Pure Conceptuality




The purpose of this study of Pure Conceptuality is to bring the 21st Century individual mind to a fresh, rational, integrated perception of the WHOLENESS “hidden in plain sight.” What seems complex has its foundation in an elementary way of seeing which “explains” the absolute bridge which rationalizes the common denominator of Art, Science, Mathematics, Philosophy, Theology and Consciousness.


Mathematical literacy allows trained individuals of all nations and tongues to communicate universally in a realm shared, explored and developed as a way of seeing and expressing ideas, which taken in total, bears much fruit. In this century we all experience the benefits of this effort, and the prepared palate can experience the fruit of this labor as delicious. Pure Conceptuality provides the tool for rational integration of what seem like diverse perspectives. This integration is accomplished through the re-cognition of language itself, including the language of mathematics.


Ideas, feelings and experiences are communicated in a myriad of ways. The basic dynamic of an intent to communicate requires a sender, a medium and a receiver. The “fact” of what is communicated or experienced, quite honestly, is up to the receiver. Each of us ultimately has full responsibility for our interpretation of our experience. Mathematicians and scientists would argue that they have a language and a way of communication which removes the subjective nature of communication, where a very specific intention to communicate a very specific truth or idea must be understood by a mathematically literate receiver as there is a “proof” which both the sender and receiver must accept within the context of the “game board.” Much is accomplished in this arena just as much is accomplished in any area of common human endeavor.


What we investigate here is the Common Ground or the Nature of the Universal Game Board itself, which underlies all experience including mathematics and is the essence of consciousness and experience itself. This is the WORD of manifest reality as each of us experiences self conscious existence in “time” and “space”. We uncover our Common Language simply by having eyes to see, ears to hear, noses to smell, tongues to taste, hands to touch and manipulate and “hearts” to feel.


What is revealed here is simple but it is not easy. We find a way of investigation which is accurate and meticulous but requires a patient and passionate curiosity to Understand. For this reason the simple essence is repeated and developed over and over for the sake of comprehension. It may be necessary to read and reread, but don't despair if the ideas seem incomprehensible in the beginning. It is necessary to just persevere on faith or more realistically “hope” for a while. It takes many threads to fill out a completed tapestry.


What is DIS-covered here provides a means for a more full conversation and a means for neatly and rationally integrating what seem to be conflicting and irresolvable world views. We find an obvious and simple Unification of the context and content – subjective and objective. The method for this exploration is to examine the elements of what can be imagined in the simplest model-able terms and engage the messages which are inherent to uncover the Universal Language of Form. This is a difficult process as it requires letting go of “common sense” for the sake of a fresh perspective which resolves contradiction without destroying anything ultimately. It is a beautiful incidence of correspondence, correlation and coherence - “CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!”