Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 13: The Message in Measuring


Please forgive the misspelling of icosahedron in PCpdf12.  Also, there was some less than articulate description of Dimensional Integrity algebraic details in Video 12. In fact the simple and almost self evident ideas prevail.  If those concepts are generally understood, the details are self correcting as the essence is obvious. The drawings are correct.


With that out of the way we are ready to reflect on what we can now engage conceptually. If what is presented so far is understood, there is a tremendous resolution in it. We want to emphasize here that the “click stops” are not a physical mechanical material consideration outside of consciousness itself.  Consciousness IS the template we are describing and all EXCEPT the “click stops” is “background” to the field and not specifically perceivable. Only the Universal Structural Integrity “registers” in the commonly shared (consensus) Field of Consciousness. There is still unlimited connectivity and complexity of relationship unencumbered by irrationality. This is because the frequency is unlimited, yet the frequency is “metered” in whole number by rational, equal and integrated odd number and even number prime division of the Prime Constant. Division by five, three and  two are built into the Prime Considerations.   We will see as we go along there are any number of rationally related field potentials ready to be recognized and experienced locally and intimately while the general potential is constantly available for comprehension and/or replication. The rational truth of the Field “hides” itself in the rectilinear propagation of squares and cubes as these forms are secondarily and universally inherent sympathetically within the triangulated rational matrix. In the relative frequency we experience on the planet, it seems that the earth is flat and when we see two pine trees or put two posts in the ground, we do not notice the triangle that goes to the center of the earth. The posts and trees are not parallel in fact but we see them as right angles. The Verranzano Bridge towers are a few inches farther apart at the top than at the base as a result of this fact. That we do not  see it or that it is not relevant to daily life does not make it untrue. The essence of consciousness deals ONLY in the truth by the fact of the structure in the most essential form directly perceivable at low frequency. Squares and cubes are wonderfully deceptive! However, they are ever present and are rational within the frame of reference of the structured matrix. We are habituated to the square and cube (not able to consider what we are not taught) and that is very understandable. We are habituated to the notion that time as we experience it is linear and obvious in its nature. We think we are living in some present moment which in fact can not be experienced at all, EVER (except in imagination.) Armed with this bad information we  manufacture a mythology to fit the deception. At a local level in solving physical problems (as in classic physics and engineering) this approach works perfectly well as is self evident in the majestic achievement. This approach breaks down just as “majestically” when applied to a search for ultimate resolution and integration of being (noun and verb) in rational relationship to”things.” It is somewhat analogous to hammering a bolt into a nut rather than simply turning it with the fingers or a wrench – wrong tool for the job. As stated earlier, a wrench can be used as a hammer but a hammer can not be used as a wrench.


What we present here is a TOOL for contemplation and consideration of the WHOLE of things. Frankly,  we contend that the understanding of and proper use of the tool allows for direct perception of the Unified Field.  We are respectful of mathematicians, physicists, engineers and theoretical physicists and their effort and their huge contribution in material mastery. However, we insist that the approach here includes and resolves all systems of thought in a general and essentially complete way without destroying or being at odds with other particular objectives. All searches will lead to where they lead considering the goals and context of the problem approached and methods used to attempt to resolve it.  Our method and search results in a whole resolution of a large and appropriate curiosity in relationship to the potential of integrating and universally organizing conceptually the general and diverse information available to the public at large. It is not necessary to be highly educated in a classic sense to have an integrated, satisfying and useful understanding of the WHOLE.


In this study we are dealing with software which rationalizes a stopped time “hardware” conceptual model which simplicity and universality speaks back to complexity of its very Nature. This  completed cycle of understanding is available to any curious and willing mind. By willing we mean, capable to suspend both disbelief  and belief. To do this we must cognitively recognize our tendencies and our capacities.  We tend to be easily programmed and habituated to ways of thought, belief, feeling, seeing, exploring and navigating. This is important and essential to have a base of operations. It is from this base, we all share individually and uniquely, which we can utilize the CAPACITY in principle to move on in integrated truth and not simply one belief or another. We contend that this understanding of software reduces to the binary in the AB and quickly and rationally speaks to us Universally through a basic and intuitive method of “allowing” it to self reveal. Of course, this method is simply understanding Unity as four timeless, size less, purely conceptual locations self organized as the only possibility and then consider five, six, seven, and eight successive self presenting locations and necessary resolutions of structure and resulting messaging deriving directly out of cognition. This cognition is affirmation of the bottom line nature of COGNATOR and the COGNATED. The cogs fit together as in functional gears! The inherent simplicity of the Click Stop Model and the implication  is profound. Simplicity is Profound. Do not confuse Simple with Simplistic. The contention here is that the simple and the complex coexist simultaneously and eternally, both being a priori. “Evolution” and “devolution” are a construct of perception in consensus experience in linear time.


Realistically, the TOOL is fully revealed at this point of the investigation and exploration. One may go on from here on his/her own exploration with the tool presented and the essential skill gained. Here is the canoe, the paddle and the river. But sometimes simple is not easy, so in the spirit of coaching, inspiring and supporting we are going to continue on this journey into the self evident, as it is exciting and fun to engage in our potential together. The job of a coach is to see potentials and then just beat a drum of what is really obvious. Practice and repetition wear on the habituation which is the wall of separation from the goal. That wall must be penetrated and the coach cannot do it for us but he knows it is possible if he is a true coach. It is not for his glory that he attempts to inspire. There are the mechanics of the skill and then there is the repetition and practice. The effort is for the transcendence of the other to go beyond the coach's personal limitations.  


So here is a pep talk and re- run of ideas already presented but just in another moment and differently arranged sentences. What are we saying here? Basically, matter, experience and “reality” are soluble or miscible into a conceptual framework other than the classical mathematical and scientific approach which has been the leading contender for a theory, methodology or system of resolution and integration of the facts of experience as they exist today. To be whole, intelligent and seeking honestly one must consider any rational, logical and well founded and developed theory that is presented. The contention here is that we have such a theory that is full and whole. It does not answer every question in the language, expectation and tradition of other methodologies. That is not the objective. What we must cognitively embrace is that we are literally engaged in a “magic show.” Science has taken the magic out of the surface of much of what we experience, as imagined against the background of previous generations. By questioning authority and investigating honestly and openly with individual intellect,  science quickly got to the atomic model and cosmological model which is such a huge accomplishment. The change in perspective is so simple and obvious in retrospect, it overwhelms the prior resolution with the force of a tsunami. Where once a coastline community was manifest, functioning and sustaining a real devastation remains. Through habit, the coastal community rebuilds with pride and tradition but one might ask, why, in light of the awareness of the random danger of annihilation. THAT is not logical and must be based in some kind of magical thinking. That kind of resilience in the human condition or spirit is highly regarded generally in contradiction to the logic. What can this possibly mean?


There  must be some reason for this, need, behavior and manifest renewal. Let's investigate this idea of magic.  Has science, mathematics and cosmology really taken the magic out of experience? Do we still insist on seeing the sun go up and down as if by magic?  The contention here is that the effects of science are local, just as the tsunami. It is up to each intellect, heart and mind to stand on something within themselves ultimately. We can choose not to live near the ocean very logically and yet appreciate the “craziness” of others as a choice in which we are not involved yet have an opinion. If government became so powerful as to legislate us away from the ocean, there would be outrage and rebellion. In this case government would logically be correct in “saving us from ourselves.” But what are OURSELVES? Do you see we cannot avoid the obvious? So we all go on with some sort of magical thinking as essential to us in general. The most ardent scientist or physicist or theoretical physicist must, in the end, revert to unsubstantiated belief, faith and hope in whatever system in which the individual is submerged. There are all kinds of relative arguments for one choice over another but there is only pretense of resolution. Each platform for argument is particular and so specialized, a lifetime may be invested with no cognitive universal resolution.  Inherent in this problem is a misunderstanding of the significance of and meaning of “magic.” We talked about this earlier.  The word “magic” is much like the word “coincidence” as both imply deception.  Coincidence is used with undeserved respectability generally, but magic somehow implies a deception as if deception is always a trick in a negative sense.. Therefore, if one allows for any serious area of wonder, one must be misunderstanding “reality.” If we are honest, every moment of every day can only be correctly labeled as magic. That magic obviously drags with it its inference to deception.  That was not the case  for people in general before science. Different cultures had different magic so the battle is inherent but the magic itself did not imply deception universally.  That is a huge change.


In Pure Conceptuality we acknowledge Magic. Our perception is that magic is the idea against which deception can be recognized. The prime function of magic is to challenge the intellect to truly understand the utility of deception and then generalize that knowing into a useful tool.  There is no word better to describe the beauty of an insect that looks like an orchid than MAGIC. “Coincidence” just falls very flat. Description is simply that and evolution as a reason or explanation is at least faulty. We contend that “magic” and “miracle” actually are useful words here.  Any consideration or contemplation requires something to be considered honestly.  Magic can be considered honestly. A whole consideration of the ALL must consider magic along with everything else that can be considered.  We all have an impression of what “magic” means to us individually. In Pure Conceptuality magic exists in the Eternal Truth in that “stopped time” contemplation between the past and the future. The magic is in the whole understanding of how deception is essential to consensus self conscious experience while ALL is comprehensible generally in its TOTALITY  and UNITY. Specifically and in ultra, ultra high frequency and complexity, mystery and magic are a gift, not a curse. A whole understanding does not strip out magic and mystery in the same sense as it defeats “coincidence.” Science does not understand this utility of a consideration of the wholeness implied in the word “magic.” We must understand that the scientific precepts simplistically strip out magic without understanding the utility and replaces it with a new and poorer system of belief authenticated philosophically by material achievement. This endeavor fails to realize that all mastery comes out of  reverse engineering of what already is. There is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


Let's explore in detail this most essential concept of  Frequency and Resolution as perceived  and presented in Pure Conceptuality. We are handicapped in general by our common sense understanding and acceptance of the universality of measurement.  In daily life or even in academic life we engage measurement externally and without any real thought or deep consideration of the premises involved.  First of all, it is worth considering the natural necessity of some system of measurement in daily transactions of organized society and self conscious being.  We build, we trade, we travel and we think. All of this requires external systems of measurement. Historical study and records reveal hundreds of different standards and units of measure from different times, groups and cultures. What all of them have in common is the need for some communicable general standard (constant). Digits, palms, feet, thumbs, nails and even counting grains to fill some standard volume have been utilized.   What they have in common is equal or rational division of standards into smaller units and multiples of standards into larger units. The key objective generally is to attempt to establish order, constancy and consistency. When we honestly look at a beehive, flower or snowflake we must accept that  some system of order and “measurement” is inherent in consciousness and nature. That system is not arbitrary. It is unique and universal. Our “after the fact” needs to emulate establishing order lead us intuitively and correctly to look for and then establish CONSTANTS.  In a social sense within a general and local frame, it is only necessary to be generally effective and useful and with functional approximation. In a larger sense of generalizing a useful tool for MIND to use in abstraction and engineering, firm, authoritative and relatively increasing accuracy of calculation, requires increasing accuracy and universality of measure. The mechanics and external and conceptual tools of measurement are refined to meet the urgent necessity. In all of this it is easy to overlook the fact that all of our systems of measure are arbitrary in their base.  However, since we have over time forced all systems to unify by standardization, we overlook the nature of the intuited tool of a CONSTANT in principle.


We have labored here to bring the mind to an understanding that CONSTANT is a Universal Principle and is not what it seems intuitively. It is eternal, inherent and universal while only being specific in its generalization of understanding of relativity, resolution and universality and  in its conceptual  usefulness as a tool of understanding. Since we are handicapped by common sense and habituated thinking and experience, it is difficult to tease out the difference of measurement as we think of it from frequency as presented here in Pure Conceptuality. Frequency is simple and “intuitive” and useful once seen in its conceptual wholeness. It is measurement against a standard in a different and more complete way of thinking of measurement and standard.  Understanding frequency does not contradict or defeat the utility of measurement as we use it, but it does help us see how full unthinking acceptance of measurement and calculation “cripples” aspects of the ability to think in whole terms. We define that as “igonre-ance,” which is not lack of intelligence, but rather a habit of not including or considering the whole of things in thought.


We showed earlier that in terms of the triangle, “triangling” is analogous to the idea of squaring, which is multiplying a number by itself. We have shown and will show again in Video conceptuality13 at youtube that if we multiply the frequency of one side of an equilateral triangle by itself, we get the “triangled” or square of that number and resulting displayed equal division and creation of resulting equilateral triangles.    Of course the same is true for the square, but the resulting areas of the square and triangle are not easily  and apparently equivalent. The obvious case where the triangle and square are easily equivalent is in  the case of the square that is formed by two isosceles right triangles sharing their hypotenuse which appears as the diagonal of a square. If we have a one unit square, the sides are one and the area is one. The inherent and necessary two right triangles revealed by the diagonal  have the same height and base as the square and it is easy to see that each triangle is one half of the square. This shows how base times height equals the area of two triangles, thus the division by two to get the area of one triangle. We can keep that same height equal to the base and move the point of the triangle anywhere parallel to the base and have any number of triangles with the exact same area of .5. Two of the side dimensions stretch or shrink perfectly and universally to hold constant the area as .5 unit. This is an easy place try to imagine how many divisions of the non constant sides we are considering for calculation as this point slides along smoothly and apparently not stopping. As mentioned earlier, the way we normally deal with this is to have some standard of measurement that we externally apply to the model by decree. Even when we are not working in scale, we can apply the standard in principle with the math. Practical mathematics orbits around this practical understanding. This is measurement.


Pure Conceptuality looks at dimension another way. Measurement is accommodated but the principle is different.  We contend that anywhere the point “stops” is an exact equal division of the base and the height at some frequency of the division of the unit nature of the base and the “stretching” and “shrinking” of the  accommodating sides .  That resolution may be very very high frequency or very low like for example one, two, three etc. We will show in video conceptuality13 how frequency can accommodate the stretching and shrinking while remaining rational.  Regardless of the frequency the “numbers” have eternal and orderly proportional and rational relationship as long as the base and height are constant.   But further, we can just take a given and constant area and develop any number of triangles with that area using the old standard formula ½ height x base = area. If we calculate the empirical AREA of the one unit equilateral triangle we get  .433012702. That is: one half the square root of three, times one, total divided by two.  Now if we take that same formula and  make the height simply the square root of one, square root of two, three, four, five, six, seven and on, it is easy to understand that this is the area of two equal triangles or the “right” and “left” sharing the same base of 1 unit as we did not do the division by two. If we square that “double” area we get a progression of area squared (triangled?) as follows - .25 - .50 - .75 - 1.00 - 1.25 - 1.50 – 1.75 – 2.00 etc. The square roots of that progression give us the area of each “pair” of triangles. If we divide by two we get the area of each. So we can take the the square root of .75 ( for example) and get .866025404, divided by two to get the .433012702 area for the one unit equilateral triangle. This is just one overview of the rationality of looking at the triangle in this way. We get the same progression of area for the isosceles right triangle of hypotenuse square root of one, square root of two, three, four, five etc. The progression of areas is directly .25, .50, .75, 1.00, 1.25 and so on. If we were just playing with the calculator and took the square root of any whole number and divided that by two and  squared that number we get some multiple of 25 as in the progression above. We might wonder, why? The answer is in the nature of Prime Structure Conceptuality. If we explore the triangle in frequency, rather than measurement against an arbitrary standard, it is easier to get an understanding of the eternal and universal nature of the concepts explored and patterns revealed. With a ream of paper, and the Pythagorean Theorem and a simple calculator with square and square root calculation ability, unlimited series of patterns, repeating patterns, special recognized numbers pour out until the ream of paper is gone! Rather than getting “lost” in the majesty of the awe and the complexity, we try here to get the simple message or signposts in general of the whole message of the patterning in general.  There is order in consciousness that is conceptual and not material and it is generally understandable that this order IS universal intelligence (intelligibility) and the low frequency messages, rationality and understanding permeate the whole. One key to becoming comfortable with this is to realize that  we engage these truths locally at a very high frequency and low resolution. We cannot see that the water in a swimming pool or glass, for that matter, is slightly domed on the surface just like the surface of the ocean as seen from space. That we can't resolve it materially, for all practical purposes, does not negate the truth.  The word “square” exists but it is an unsubstantiated outline image in the mind that is substantiated in fact by the truth of triangle. The truth of triangle is only its conceptual nature as it can actually exist only in conceptual spacial structure as an integrated idea of “face,” .  


To be honest, we do not really, need AREA and VOLUME in Pure Conceptuality. We have been methodical from the very beginning to rationalize and “make space” for the concepts in principle so as to give more interdisciplinary weight to the thought. Also the investigation does show the rational whole unit volumetric relationships in the prime eternal and universal structural hierarchy. If we have any conceptual space we have ALL space in principle. Space, time, energy. the conservation of energy, relativity and resolution are ideas which can be apprehended and comprehended in purest principle without  having to be trained in complex specialized languages The apparent conflict with common sense and PROOF of history and linear time in the social and fossil record is also a gift. It forces us to be more expansive and rationally imaginative in whole integration and comfort in being. If it is TOO OBVIOUSLY true, it is a very beautiful trick. Remember, trick does not mean “bad' or not considerable or not a matter of experience.  The way we see it, deception in general as a phenomenon and idea is a gift. To understand deception as a tool in truth seeking is a bigger challenge.


In looking carefully and out of context, we can see many things as “signposts” or indicators of some other perspective. Mathematics recognizes and is fascinated with Prime Numbers. We find the word Prime as essential in the base understanding our work here. Prime numbers are special only in that they cannot be factored. They can only be divided by themselves and one. As strings of number expressions become longer, the Primes become more scarce. In Pure Conceptuality this is a signpost or message in itself. It is an inverse expression of frequency in pattern.  The Primes get lost or are more difficult to find submerged in such high frequency numbers. Conceptually, mathematically speaking, they should go on “forever” as the system is essentially understood to exist. In Pure Conceptuality we  understand the word “infinite” in terms of regenerating and integrating patterns rather than a never ending “increase” or “decrease.”  Patterns are recognized as resolution, reintegration , renewal and repetition in ascending or descending scale “driven” by elemental prime relationships and dimensions. When the scale is understood to be contained by the Prime Considerations the open ended idea of “infinite”                                                                 ` simply becomes finitely resolved in one whole understanding. Prime numbers cease to be interesting in themselves when it is realized that simply doubling them renders them “natural” and rational. There is a beautiful animated graphic of The Sieve of Eratosthenes at Youtube by Brent Yorgey. This is a visualization of frequency,scale, amplitude and pattern in locating classic prime numbers. We see the Constant Baseline directly. Beautiful!


Just to emphasize the idea of signpost, we are going to take a quick look at Numerology. This is most commonly seen as a belief in the divine or mystical relationship of numbers with more complex high frequency events and themes. A numerologist draws pseudo-scientific inferences from defined and associated meanings or tendencies of perceived patterns in number sequences and operations. Numbers can be associated with letters as in “bible code” interpretation. But generally the most simple application in numerology is to simplify multiple digit numbers into  a single digit number by adding digits together and reducing until a single digit is resolved. . For example the number 5764 digits added together is 22. Add 2 and 2 and the original number is resolved to 4. So 5764 somehow has the “value” or identity of 4.  Persons who engage this practice experience and report strong anecdotal utility through simplification and clarification by revealing hidden meaning or themes to them personally. This is not unlike the experience of practitioners of astrology, tarot, I Ching or magic 8 Ball! Why is this? It is not that their experience is “false.” Their experience is as real as pattern itself is real and inherent in consciousness and as consciousness. We showed the self developing pattern of area of the isosceles right triangle with the ascending hypotenuse values of square root of 1, square root of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on. The areas are .25, .50, .75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.0, 2,25, 2.50 and so on. Now if we apply the additive process of numerology to this series we get 7, 5 3, 1, 8, 6, 4, 2, 9, and back to 7. notice that that process gives us all nine of the digits and it starts to repeat. If we add 5 and 3, then1and 8, then 6 and 4 and  then 2 and 9, we get the progression of 7,8,9,10 and 11. This is just the beginning! The FACT here is that there ARE patterns. We KNOW how the original series developed from the areas of the isosceles right triangles. These other resulting patterns appear to be rational but we have no clue how or why they develop. This is the signpost. We exist as pattern recognition because we are of the universal pattern which is understandable at the simplest Prime Level. It may be useful, as in science and mathematics, to delve deeply into study of some of the patterns but at the same time one ultimately gets “lost” in the complexity. For us it is sufficient and prudent to realize that ALL is operating perfectly and synchronously always in perfect integration due to Prime Truth.


What relevant use in general experience can we find in these broad realizations? Let's consider consciousness itself as it relates in a practical sense to the ideas we have been exploring. If consciousness is of the nature we claim here, we should find some signposts of it in broad high resolution experience which point to underlying structural truth. We elucidated the connection with the “divination” belief systems or pseudosciences but we go on.  Generally speaking, we can recognize “healthiness” versus “unhealthiness” in our high frequency low resolution daily lives. We look at a the organic aspect of our experience like a house plant, a pet, a friend of a tree and we get an impression universally among us as to whether the thing seems healthy. We might have varying opinions about any particular thing, but in general having the underlying sense of healthiness is a capacity we all share. This is based in our sympathetic relationship with the order of which we ARE in essence. Being healthy means being well integrated into the systems of which we are “composed” and in which we are engaged or immersed.  Just being comfortable in our sense of self is known to be healthy as opposed to being confused, burdened or stressed.  This isn't  rocket science. We know and can appreciate “well adjusted” people in our lives. Somehow, they are or seem HEALTHY in their lives and relationship to the world at large.  Now we could write a book about our opinions of  who, what, when, where, how and why these people stand out and another book of opinions about seemingly unhealthy people. What would we really be discussing? Simply put, realization,  resolution, contemplation, comprehension, integration, and equilibrium. Experiencing life in sympathy with a healthy capacity to love will operate as a school for some to become or maintain good health balanced in all aspects of being. It is our contention here that this is a cognitive harmonic with the natural messaging inherent in the medium. The natural order in consciousness uses harmony and dissonance very obviously in the universal language of music. The universal self evident language of  form which we elucidate here operates just as automatically. Symptoms in general life which point to this reality are “mental (consciousness) disturbances”  which display themselves in life story as signposts such as obsessive compulsive behavior, depression, anxiety, paranoia and schizophrenia . All of these behaviors express a cognitive dissonance with  the potential of healthy contemplation, realization, integration, understanding and balance. Familiarity with and the comprehension of the the order, interaction, proportionality, polarity, complementarity, transformation and inherent messaging presented here in Pure Conceptuality is the foundation of a fuller peace and integration with being. What is comprehensible in low frequency modeling is the key and nature of the whole including consciousness itself. Diseases of consciousness (mind) are simply that, dis-ease with the natural order which itself is a signpost that the Order exists and is Prime.


To simplify this, let's reconsider the prime numbers. What could be more mundane and less informative than a sequential additive string of numbers?  Classically the only thing we can identify about them is the counting nature. If we consider them in more depth, we notice some look “even” and some look “odd,”  they are not divisible by any number but themselves and one. All of a sudden there is message (signpost) and curiosity looks for repetition, order and comprehension. We mentioned earlier Eratosthenes Sieve and directed you to the youtube animated graphic. The graphic is quite aesthetically pleasing and “speaks dramatically” if our senses are prepared to hear. Here is an AB vector along which a logical orderly search displays pattern which speaks of resolution, repetition, dimension, order, proportionality, ascending and descending scale in rational balance. All of this displays from the most obvious and basic inquiry. The conceptual modeling and interactive messaging in Pure Conceptuality are components of the Logical Sieve which orders and resolves in principle the complexity of experience in high frequency. The ordered and recognizable is filtered out by cognitive harmony and resonance. The rest of all potential which passes through the filter is of equal integrity in purest principle but is not tuned in by our unique consensus Prime. This results in space and operation within space in an otherwise overcrowded  field of potential. This is so easy!


So depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behavior, PTSD, paranoia and schizophrenia are simply cognitive dissonance within the consensus Field.  Schizophrenics “discover” patterns and obsess personally and uniquely in “cognating” them in a unique but non consensus reality.  It IS their reality but not in sympathy with what is healthy by comparison to a more generally utilitarian balance and integration. Paranoiacs  find a unique meaning in happenings which are also personally unique and not a consensus integration. For our purposes, these observations are signposts of healthy cognitive order versus unhealthy (by contrast) cognitive dissonance. The contributions in art and science of persons who obsess on unique personal perspectives are often dramatic. This adds emphasis to the natural school of ordering and dissonance. Dissonance and silent space in music is intrinsic in the whole of music. Abstraction and surprise in visual art is art.  In this sense, even exception points one to the Universal all accommodating construct. Following the same thought, when scientists and doctors ascribe behavioral “abnormalities” to chemical imbalance they ignore the possibility that the chemical imbalance results from the cognitive dissonance which could be partially attributable to a  cognitive dissonance (disease) in the consensus information generally accepted within the consensus field.  What we present here in Pure Conceptuality is the “Swiss Army Knife” for the adventure into being; a universally utilitarian tool.


We are not suggesting that this tool is a cure all in practice. Few will be curious to follow this difficult path of unlearning. However, it might be possible that an imagined future could include, through a renewal of Philosophy,  a credible stand alone science based in the modeled methodology of Pure Conceptuality. There is a tremendous investment and frankly a kind of corruption in the current systems of thought overwhelmed by science, secular mind set and material marketing based  in “greed.” We don't like to look at the obvious sometimes. It is uncomfortable.


Finally in this chapter we are going to investigate frequency in relation to the conceptual triangle. We say conceptual as a triangle can only exist as an idea in the open face of a triangulated structure. We are investigating eternal relationship integrity, proportionality, regression, progression and rational transformation. In this process, dynamics and themes introduce themselves as if by language. We show in the video, conceptuality13a, at youtube a very general discourse on “reading” the Prime Structure – triangle – in terms of some of its general message. Essentially, any triangle leads us into a visual understanding of the tendency of structure to self resolve and seek equilibrium while at the same time suggesting and initiating the self generation of the Prime structures. Of course, this brings into play all of the Prime Dimensions as described in the discussion of the Universal Dimensional “click stops.” Watch the video now.


It is fascinating how we use words with authority and apparent certainty, when in fact the meaning of the word resides in the mind of the user only. The word dimension is such a word. In its most general and generic sense Dimension is an aspect or feature of a situation, problem or thing. A simple parable may be interpreted to have many implied or contained messages viewed from different perspectives.                  Assumptions of commonalities of experience and sophistication are dimensions of consideration in the interpretation of meaning. A dash of balsamic vinegar adds a dimension of flavor to a soup for a discerning palate. Dimension can be a measurable extent of some kind like length, width, depth, height or even time of some thing or plan or story.  In the scientific or mathematical sense, it is clearly assumed to be definite and commonly understood as the idea of length, width and height with time kind of thrown in there as some kind of fourth dimension. The most sophisticated theoretical physicists fail to give the rest of us any idea at all of what they mean by dimension when they engage string theory, for example, and speak of  five, six, seven on and and on dimensions.  Even when thinking honestly about length, width and height – what is that?  It is some kind of visualization in the mind only having to do with the x,y, and z axes right angle relationship. It depends on how one looks at it in relationship to gravity as to what's what. So in that sense dimensions are just three identical trajectories which are unique only in their directional interpretations in the minds eye. This is convenient to “measure” or define a rectilinear (right angle) conception. The attachment of names (defined describing) of length, width and height is very arbitrary and vague if considered deeply. If we lay a rectangular solid piece of wood on a table, the length width and height depend on which side we lay it on. All those words simply mean measurement for the purpose of specific and local description. Length, width and height only describe by definition and interpretation. There is nothing informing or expository in a truly conceptual way.  


By contrast, in Pure Conceptuality we associate the trajectory with time, not direction. We apply the CONSTANT of speed of light and any amount of time to arrive at our AB unitary linear conception. Through simplification and whole consideration, we see the conceptual self development of the conceptual triangulated structural Primary Universal Integrities with the resulting EXACT dimensions in manifestation. So for us, Dimension simply means dimension in the most obvious and easy to understand sense.  They are the conceptual entities with the names square root of one, square root of two, three, five  and the structural and proportional relationships of the dimensions to the whole. At least it is clear what dimension is and means in Pure Conceptuality.  In some way of seeing a unit edge Tet is a one dimensional “object.” It is one containment of space with one structurally relevant dimension. In our way of seeing the Tet simultaneously is/becomes the duotet of volume two and at least two structural  dimensions of one and also the point to point dimension of two thirds the square root of six which is the square root of three times the square root of two divided by three and multiplied by two. We thus have the Prime Dimensions of one, the square root of two and the square root of three engaged rationally. All of these Dimensions have integrity in their eternal conceptual existence and “place” in understanding. We have related and affirmed six Dimensional Integrities or dimensions in our study here.  


Now we concern ourselves with frequency as it relates to our use and understanding of triangle. We have demonstrated throughout our study that we are simply learning to interpret the language of structured manifestation. We are not creating the language, but rather just learning to read a conception of what is, was and will always be which self reveals, hidden in plain sight. The triangle is an amazing rational computational entity. In video, conceptuality13b at youtube, we explore the CONSTANCY of the transformational triangle. We know that with a constant AB base and any proportional constant height we get constant area by ½ height x base. If we know area and base or area and height we can find the missing value by the following:  h=2A/b or b=2A/h.  In Pure Conceptuality the base and height are each constant values which can be divided by any frequency. The base and height frequency are always equal.  This will become more understandable in the videos. For us, similar triangles are conceptually congruent in principle. The particulars of measurement are irrelevant to the truth of proportion. We will see that frequency is not exactly equivalent to measurement.  Area is the lowest common denominator of a triangle. Just by selecting any area, we can easily find and understand all of the rational triangular containment possibilities. For example: If we have area of 6, we double that to 12 divide it by any base value (4 for example) and we get 3 which is the height. Normally we think of area as the result of measurement and calculation, but we can just as well start with area to get constant proportionality.  If the base is 5, we divide 12 by the base five to get the height 2.4. The point here is to get a sense of the true constancy around which there are any number of rational containment possibilities.  From this platform triangle teaches us.


One characteristic of whole thinking is that anomalies, flaws and errors become context for further consideration and resolution.  In Video conceptuality13a there is an example of such a potential. When discussing and demonstrating the “elastic” 4,5,6 triangle we stated that we could divide base 6 by two and establish a point on the parallel height line which made that elastic triangle an equilateral triangle.  Of course that was mis-spoken and what was meant is that an isosceles triangle is the result.  So we would have an isosceles triangle considering the base and two inclined sides. However, by erecting the perpendicular in the middle of the base line, we create two right triangles which are not isosceles. To create an equilateral triangle we would simply connect two sides equal to the base and this would automatically establish a height of 6 times ½  the square root of three.  The point here is that we do all of this with no measurement. We are simply using given arbitrary “length” divided by frequency,
Further, we are indicating here that all of the possible triangles described exist simultaneously and eternally in principle while one case excludes the other locally as, for example, the perpendicular height vector “destroying” the co-existent isosceles triangle of base 6 and height 3.306 making two non isosceles right triangles.  In our way of thinking we do not add or subtract to increase or decrease frequency. We divide the considered whole into equal parts of any number simply keeping the integrity of relationships and proportions.  This whole scenario is the message, not any particular part standing alone.  


This close examination of triangle is intended to point us back to the more general understanding we strive to relate.  We are exploring the essence of structural integrity and the inherent messaging.  First of all, we are trying to show that the patterns we recognize in the math do not describe the form. The form and the dynamics of transformation establishes the ratios, proportionality and patterns in the math. Even when the integrated and simultaneous “generation” of these patterns is too complex (high frequency) to be locally resolvable, the low frequency resolvable messaging and patterns are the essence of the same truth (integrity) inherent in the ultra complex.  Video conceptuality13a, 13b, 13c is a good representation of the dynamics of the thought in Pure Conceptuality.  All of the videos and diagrams in Chapter 13 attempt to establish a bridge back to that more general thought while integrating the formulaic “truth” of “classical” geometry. Do not let this be a stumbling block if feeling overwhelmed by detail. The detail is not as important as the whole thought. Having this behind us now, it is prudent to reconsider and contemplate the ideas established in Chapter 10 including the diagram PCpdf10.  This “flat” generalization is much more simple, direct, essential, complete and inherent in a whole integration and understanding of the Unification.  The common ground we are exploring is the very same “hook” that pulls us almost irresistibly into into a morass of complexity with seductive “hidden” patterns and messaging. It's all ONE THING, folks, and it is generally resolvable!  


It is relevant here to extend all of this thinking one more step. We do that in video conceptuality13d by relating all we have learned about area in the triangle to volume in the Tet. Volume for the Tet is one third area of base time height.  This is very straightforward simple math.  Once we have the volume of any Tet all of the ideas we explored with the area of triangle apply to the volume of the Tet. However the Tet is “calculating” with much more sophistication. Once there is a considered volume EVERYTHING is rationally transformable around that CONSTANT volume.  Every vertex and every edge can vary in position and length while maintaining constant volume.  To imagine this just invent  an elastic liquid filled container that keeps its Tet form and imagine pushing and pulling on any of the vertexes. The volume cannot change as the liquid is not expandable or compressible but the shape will perfectly and rationally accommodate every and all linear and positional changes. This is another example of the prime nature of the idea of CONSTANT expressed in the language of pure conceptuality and mathematics.. In video conceptuality13d we try to show how the exact correlation we learned about area  in triangle applies directly to volume in the Tet.  It is interesting to notice that we cannot perform a similar thought experiment with the triangle as there is no spacial containment technically imaginable as the triangle has no thickness. We can see that all we need is an area and we can imagine constructing a rational triangle of unlimited possibilities just by inserting that area number into the formula  2A/B= H. Then the proportionality of any height to any base is established. Here the triangle is computing and rationalizing six variables while the Tet computes and spatially resolves ten variables.  When formulas lose their identification with form through complexity or abstraction it is impossible to reconstruct the formula from the “answer.”  


There are three pdf illustrations with this chapter PCpdf13a, 13b, 13c