Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 12: This has to "click"


In Chapter 10 we introduced the drawing PCpdf10 which showed how the Universal Dimensional Integrities self develop simply by connecting the open vertexes of the triangular tiling array. To scribe images on paper with pen for us is a pure abstraction in fact but these images help us in imagining the Eternal Dimensional Truth and Integrity of The Eternal Generalized Principles we have allowed to emerge in our analysis of “what is” in Pure Conceptuality. The paper in itself is a spacial and dimensional matrix at very high frequency on which we scribe ideas not things. This is useful but it is a representation of the thing, not the thing. There are no sizes and measurements here, only idealization, generalization and conceptual inter-relationship. No such planar reality exists in manifest space and can only be valid in imagination.  This may seem like splitting hairs here but this is why we started with and have used spacial models rather than drawings in our explanations up to now. We only include this drawing to help understanding and impress on the mind that there is no such thing as a plane except as the face of a structure. The plane has no existence except as the purely conceptual boundary between the inside and outside of a structured reality. We can't write on a plane. Everything truly considerable is spacial and exact in its resolution conceptually.


We promised to keep it simple in trying to elucidate the Primordial Nature of the geometries  and relationships we have observed self develop in our conceptual exploration.  Actually we must keep it simple to facilitate a whole understanding as the mind gets overwhelmed very quickly by complexity. This is the Nature of Self Consciousness. Remember we mentioned earlier that we find it difficult to identify the number of a group of pebbles beyond five. We start putting them in groups in our minds eye of five or less. When we count a cadence we just repeat low numbers. So in our study here we must continually reintegrate everything into our original conception to be able to hold on to and fold back in each “new” realization. The truth and relationship demonstrated in the paper drawing  “disappears” conceptually in the very information it reveals if considered in a whole way. There is no such thing as a plane except in relationship to spacial manifestation.  So when we talked about “rigidifying” the structure in stopped time with the cross field dimensions we were “stretching the truth.” But we are going to clear that up here with a most beautiful and simple realization and resolution.  


We sated that the triangle is purely conceptual until we realize its dual. For our purposes here we will see it as two triangles sharing one side.  If we consider the dimension crossing that shared side from point to point of the two triangles we have the square root of three, Dimensional Integrity. It is true that any “shortening of that dimension starts “lifting” the points out of imagining the construction to be “flat.” That is pretty neat but we are forgetting that when the length is square root of three, there is congruence and an intersection across that shared side dividing the two equilateral triangles into four right triangles. Instead of one hinge, we have two hinges, one lateral and one longitudinal. So we have a problem. There is no case where we can actually achieve the dimension of square root of three as it simultaneously becomes one half the square root of three and two triangles become four.  This is how our drawing “lies” to us. So when mathematicians and theoretical physicists talk about planes they are not thinking in whole terms.  


From here on we are going to deal with a model of the two (unit-length) equilateral triangles where the shared side is a hinge. Any dimension between the points across the hinge less than the square root of three transforms this “invisible” conception into a spacial Tet. Given, it is a very “obtuse” and “flattened out' Tet, but a Tet none the less. As you see in video conceptuality12 at YouTube, there are amazing  resolutions and realizations as the distance between the points shortens. This is because in that shortening we pass through all of the Dimensional Integrities we have encountered in our study. This is so simple, it is overlooked. Just bringing these two points closer together we realize SIMPLY AND MATERIALLY the PRIME CONSTRUCT essentials of a complete spacial Universe while dragging along all of the concepts, ideas, themes, stories we have included in the self presenting word-models of Pure Conceptuality. This is a beautiful reduction, resolution and realization in the most basic essence. This is not a beginning or an ending but IS conceptually “sandwiched between” the past and the future in the stopped time PRESENT of Pure Conceptuality. This is so, as we only concern ourselves with the structure in its Eternal Nature of EACH Dimensional Integrity. We have described six of these relational integrities in our study. They are the square root of one, square root of two, Phi (Golden Ratio), two times the square root of six divided by three, square root of 25 divided by the square root of 9 (5/3), and Square root of (5 minus the square root of 5) divided by ten and times two! That last one is the “corollary” of PHI as we will see in the video. We have to note here that this visualization in the video IS the Prime Incidence of PHI in Universe! We would call this the de-mystification of PHI if it wasn't so amazing in itself.  See conceptuality12 video at youtube.  It is important to understand  the Prime Dimensions are self determined in the Octet Matrix as the degree of “folding” is determined in the static construction. These Dimensional Integrities RESULT from that truth. This “Click Stop” presentation is just another way to look at that fact.


The structure is only CONSIDERABLE with the Universal Dimensional Integrities “installed.” This is literal as it is one of those word synchronicities  in English which is so entertaining. The moving hinge “stalls” conceptually at each “click stop” of the Integrity being “put in.” However one imagines this, the point is that each click stop is in “tune” with the rest of the relevant Universe determined by the Prime Dimension which is any  PRIME CONSTANT anywhere and anywhen. If this doesn't result in “chills” to the reader, it just hasn't been understood. What this means is that this is a simple way to see that there can be any number of “universes” while yet having only ONE manifest in any particular past-future self consciously manifest reality with the consensus Prime Constant.  At the simplest level, understanding the “consensus tuning” function of the Prime Dimension IS the Conceptual Bridge (in stopped time) to allow mutual perception of a common (to us) Universe.   As stated earlier this Conceptual Bridge is an Understanding and not simplistic. Within this context each self consciousness can make any choice and it will be accommodated by Eternal Universe. Everything is ALWAYS in Perfect Order.  All potentials are contained within the understanding of this overarching ONENESS of Eternity.  In other words, IF IT CAN BE IT “ALREADY” IS. So, if we conceptually take out the special case sequencing of time as we experience it, and consider deeply, then, anything imaginable is true.  Obviously there is Eternal Order in anything experience-able as we have labored to show here in Pure Conceptuality. We do not need TIME (motion) to conceptually come to peace with that realization. Intelligence is inherent in Order. Perfect Intelligence is “automatic” in principle so any story becomes “true” just in its ability to be told or manifest. Some stories are just “better” than others.


We will beat this horse more as we move along but we emphasize here in our model that the Nature of reality is Eternal and our particular perception is intertwined with the template. Con-template that. Conceptually in stopped time, we are “hardware” and “hardwired” by the Dimensional Integrity of which we are inherent and manifest. Space is existent out of the infinitely dense potential. Any space has any number of locations as locations have no dimension. Space is manifest by automatic tuning out of locations which are not inherent in order. It is all ONE thing – an eternal system of after the fact and before the fact organization in principle and experience. The Tet is the bottom line statement.


OK, let's review.  Minimal spacial consideration “starts” and “stops” at four locations determined by the constant AB. At five locations, we have the duotet, at six the octahedron, and the first appearance of the tetra helix, at seven locations – the pentagonal decagon and the tetrahelix and at eight locations we have the octet star and the dodecatet and the tetrahelix. The remaining Prime Structure is the icosahedron which is geometrically existent in the Dimensional Integrity of the pentagonal dodecahedron. Neither the pentagonal dodecahedron nor the icosahedron have whole number rational tetra volume. We will consider the implications of that later. So we have a progression from four to eight locations determining geometrically the blueprint for total Universe.  This simple progression creates and determines the Dimensional Integrities. and includes the Tetrastar ( the Dodecatet and Tetrahelix), the Octet Star and the Icosahedron. In other words, EVERYTHING we have studied and understood so far translated into its essence in one unfolding and refolding modelable demonstration and resulting realization. We want to be clear in reminding that the prime dimensions we refer to in this folding triangular conception are determined as identities of exactness as determined conceptually in the self development of the models and their conceptual existence in the octet matrix. We can not “measure” these dimensions, they just are. In this folding triangle model we can imagine the model “disappearing” between the “click stops.” What we are really talking about here is consciousness.


We are going to stop here with this in Chapter 12 as what has been presented here deserves some stand alone contemplation, realization and resolution in the minds eye. See PCpdf12 and review the video. We suggest relaxing in these realizations and allowing all to settle in to the mind and being before moving on. We contend that if you have moved deliberately and openly along here you have enough step by step information to actually understand where we are now. There is a little bit more having to do with understanding frequency and matrix resolution and how these Integrities play within what seems to be and is the infinitely complex FIELD. That comes next.