier.


In our experiment the capsule nor passengers have physically changed at a structural level at all, yet they no longer have locally measurable weight. We can't even assume the capsule or our mass as a function of the atomic weights as those weights are determined on earth in gravity as we experience it and think of it. We may claim that the system ( capsule and occupant) still have the same or increasing mass but we are dragging that perspective from another frame of reference.  There is still a good argument for the fact that we have an agglomeration of atoms of a certain number or frequency and that they occupy the same space before and after release at least to the perception of the passengers. We could also consider here that the agglomeration of  atomic geometries representing space also represent energy in that the force expressed in stopping them suddenly and relationally increases geometrically as the relative speed increases. But the problem even here is that we can be definite about that only if we relate it to the defined second. We can't measure it by the marks on the paper either as they are dependent on the idea of the strobe pulse being defined and constant in the pulse. Honestly, we are truly adrift here as to any actuality except the atomic stopped time structure of the falling system.  The higher the frequency of the system the more force or energy it represents on suddenly stopping. All of the work that formulas and numbers do is in relation to parsed out pieces of time and length. The REASON any of it “works” is the underlying truth elucidated in general in our study here in Pure Conceptuality. The  deductive, incidental, accidental, intuited pattern discoveries and verifications in the language of mathematics derive inductively from the truth of structure.  The mathematical patterns and discoveries are not necessarily holistically understood to be derived out of the stopped time relational orientations in the conceptual matrix because the consensus perception accepts without question the authority of time and measurement rather than the ineffable relational language of the stopped  time modeling.  Mathematics'  “deduce-ability” is contained eternally outside of time in the rationality and language of self organizing models and principles which are prime super realities.


So just when, where and how does this super reality express and exist? As stated earlier in this study, the eternal principles exist as the seeming ineffable bridge between the past and the future.  Eternity is not a conception of time running backward  forever or forward forever. We have shown and science would technically agree that anything experienced by a person must be slightly in the past. That is just a matter of physics no matter how one feels about the present moment there is no such thing for us. So obviously, there is no actual future except as projected or imagined. But the future does exist as a matter of experience even though we must understand it as a fulfilled projection. It is pretty easy to see that we are still left with “something” sandwiched between the past and the future. It is the contention here and purpose of this study to bring the mind to the understanding that Eternity neatly “resides” in the stopped time structural realizations between the past and the future for us. The present can only be “experienced” by an understanding of this bridge which is the tool of a Fuller (pun intended) general knowing.


This timeless reality is the eternal cradle of creation. It is the crystalline and organic common essence which shapes the past and the future with the tools of truth and integrity fourever.  Consciousness is of Truth and Truth is of consciousness. In this context a lie, trick, deception or illusion is the truth. Physical reality is shaped by tuning out what is not in harmony or in sync with the constant in the template. To see and touch the world is analogous to hearing music. Noise is not music and cannot be heard as music until it is shaped by rhythm and harmony. A babbling brook is music. Thunder and lightning and the howl of the wind are music. We must wake up to the language of  form. Form itself is the “hardwiring” and template of truth. The song and nest of a bird  ARE the bird. No part exists as separate, they must be considered together to understand the whole one is experiencing.


The “MIND'S EYE” exists in the creative ineffable present. The Truth is so elemental and simple it is difficult to see until one sees it. This experience might be imagined as analogous to learning to see with the ears as some blind people exhibit and attempt to convey to the sighted. They can try in words to explain but proof is in demonstrating mastery. In the case of the “seeing” blind, aural spacial perception and orientation occurs at the speed of sound rather than the speed of light.  In both cases the orientation is based in conceptual geometry which is primordial, definite, realizable and universal in consciousness itself. Consciousness organizes time. Time does not organize consciousness.  Consciousness is organized outside of time in the Eternal Primordial Models and the inherent Potential Manifest.


The Language of Form that we are elucidating and investigating here is perceivable, rational and understandable.  This is analogous to Music Theory. We don't need to understand music theory to engage the universal language of music passively or creatively.  The “unexplainable” ability of some artists to have a “natural talent” in music points to the universal truths in the eternal form of the structure of music. We use that realization here to open the mind to the existence of another very obvious (in retrospect) Prime Universal Language of structure itself in purest principle. As in music, we do not have to engage or understand the language of form to function passively and creatively in the story. It is just “nice” to understand rationally as well as know intuitively. A master of music theory can be quite useful to an artist in seeing in a different way that with which  he already feels a comfortable mastery. That is a win-win engagement of valid perspectives. One in no way invalidates the other. The whole is enhanced in the possible productivity.


The tool offered here in Pure Conceptuality acts as an armature or sounding board for looking at large panoramas underpinned with an unshakeable foundation in principle. We can see in broad terms how the specific method of “scientific thinking” strips out  an essential equilibrium necessary to the general stability and health of consensus consciousness and engagement. “Magic” is discredited carelessly and irrationally.  It is understood here that this is  not intentional or malicious but none the less results in much confusion and instability.  We attempt here to replace what the mesmerization with popular science has inadvertently stripped away mostly with the best of intentions. The beautiful simplicity we engage carefully and rationally can only be experienced fully as Universal Magic. Real magic.

We move on now into Matrix Theory.  This is not complicated.  We have moved from the unitary binary AB through the forms one location at a time. One, two, three, four, five (duotet). At six we encounter the octahedron which is actually the duotet plus one. Remember how we transformed the octahedron into three Tets simply by changing the position of one strut ( vector)? We still had all the properties of of the octahedron of twelve struts and six vertexes but with the loss of one Tetra volume. So if we add one location to the duotet, we have that first three Tets of the organic tetrahelix. But also we have the structural components of the octahedron.  Seven can be imagined to be another equidistant  location off any face of the octahedron. Now if we transform that octahedron the “extra” tetrahedron becomes the “missing” fourth Tet in the tetrahelix.  The point of all of this is MESSAGE. The message is that we are conceptually finished with the essential number progression in Conceptual Universe at FIVE.  Six is five plus one or two times three. Seven is five plus two.


Any conceivable rational structured conceptual matrix is resolvable in the essence of what we already have studied and seen here. The Prime Matrix is the “octet truss” or isotropic vector matrix. That is simply the stacking in all directions of “blocks” of the octet star.  We have introduced that a couple of times in the videos but will repeat again with the videos in this Chapter. We have insisted that any space contains all space in principle as locations have no dimension, only relational authority. From this perspective any space can be subdivided “fourever” but in principle this division also is simply relational and self heals as to how much is necessary or how long does it go on.  Any “amount” of it is sufficient to its potential to provide all necessary space.  That's pretty neat. We can think of it as division of the Prime as continuum in experience of time. There is a beautiful and surprising way this unending replicating regression manifests automatically in the Conceptual Universe. We can simply increase the frequency of the octet visualization to imagine this multiplication by division. But in principle this division is only halving.  The transformation, regression and replication resulting from conceptually “imploding” the octet star give us division by three and five as we will see in the videos of this chapter.. This is pretty amazing in principle as the message of that is that energy is contained and simply restructured within definition. No “outside space” and/or unexplained stuff (energy)  required. We show you how this plays in conceptuality14a video at youtube.  This implosive potential is unlimited in principle resulting in increased frequency of prime and the intimately related dimensions explained most simply in the “click stop” visualization.  Consciousness and self consciousness ARE, so the potential is manifest. We cannot conceptually “un-manifest” it.  To explain self consciousness through the “evolution” of the brain by turning back time in imagination seems logical if not much thought is put into it.  Honestly, that is just one story and not a really great one.  The whole thing is premised in assumptions about time which are not supported in current fact.  


It seems that the order of integration of knowledge is perfect in a message or story way of looking at the whole.  Just as we skipped the duotet in our progression in this study until it was “ready”, perhaps we can see that the place in the story of science to date has provided tools that “might not have been” (communicating in these terms is compromise) available for this study without the unfolding of the scenario as it is.  The rational realizations presented here would not be possible without the insight resulting from the sincere efforts of science even with its limitations. What's more, the limitations appear to have been “necessary” to inspire the effort.  However, we must become aware that we have a new tool in Pure Conceptuality. If all you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.  A lot of damage gets done with solely that mentality. We do not pretend to be masters of this new tool presented here.  It is simply introduced so more skilled and specialized minds can be aware of it. If we did not have what is now a simple and easy way of calculating, this exploration would not have been possible to a non mathematician. Everything is in order if we do not get stuck in ways of thinking that are no longer supportable. The investment in all effort has paid off but we can not get attached to  ALL of the apparent conclusions of those invested energies. This tool SHOULD inspire the re-examination of theories and philosophies. It is the intent and contention here that the perspectives found here will heal much misunderstanding and apparent contradiction.  


The effort here is to explore the universal and inherent nature of structure in purest principle. This universal and self organizing hierarchy of thought and form is the unraveling of unlimited rational complexity. We can see by the unraveling that the potential for unlimited rational and interconnected fields within fields is resolvable in principle.  The nature of all possibility is eternal, self resolvable and relative and relationally scalable to account for all possibility. As self-conscious beings, we have a special position in being able to contemplate this nature while simultaneously experiencing immersion at such high frequency that the elemental “disappears” into the complexity.  The beauty of this accountability is that we can feel “grounded” in the what and how in purest principle without losing the mystery available in the particularly incomprehensible experienced complexity. That is a win win gift.


It is important to realize that the consensus experience we share is based in the idea and truth of the CONSTANT in principle. In Pure Conceptuality the simple bottom line of that idea of constant lies in the proposition that d=rt, where d=1, r=1 and t=1. We share that constant which is the specific basis of our shared experience. The field of experience we share is rationalized by that unity organized, propagated, regulated, replicated and rationally interconnected. Further we claim that the very nature of the organization and transformation models in concept inform with sophistication and is therefore Universal Language analogous to music, yet unlike music the form, theme and information are available in the theory not the listening or the man-ipulation of the language. The Universal Language is the bottom line of all experience and communication but can be heard, seen, smelled, touched or felt directly through theory and only when understood .


We realize that the videos leave much to be desired, but through a consideration of what we showed in the videos, it is clear that the Octet Star and the Tetra Star are rationalized perfectly and fully  integrated in whole number simplicity and clarity at frequency 15 of the Oct-Tet field. This visualization is the foundation for understanding the “rooting” of the organic in the crystalline which we will explore in chapter 15.


It must be pointed out here that the implosion of the oct-tet star and resulting conceptual matrix field and imaginable rationally connected interactions in principle can easily be seen as a fractal exposition. It shows a self similar spacial never ending pattern similar across different scales while providing for parallel unfolding and overlapping.  We claim here that this conceptually simple, rational and self organizing visualization in stopped time is the essence of consciousness and at some scale IS consciousness which is the “thing” examining itself.  The simplest low frequency realizations and themes of the direct information of the system is the prime common denominator for unification of the the fields of art, science, mathematics, geometry, philosophy and theology. Mainly this is so because we are contending that this way of imagining is a tool for understanding that infinite complexity is “tuned out” by the Click Stop visualization at the most prime level as presented earlier.  This click stop concept continues in the apparent unfolding in time as frequency always intervenes. There is no such thing as continuous flow in time and motion in principle. The frequency may be imperceptible but it is there.


Explore conceptuality14a, 14b, 14c, 14d on youtube