Part 2

Pure Conceptuality



Chapter 10: A hammer is what a hammer does


The reader must realize by now, if indeed you have gone this far;  this is not a book, it is a study. When a math student ponders, what is to him a conundrum, there inevitably comes an “ah ha” moment when the obscure becomes clear. In that realization, what was obscure is understood. Further it is not possible to return to the prior condition of non understanding. There has been a re-cognition of all of the circumstances of the problem.  Professors recognize and delight in seeing those moments of understanding and re-cognition. It reminds them of their own excitement and satisfaction in discovery of what was “new” to them and is now “new” to the student. What is available to be seen is not seen until the “eye” is ready.  Passion, curiosity and effort are required to see in “new” ways. Of course, in Universal terms there is “nothing new under the sun.” Anything that can be realized is already existent and has the potential to be realized.


What we are studying here is Universal WORD. This is an approach which starts with the assumption that the Primordial Integrity of Manifest Reality is neatly submerged in the ultra complex high frequency continually unfolding self conscious story and scenario. Up to now we have tried to move the mind into a simplified realm which derives the primordial limit case - Universal conceptual armature - out of the complex while containing the integrity found in the complex in purest principle. Frankly, if you have followed along, you might realize that we have been very successful so far. If this has not yet become clear do not despair, we will be persistent in the further investigation and perhaps the mind will open along the way or perhaps a review of the study up to now is in order. This conceptual change is simple, once seen, but it is not not easy.


We are attempting to show that TOOL is an idealization that is general and specific. Think of a hammer. It makes no difference how big or small or to what use it is put, the minds eye sees a hammer. A rock held in the hand can also be seen as a hammer. So what a hammer does is as important as what it looks like. So a hammer is both a verb and a noun. Conceptually a big hammer “contains” a small hammer but also a small hammer “contains” a big hammer in the same way of “seeing.” Once we see the “toolness” rather than just the picture of the thing in the mind, we encompass all possibilities of HAMMER.


We have tried to ease the mind into this re-cognition of WORD through the carefully designed and applied lens of Pure Conceptuality. Through that investigation we began to see  a Universal symbol system-language which derives out of self generating rational dynamic vectoral geometry.  To imagine that this geometry is somehow generating itself out of nothing is mistaken thinking. This geometry is realized in consciousness out of the a priori complexity through reduction and reverse engineering. We are not trying to explain the “beginning” of what we interpret as the material Universe. We are simply taking complexity back to the most basic conception which is the Universal  turn around model (TOOL) which is recognized as symbol and language. We cannot think of this as matter, but rather as conceptual idealization in imagination. Obviously, this does not dismiss the reality of the stopped time construct. It is as real as it is useful in describing and understanding the nature of this experience in which we are submerged.


To each of us self consciousness is a priori. Through the self conscious lens we witness what seems to be a kind of generalized conscious activity, in the organization of matter in terms of atoms, molecules and crystals, while also noticing the manifest organization of the organic reality and living things. It would seem to be unlikely to be able to tease out a distinction between this imagined demarcation between the organic and inorganic context of generalized  matter. Video 9b, 9c, 9d on YouTube will help with this. There we show and explain a second way one can interpret the right-left Tet complementarity. The Prime Tet gets new Tets on each face resulting in the Tetra Star.  This is an interpenetration of four DuoTets. We explain the resulting whole number rationality of this conceptual manifestation and further resolve it with the resulting supra Tet and its implied resolution in the DodecaTet. We can imagine tetrastrings or fibers of the tetrahelix “roping” or connecting as a cottony or fibrous manifestation while not rationally filling allspace geometrically and technically. However, in its Prime conception the Tetrastar is rationally expressed and contained in the Octet Matrix. We will show a model of this later.  If we imagine the octet field to increase in frequency inversely by division and regression, we create conceptual space for the geometrically non-conforming tetrahelix to expand by ADDITION within the octet matrix. The conceptual implication here is “living” and limited within context. This is a pretty neat self presenting demarcation between the organic and inorganic! Both conceptions come out of the same “seed.”  In one conception we imagine or see the octet matrix as straight-line “architectural” matrix while the free tetrahedral manifestation within the context of existing space takes the form of a the neural net which is so prevalent in organic patterning while “obeying” the Dimensional Integrities in the regulation of the forms.  If this is difficult to “digest” at this point, do not despair. We will return and reintegrate these ideas as we move along.


This leaves us with the only thing we can know for sure, and that is self consciousness. Generally speaking, self consciousness is the Universal Container of all story, theory, description and experience. If we try to explain consciousness through a strictly material conception, we run into a wall of self contradiction or conundrum.   The best we can do is to admit that there is some kind of interaction of “matter” with self consciousness.  Of course, this is not to overlook the scientific view that “real” matter is yet to be explained and “discovered.”  Meanwhile, physicists deal with “particles” of matter which they say are “actually” waves all whose “behaviors” detected by implication with instruments are studied, calculated, described and defined. From this, predictions and theories are made or come forth which are tested, replicated and interpreted by other qualified scientists in the same area of interest and capability.  They agree or disagree about what they have learned. Verifiable observations come out of this which might confirm or destroy a prior thought or open up a fresh frontier predicted or not. These theories become “fact” when verified by devising experiments which prove them. This is what the Higgs Boson and the big collider are all about.  Even if science is ultimately satisfied that matter is explained, it will be a mathematical description verified by the moving of “needles” on instruments actuated by “energy” which is another thing only described and not understood conceptually except that matter and energy are the same thing as Einstein so elegantly realized! Honestly, rationally and realistically what hope could there be in this “skyhooked” proposition to arrive at a consensus that satisfies and fits all of humanity? This approach INSURES the position of the High Priesthood which tells us how things are when any intelligent self consciousness can simply see that a study of “matter” using an approach which dismisses the observer as integral to the investigation and “measures” matter in terms of energy and energy in terms of matter is doomed before it begins.  As stated before, this is not to dismiss the value of science and the scientific method, out of which certain utilities do derive, but rather to notice the limitation and the mutually exclusive nature  of the approach to arrive at an integrated understanding and solution to ultimate questions in a way that is not specialized. Put bluntly, we are buying in to a false bravado if we do not constantly remind ourselves that science generally ignores much of the problem in its approach to solving problems. This is not to say that scientists are consciously and maliciously deceiving us, except where greed encroaches, but rather that they are “educated” into this corner as a matter of course.  The old adage, “the road to hell is paved by the best of intentions,” applies here profoundly.


But lets just take a moment here through a story to examine the the igonore-ance involved in the well meaning scientific perspective in protecting us and influencing the General Perspective of the public at large.  


There is a medical practice called Homeopathy, developed in the 1700's which is a serious study for those who engage it. Briefly, it is a system of treating dis-ease by the ingestion of very,very dilute water solution tinctures containing one of thousands of possible substances. Each is credited with some kind of character or action. The contention of this pseudoscience  is that any minute  amount of a substance imparts its form and character into the body's system and influences it and balances it or treats it. This system of medicine is still practiced and taken seriously by practitioners and has some popularity so it must have considerable anecdotal effectiveness.  


We recently heard a medical scientist bashing this practice as proven to be nonsense from a medical science perspective and intended to investigate and support its prohibition as a medical treatment.  It seems likely that these tinctures could be “proven” to be chemically ineffective or even inert, but that does not, in itself, invalidate their use. Anecdotally, homeopathy is very useful to patients as they report. Of course one could argue that is purely placebo effect, but the response to that might be, “so what.” Placebo effect is a fact of scientific study and observation.   These tinctures are so dilute as to have no other effect than placebo and to do no harm.  What better place to investigate placebo than within Homeopathy itself, which appears to be a perfect laboratory already functioning and technically accessible? This is an example of the kind of ignore-ance we encounter continually, imbedded in the false bravado of highly trained, intelligent and well meaning persons.


If it seems that we take one step forward and two steps back here, rest assured that is intentional.  This is a conservative and careful approach to exploring and integrating previously unseen landscape. After enough repetition and slow forward movement, we will see that what we discover is a system of navigation which can be trusted to keep us safely oriented in the specific and the general.  Going back to the GPS analogy.  While your GPS is giving you turn by turn directions you are actually “lost” while it is simply the faith in the integrity of the system-language of the GPS which allows you not to feel lost.  If you used the GPS to get to landmarks, one by one, while going back two landmarks and repeating before progressing to the next new landmark yet unseen, one would learn the route and finally be independent of the GPS. Of course, thinking historically, this is how maps and navigation developed. We are using the same system in our exploration here.


For instance. Let's look at the puzzle of CROP CIRCLES.  We know that  mushroom mycelium which extends for miles under ground, is considered to be one organism. It is interesting that the mushroom cell is undifferentiated as one cell is structurally the same as the next. Now the “fruit” that we see above ground is somehow composed of that same cell which presents as an apparently complex mushroom. We are all familiar with a Fairy Ring presentation above the ground. No one truly understands how all of this happens but it is highly described and is predictable and expected and therefore ordinary.  From some other perspective this could be considered as “miraculous.” We observe the social structures and interactions of bees and ants and discount them having individual self awareness while observing and accepting the whole colony or hive as a “beeing.” Probably from some perspective humanity exhibits this beeing while also clearly exhibiting the self conscious embodied being – YOU. It is conceivable that a homogenous field of grain has a beeingness as well. It is also possible that the FIELD expresses in geometry as a “beautiful flower” as a crop circle. There is no reason this CANNOT be.  It would be no less or more miraculous than a fairy ring or a century plant flowering or a jellyfish being reminiscent of a mushroom fruit. It is just more rare and difficult to imagine. The bent stalks of the truly mysterious circles are bent at structural nodes by internal forces or anomalies. These bendings have been replicated in the laboratory by use of microwaves or lasers resulting in an internal “blowing out” which results in a bend. Does this explain anything? Does it explain or even offer a theory that has any credulity? Could teams of gps and laser equipped people be trudging through fields undetected and without leaving any evidence? Could UFOs be beaming down microwaves or lasers to effect these geometric patterns since at least the 1880s? If so, what would be the motivation? Certainly we can imagine sentient highly intelligent self conscious beings existing but not yet integrated into consensus reality. However the theory proposed here does not rely on some future development of human understanding or consensus in fact of shared experience. Aliens would not be alien at all in sharing rational self consciousness in Universe. They would just be another fact of experience like the native Americans were to the people across oceans to the east.  Isn't it easier to just see these crop circle phenomenon for the time being as a natural expression of the underlying geometric language of Universe itself, self expressing beautifully just as a kind of flower?  This is not to say there is no message. We are explaining to you in this study how this language exists and communicates.  The “intelligence” is inherent in the structure of elements, molecules, crystals and plants. That WE do not perceive it is not the fault or imperfection of the LANGUAGE.  Chinese is “greek” to anyone who does not know it!


 So here we are studying the BASIS of the Empirical (mathematical) language which assumes so much and actually achieves so much. What is the  underlying conceptual universality which allows it its usefulness? What is its Nature? We have already engaged the number symbols as pictographs of conceptual realities which are so simple, we can see aspects as REAL and as self evident TRUTH.  We are continuing our study to investigate the math expressed in the geometries. There are some intriguing and surprising inter-relationships and integrative realizations which come from a simple and honest step by step investigation.


But first: NOTE TO MATHEMATICIANS! We do not accept here the primordial reality of the hyperbolic “plane.” Nor do we accept the idea of a spherical triangle. For our purposes, we see a spherical triangle as the CHORDS of the indicated triangle, because, remember, we are modeling in stopped time. No TRIANGLE has more than 180 degrees. A spherical triangle is distinct in every way from a triangle. Curves are a function of motion and do not exist independent of time. So for us, other than the Conceptual Sphere, all spherics and curves are geodesics. For us a sphere is an n-gon where n is any whole number greater than three. The hyperbolic “plane” is a geodesic triangular array at a very high frequency in stopped time.  We appreciate the beauty of the mathematical interpretation of the idea of a hyperbolic plane but argue that it does not replace nor interfere with the concept of a plane presented here which in fact is the only true and rational conception of plane perceivable independent of mathematical literacy. The crocheted “models” of the hyperbolic plane are not much different conceptually than a coral itself as the model. The TECHNIQUE in the ORDER and SEQUENCE of KNOTS in the pulled thread might be the model in the minds eye of a mathematician-crocheter, but still unimaginable outside of the language of mathematics. The KNOT is the primordial consideration. Of course the Primordial Models in Pure Conceptuality have a similar problem in separating the physical model of string and straws from the ideas they represent. However, we contend that this abstraction is possible independent of mathematical literacy and further ultimately demonstrates rationally the underlying essence of the mathematical language.  A full understanding of the study at hand and the resulting realizations allows one to see that embodied being and the hyperbolic geometry and spherical geometry are neatly “contained within” Pure Conceptuality rather than standing beside and and proffering a unique perspective. Here we do investigate the complex by stipulating from the beginning what we are consciously and integratively IGNORING. We take out the the spinning and revolving experiential reality for the sake of finding a straight path in Conceptuality which is still in Universe. We accept the obvious without question that self conscious embodied being is the a priori condition which allows the investigation to rationally discover and realize the transcendent primacy of form as the geometric “bottom line” of Platonic-Pythagorean fourness being four-ever.  We are not arguing for a Belief to resolve a question, we are explaining a concrete way of seeing the Whole.


We realize that the conceptuality videos on youtube are not particularly articulate, but the necessary information to fill out the writing is there. It would be a lot nicer to have some wonderful transformational graphics to elucidate the points, but perhaps just the fact that it is possible to model these ideas with straws and string, might help substantiate the elemental nature of what we are talking about. We ask here that you go back to the conceptuality 5 video to review the introduction of the dimension of the second power root of 2 (square root of 2). It is essential that we see that this is a discrete dimension that is whole and has an eternal existence and a name. In conceptuality we identify it as a Dimensional Integrity. In Conceptuality the two frequency cube is two frequency by virtue of the diagonals of the cube face. This is so as the diagonals derive from the Prime AB Dimension of the contained Tet of frequency two.  Connecting the intersections of the diagonals of each face gives us the internal one frequency octahedron. The edge length of this stabilized cube is the second power root of two, as shown in the conceptuality 5 video as the classic visual for the x,y,z axes of the cube or included octahedron are the same axes and therefore the same dimension.


Imagine a one unit AB triangle. Now add and connect two ABs to any two vertexes and we have the complimentary (inside out – right, left) triangle which must co-exist. By our method of allowing self construction, we see that we now have two unresolved vertexes.  Conceptually assuming flatness or the greatest length possible between those vertexes is the 2nd power root of three by the Pythagorean theorem. So now we have our third Dimensional Integrity.   Try to realize that we have unit length one, which is also the 2nd root of one, as the relative Prime Dimensional “given.”  In video 5 we show how the second Dimensional Integrity self constructs by connecting the open vertexes of the octahedron. So any AB length (time) is the relative given which perfectly results in the other two Dimensional Integrities ALWAYS. These are actual discrete resolved imaginable and visualizable dimensions which are WHOLE. They do not go on mathematically forever as unresolved.  This is the beginning of seeing that the oct-tet matrix is a totally rational field that is conceptually eternal and can be described and imagined in whole dimensions in line, plane and volume, where the potential of increased FREQUENCY (“multiplied” by division) is unlimited.


Here we introduce a drawing (pdf10) which illustrates the self development in planar array of   three Dimensional Integrities. We don't mean 3D, we mean three actual eternal conceptual dimensions of  length (value) relational to any particular Prime Dimension  presented as language- WORD. We do not use the nown-numbers 1,2,3 but rather “process” names (symbols) of the integrities. We see that the red triangles are our “given” value of one (the second power root of one), the second power root of three (green) and the second power root of four which is the same as the second power root of two times the second power root of two, so we have introduced the value second power root of two whose discreet “length” is understood as the internal connections of the vertexes of the one frequency prime octahedron. So the Prime triangle is divided into four right triangles by the green vector.  Obviously, the right triangles have a height of one half second root of three and a base of one half the second root of one. So, similar to the Prime Tet, Universe tells us a one frequency triangle is Absolutely Conceptual and must become two frequency to be a Whole Conception. The blue triangle is two frequency and all the values become whole. In spacial reality the one frequency cube is Absolutely Conceptual as it does not exist without the structural support of the matrix. We attempt to explain this in video conceptuality10a on youtube.


We can see in looking at the whole of the drawing that this is just a planar array of one unit edge tiles making up a section of a two frequency hexagon. The point of the drawing is to show that the dimensions are whole, functional, rational and universal. In the upper center even the Golden Ratio (PHI) is expressed.  We see by the Pythagorean Theorem that the “crossbar” in the “up-side down “kite” at the bottom of the drawing divides the longitudinal bar into four equal parts. These are discrete values or lengths and are always a function of five. In other words, if we divide any second powered ( squared) number by 2 and then take it to the second power (square it) we get some multiple of five always. In this case it's .75 and 2.25 which is in the ratio of one to four.  The square root of 2.25 is 1.5 so the longitudinal bar is divided into a ratio of one to four as the long bar is square root of four or two.  All of these self generating geometries are even and whole functional values and identities. The reason we have a consensus reality (consciousness) to seemingly share as self conscious beings is based in the fact that we share a Primary or Constant which “tunes us in to the same matrix (field).”(OR ALL THAT IS NOT “HARMONIC” IS TUNED OUT) For us that constant is c “the speed of light.” The particular speed as we “measure” it is irrelevant but the Nature and Universality of its Constancy is the concept to engage. We will see as we go on that the potential for variation “within” this field experience is infinite as we move in to it “fourever” as time allows for constant division of the whole into higher and higher frequencies of its Unitary and always Rationally Accommodating Nature. Looking at a fractal field in motion transforming on a computer screen can give you some sense of this dynamic.  Understanding this allows us to have a reasonable theory for the realization of the infinite potential of the ALL to be in or out of “tuning” in principle allowing for what mathematicians and physicists are alluding to with the paradoxical and oxymoronic phrase – multiple or parallel universes.  UNIVERSE as an understanding must be complete in itself.


Remember that we are investigating conceptually in imagination. When we say “tuned in” we are not alluding to some “radio station” in the sky or a hologram transmission from some higher intelligence in some material way of imagining. That is nonsense. If anything, this conceptual triangular representation contains the potential of all dimensional manifestations solving for physicists how two dimensionality can hold the information for three dimensionality as they would see it at the event horizon of a black hole as having a “holographic” character. Everything around us models the integrity of the Prime Conception. Universe is order in sympathy with our sensory capacities. A plucked string on a musical instrument harmonizes naturally to the ear as it is equally divided by pressure on the frets.  This is another example of whole number (frequency) division hidden in plain sight.


 What do we see when we look at this drawing? In essence, it is very familiar as we pointed out above; it is simply a planar triangular tiling.  The circles are actually spherics, but we are only concerning ourselves with the “planar slice” here.  The identification of the vectors is in the form of the functional labels of 2nd power root of two (square root) as we are showing you that this is the universal system of demonstrating that these dimensions; square root of 1, square root of 2 and square root of 3, completely resolve this self-organizing planar array.  There are no irrationalities. Further, since the square root of three is longest possible vector it “holds” the triangular array in flatness meaning that the array is conceptually rigidified and stabilized by its structural nature. In other words, two dimensions suffice in concept to give the trianular array planar structure as if it were one frequency. All other possibilities are TUNED OUT as the “hinge” is frozen by the integrity of the dimension itself in STOPPED TIME. Any mobility in the hinge will destroy the integrity of the dimension. This realization has profound implications as we will discover soon. Alternately, we must realize that the planar triangular array IS hinged and that the square root of three connector divides two equilateral triangles into four similar right triangles and those triangles, considered in time, are hinged and even though structured are only planar individually as we will see in the video conceptuality10b.


Now we can increase the frequency to any degree by multiplication by division. We can think of increasing it to high definition. Now it can be the underlying armature of a non-geometric “seeming” image like a photograph, but if we move back into it like increasing the magnification of a photograph, we eventually “pixilate” it back to the original universal underlying armature revealing these universal self-developed relationships – ALWAYS. This is true in this stopped time planar array of three actual dimensions and the same principle presents as we move into the non-planar spacial reality. Seeming reality pixilates into its matrix conceptuality as the universal bottom line and then turns around conceptually and reconstructs in principle into the complexity out of which it is realized!  This could be called consciousness. In this way, the Infinite is “contained” by the de-finite.  ALL is resolved without boundaries.


We show and reiterate these ideas in the Conceptuality10b video at Youtube.


To facilitate holding these manifestations, dimensions, images and transformations in the mind, one must understand that these are stopped time prime conditions. So, at least in imagination, time is not continuous. Next we will investigate the “click stop” nature of “harmonizing” (being tuned in) in consensus reality to the prime dimension while allowing for infinite possibility of form, infinite regression and progression of form and high frequency apparent plasticity of form. ( being “tuned in” can be better understood as all possible “other” being tuned out by a dissimilar Constant or Prime) – different but with no difference in principle – ONE UNIVERSE.



We can see in this simple diagram the rational potential of the ALL. The necessary design information of the isotropic vector matrix or the octet matrix is held in “planar” trust in stopped time. Spacial dimensionality is contained apparently flattened into what is normally considered as two dimensions.  But we can see that there are at least three Prime dimension rationalities and self presenting whole number ratios. This conceptual realization and relationship does not change in principle as the frequency is increased forever. At some resolution we see this grid inherent ALWAYS.


It is easy to see that this grid can contain any amount of information simply by increasing frequency whether “flattened out”  or  spatially expressed. This is the precursor of understanding how spacial reality becomes apparently plastic at high frequency while “pixilating” into the Prime Structural essence at some resolution. The key word here is “resolution” as everything IS resolved in one conception.


Not having been steeped in the language of mathematicians we must just intuit that mathematics discovers order in “cross sections” in time through the matrix which cannot be fully recognized in context without knowing the nature of what is being mathematically examined and described. Further, we suggest that  manifests out of misinterpretation of the xyz coordinate system which results in an “out of phase” mathematical construct obscuring the underlying simplicity and whole number rationality. It works but it is a laborious “work around” mathematically.


We do not claim to resolve all problems here. But we do claim that this simple and fresh perspective opens a not before noticed window for intelligent examination by experts in all fields to consider seriously in examining in their areas of expertise.


Time is sequenced and the ALL is ordered in co-creation with perception which is the context and content or perceivable and perceived experience of being in supplication and cooperation with the eternal principles and truths which are elucidated here straightforwardly in the interpretation and understanding of the images and messaging (language) inherent in the stopped time models.  This is what scientists are alluding to without knowing it when they say that the Universe is likely a hologram. The problem is that the way they are seeing it leaves the necessity for a hologram “generator” in some material sense so where does THAT material reside? Folks, it's all ONE thing and we just have to perceive that holistic unification as it is right in front of us hiding in plain sight.


This chapter has two videos at youtube, conceptuality10a and conceptuality10b. There is one diagram illustration pcpdf10.